Ever ponder the workings of Flexsteel RV Furniture?

The Flexsteel Group family of brands stands for the zenith of more than a century of product research, invention, and furniture manufacture.

Flexsteel is often associated with innovation and high quality.

Flexsteel has established itself as a leader in every sector it enters, whether it’s because to the respect interior designers accord our products or to the cutting-edge technology we use to revolutionize the way furniture makers create their goods.

The best warranty in the business is provided by Flexsteel.

Consumers are given a limited guarantee that covers production flaws in all models’ frames and supporting structures.

But every warranty may differ depending on the model and collection.

Here are all the answers to your burning Flexsteel queries.

#1. Who Is Flexsteel Company’s Owner?

Who is Flexsteel Company’s owner? The Bertsch Company is the winner of Flexsteel.

Flexsteel Industries was established in the early 1900s.

In the late 1800s, the company was founded in Minneapolis as Ralph Ball Furniture Company.

After being purchased by four craftsmen from McCloud Smith Furniture, the company was renamed Grau-Curtis Company.

Frank Bertsch acquired the business in 1917, and it was his son who helped it flourish by separating it from rivals by using blue steel base springs in its goods.

Thus, the Grau-Curtis brand finally came to stand for reliability and quality, helping to usher in the H. T. Bertsch Company’s most prosperous period.

The factory kept up its expansion and modernization throughout the three generations of Bertsch family ownership, never losing sight of the demands and preferences of its clients.

After purchasing the Flexsteel Spring Corporation in 1948, the business began making exposed wood chairs and recliners with lumbar support as well as furniture for General Motors mobile homes.

In 1985, Flexsteel unveiled their first ergonomic chair, which was immediately endorsed by the International Chiropractic Association.

The Ergo Touch System is the most successful ergonomic advancement in the industry’s history as it is now a feature on all new residential seats across the board.

#2. Where Is RV Furniture Made of Flexsteel?

The goal of Flexsteel Industries is to create furniture that is both inexpensive and beautiful.

The firm, which has facilities in Dubuque, Iowa, employs domestic and natural hardwoods to create a broad range of items, including chairs, dining sets, workstations, couches, dressers, office storage, and items for pet-friendly households.

Where Are Flexsteel RV Furniture made? Since 1932, Flexsteel has produced high-quality furniture at its Dubuque site.

Today, it employs around 1,400 people there as well as at five other manufacturing facilities throughout the country, including those in New Braunfels, Texas, Mexico City, Saltillo, and Monterrey.

After shutting the plant in Riverside, California, a few months earlier, the firm said in June 2019 that it will shut down the one in Harrison, Arkansas.

#3. Is RV Furniture Still produced by Flexsteel?

Is RV furniture still produced by Flexsteel? No, Flexsteel declared in April 2020 that it will leave the hotel and recreational vehicle industries.

Flexsteel opted to focus on the business platforms with the best potential for future development and decided to concentrate on workstation and home furnishings after reporting considerably lower net sales for the quarter than the prior year.

According to Jerry Dittmer, president and CEO, the goal is to streamline processes and enhance the customer experience.

He explained how they looked at how they could provide a full line of premium furniture, build processes and systems for today’s e-commerce world, and bring everything together under one roof while respecting the quality standards of Flexsteel.

He expressed the desire to fulfill the online market in response to a growing demand for ready to assemble furniture.

For all of the ready-to-assemble furniture, Flexsteel has now established a brand-new segment called Home Styles.

#4. Are Flexsteel Furnishings Of High Quality?

What is the quality of Flexsteel Furniture? Flexsteel furniture is of a high quality, yes.

In order to provide high-quality furniture that you will love for many years, Flexsteel employs the best materials, including hardwoods, and hand-crafted embellishments.

Flexsteel’s commitment to quality and workmanship is evident in its furniture.

This assortment of furniture includes items for the bedroom, dining room, occasional spaces, and home offices that are comfortable and, most importantly, long-lasting.

Flexsteel has been producing well manufactured goods that represent our dedication to high standards at reasonable rates.

The procedure used by Flexsteel to create its high-quality foam components begins with the choice of the finest materials on the market for the exterior and interior frames.

