The ComfyBumpy Bed Rails were the finest RV bunk bed rails for kid safety, according to our testing of five different models.

In an RV Bedroom, bunk beds are a tremendous advantage for families.

They free up room and could even let your kids bring buddies on the journey.

However, if there are no rails in place, they may also be hazardous, particularly for children.

Using the goods we evaluated will make your next camping vacation more stress-free.

We’ll make sure to let you know in the review area below if there are any problems with them that you should be aware of.

  1. ComfyBumpy Bed Rail For Toddlers -Best Overall
  2. Hiccapop Toddler Bed Rail Bumper -Best Budget Option
  3. Milliard Bed Bumper -Best Portable Option
  4. Dellabella Extra Long Bedrail -Best Safety Bumper Wedge
  5. Dream On Me Mesh Security Bed Rails -Best Color Selection

We selected the ComfyBumpy product because of its sturdy and appealing rails.

Their three-level security system is unquestionably advantageous.

Additionally, we like their ability to be folded away when not in use.

Guide to Product Reviews

#1. ComfyBumpy Bed Rail For Toddlers-Best Overall

Children’s twin beds, standard single beds, full beds, queen beds, and king beds may all be used with the ComfyBumpy guard rail.

It’s simple to choose a fit that fits for you since it comes in standard and extra-large sizes.

Your kids should be secure even if they are on the top bunk thanks to the triple-safety feature, which fastens the guard rail to the base, box spring, and wooden slats.

When not in use, the rail may be folded down.

Flat attachment bars are also far more pleasant than rounder ones, which might cause the mattress to feel lumpy.

This product comes with a money-back guarantee from ComfyBumpy, making it a risk-free purchase.

We’ve heard the installation may be challenging and that it doesn’t perform as well on king-sized beds.

However, we believe that they are the best option for RV bunk bed rails.


  • Inventive design
  • 3-level safety system
  • Outstanding client service


  • Perhaps not appropriate for king-sized beds
  • Instructions sometimes aren’t clear.

#2. Hiccapop Toddler Bed Rail Bumper-Best Budget Option

Your toddlers and preschoolers will likely like this soft guard rail more than your older children do since it is more comfy and more inexpensive.

The typical design, which may make kids feel cooped up, is changed to one that more closely resembles the mattress itself.

Lifting the bottom layer will be all that is necessary to install the rail, and the non-skid fabric will keep it in place.

It simply only a few seconds to complete.

Even better, the substance doesn’t include any heavy metals, PBDEs, formaldehyde, or other potentially harmful substances.

For this device, Hiccapop gives a lifetime warranty.

Having said that, be aware that the design makes it inappropriate for the top bunk and that there have been some reported delivery concerns.


  • Opulent, cozy aesthetic
  • A low pricing range
  • Simple to install


  • For the lower bunk, better
  • Reports of certain shipment problems

#3. Milliard Bed Bumper-Best Portable Option

When not in use, this bumper has a sleek and portable look since it folds up into its own carry case.

It works for beds of all sizes, but bunk beds work best with it.

You may simply bring along many units because of how light they are for your RV trips.

For ease and longevity, the cover is both machine-washable and water-resistant.

This one has a non-slip bottom for safety, much like the Hiccapop.

If you have extremely small children sleeping on the top bunk, we advise keeping this unit off of it since the warning labels on it mention that it is not intended to prevent falling out of bed.


  • A practical design
  • Easily installed
  • Attractive pricing range


  • Not meant to stop you from getting out of bed
  • Does not expand as much as claimed

#4. Dellabella Extra Long Bedrail-Best Safety Bumper Wedge

For children who struggle to remain in bed during the night owing to excessive tossing and turning, the Dellabella is the best option.

The rail is kept in place by the clever fixation clasp, which fits below the mattress.

The extra-long belt makes it appropriate for all bed sizes.

Depending on your needs, you may place this device either above or under the covers.

Another benefit is that the cotton cover may be machine washed.

We particularly like this safety bumper’s ease of installation and sense of security.


  • Prevents kids from getting out of bed
  • Compacts easily
  • Includes a cover that is machine-washable
  • Installable over or below sheets


  • A little more costly than the rivals
  • Not a horizontal strap

#5. Dream On Me Mesh Security Bed Rails-Best Color Selection

These RV bunk bed rails are a wonderful option for both the bottom and top bunk since they are sold in sets of two.

