How, Why and Where to Store Your RV Power Cord

The fundamental necessities and pleasures we love to enjoy outside are all connected through your RV’s electrical wire. Why then is it so often forgotten to store your power cord? You won’t be left in the dark if you take the right care of your … Read more

How to Change Appliance Cords and Plugs

You may swap out worn plugs and wires if an appliance isn’t functioning. In particular when an appliance heats up, the cable you replace on an appliance must be of the same hefty gauge as the one you’re pulling out. These appliances must have fire-resistant … Read more

50 Amp RV Power Cord

Parking near enough electrical connections isn’t always a possibility. Rvers need to always have a 50-amp extension cable on hand for just this reason. Which cable is the best, though? Join us as we discover more about these extension cables and a few of the … Read more

RV Power Cord

Let’s get started… virtually all RVs and campers are powered by one of two electrical systems. Your strength originates from one of two sources: 12-volt power supply System with 120 volts Simply simply, your batteries power the 12-volt system. The 120-volt system is one that … Read more