As a consequence, the cost is more than what you would pay for a single item, but you receive a good deal in return.

White, black, pink, or blue are the available colors from Dream On Me, making it simple to match the rails to your bedding.

Kids won’t feel too confining because to the inconspicuous, breathable mesh.

However, it’s important to note that they don’t function well with mattresses that are thicker.

Fortunately, if you’re in an RV, it shouldn’t be a problem.


  • Available in groups of two
  • Beautiful design
  • Suitable for young children in preschool


  • Ideal for thinner mattresses

Client’s Guide

Why Should You Buy RV Bunk Bed Rails?

Safety has to come first when you’re taking small kids on an RV trip.

Bunk bed rails are inexpensive, yet the feeling of security they provide is priceless (for more information, see the Important Features section below).

It’s crucial to keep kids safe while camping in isolated regions.

What would happen if someone were to tumble out of bed when you were parked miles from anywhere? Dealing with injuries is never easy, but it’s more difficult if you’re far from the local urgent care center.

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Important Elements

#1. Cost

Security is something that cannot be measured, as we have said.

Fortunately, the majority of RV bunk bed rails are priced reasonably to begin with.

The units are often supplied in bundles of two, like in the case of the Dream On Me product that we previously evaluated.

If the bunks are placed against the wall in this situation, you may utilize one for each level.

#2. Quality

Avoid the temptation to choose a product that is of poor quality.

To determine if the product is well-built and delivers the promised results, read user reviews.

Although there could be a few dissident voices, the product should generally get favorable reviews.

#3. Type

It definitely won’t be the ideal option if the rail can only be used with a box spring or mattress frame linked to it.

The majority of RVs lack these characteristics in their bunk bed arrangements.

Because they tuck neatly beneath the bedclothes, foam bed rails like the one from Hiccapop are an excellent option for RVers.

The majority of the time, they have detachable covers that can be cleaned with the rest of the bedding.

They also take up very little room and are simple to install, which is an advantage.

Speaking of space-saving options, inflatable units are also available.

Simply blow them up when you need a guard rail, then deflate and store them when not in use.

These are convenient and comfy, but since there is always a chance that they might lose air while being used, they might not be the best option for very small children.

Products like the ComfyBumpy bed rail may be drilled directly into the wooden bed frame, wrapped around the bed slats, or fastened to the box spring.

That is among the factors that led us to choose it as the best option.

The seat belt-like buckles on the Dellabella safety bumper wedge secure it in place.

The device is a great option for young children because to its security function.

#4. Installation

Even with a busy youngster in the bed, a good safety rail will stay in place.

However, if the device isn’t installed correctly, it won’t happen.

The majority of the items on our list are simple to assemble.

The triple-safety feature of the ComfyBumpy makes the instructions a little bit ambiguous, but if you grasp the underlying concepts, it’s not a tough procedure.

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For a cab-over bunk, do you need to build a guard rail?

If your RV has a cab-over bed, you may arrange it so the kids’ feet are facing outside.

Instead of rolling onto the floor, they will do so by colliding with the walls.

Despite the clever design, it’s still a good idea to have a rail in place.

There is no assurance that they won’t move throughout the course of the night, particularly if they awaken and get confused.

With young children, you can never be too cautious.

Should a rail be installed on the bed’s wall-facing side?

You may easily put up a bumper like the Hiccapop if you’d like, but it’s not really essential.

As opposed to crashing into the wall, bumping against a foam barrier is more relaxing.

The issue is that because many RV bunk beds are already somewhat small, sleeping quarters would be quite cramped.

Can you create your own rails for an RV bunk bed?


This could even be a better choice if you’re a handy person than purchasing a pre-made set.

Check out this video for a step-by-step guide on how to construct your own bunk bed rail.

RV Life | Hide-a-Way Bunk Bed Rails for Your Camper Bunkhouse 32BHDS #rvliving #rvhacks #rvlife – S’more RV Fun

The Conclusion

The ComfyBumpy bed rail takes first place primarily due to its superior security features.

Another excellent feature is the breathable mesh, and if you have any problems, the customer support team responds quickly.

Although the other items on the list also have many positive attributes, we would choose the ComfyBumpy unit above all others.

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