Flexsteel manufactures items for every room in your house, therefore in order to optimize efficiency and self-sufficiency, the corporation determined that each factory should be devoted to creating distinct pieces at certain facilities.

#5. What Is The Flexsteel Furniture Warranty?

What is the Flexsteel furniture warranty? All internal components, including springs, aluminum bases, wood frames, reclining mechanisms, and seat cushions, are covered by a lifetime limited guarantee from Flexsteel.

You may obtain a five-year limited guarantee on the electrical, mechanical, and sleeper parts, and a one-year limited warranty on the filling materials, upholstery, finished wood, metal, and plastic parts.

For warranty coverage, the majority of manufacturers want the original receipt.

Based on identifying codes hidden inside the seat and back cushions, Flexsteel can verify warranty coverage even if you no longer have the original paperwork.

Accidents and normal wear and tear are not as assured against harm as overuse or negligence.

#6. Utilizes Flexsteel Genuine Leather?

Real leather is it used by Flexsteel? Yes, aniline leather is the highest quality of leather currently available.

This leather is completely colored and will develop rich hues and variations with wear, giving your furniture a naturally distinctive and recognizable look.

It will age nicely.

All Flexsteel leathers are semi-aniline and treated with layers of colored oils, waxes, or dyes to meet our designers’ specifications for acceptable thickness, hardness, and gloss levels.

The end product is a flexible finish that looks good and should last for many years.

Leather is the core of our design, and Flexsteel is aware that leather furniture is more than simply a surface.

To fulfill your exact color and texture demands, our skilled artisans use the highest quality hides.

The skins are thoroughly examined and matched after tanning.

Finally, the original appearance and textures of each hide are preserved while our trained artisans stitch the top-grain leather together.

Since only the areas of the hide with the most attractive grain patterns are utilized, this is why it is referred to as “top-grain leather.” As a consequence, the chairs are both comfortable and strong.

#7. Are Recliners Made by Flexsteel?

Does Flexsteel produce couches? Flexsteel does really produce recliners.

They offer over 70 distinct recliner models with a variety of fabrics and wood/metal finishes, so they can meet any demand.

from manual recliners with cushions to lift chairs, leather recliners, and swivel rockers.

Each piece is constructed with usefulness and elegance to fit your preferences and finish any area in the house.

One of the most comfortable recliners on the market right now is the Flexsteel model.

The high quality design and comfort make it ideal for reading, watching TV, or just relaxing in your home.

Long-lasting comfort features of Flexsteel recliners include lull power motion electronic chairs, which can be strategically adjusted to match your mood or that of your spouse.

This function enables you to ensure that your body is adequately supported by adjusting your seat and back.

#8. What Is the Latitudes Collection from Flexsteel?

With the Latitudes Collection, you may recline elegantly and comfortably from any angle.

This range of recliners and sofa sleepers, which has attractive soft leather upholstery and smooth hydro-lift seat movements, is clearly made with high-quality materials.

What is the Latitudes Collection by Flexsteel? You don’t have to pick between modern and classic styles with the Latitudes Collection.

This large collection of leather seats, which offers a wide range of reclining furniture choices, skillfully combines classic and contemporary elements with features like an extended chaise and deep seat cushions.

These opulent leather reclining couches include our hardwood frames and custom-designed seats to provide excellent comfort and exceptional flair.

A couch, loveseat, chair, and ottoman are all reclining pieces of furniture that are part of the Latitudes line.

With a settee design, its deep handmade cushions and soft, luxurious upholstery assortment provide you and your guests the best in comfort.

This collection includes everything you need to turn your outdoor gathering area into the hub of your home’s social life.

To suit any style, our chairs come with a range of upholstery choices.

#9. Is Flexsteel Furniture Available Online?

Through our partners, Flexsteel products are offered and sold at American furniture retailers.

Flexsteel is one of the most well-known names in upholstered furniture and is renowned for its long history of hand workmanship.

In addition to our historical history, we now provide modern furniture that is ideal for any household.

Flexsteel is a market leader in home furnishings today, providing stylish, long-lasting items for every area in your home that you can mix and match to create your own unique design.

At Flexsteel, we think consumers should be at ease making furniture purchases.

We can guarantee that when you buy furniture from one of our licensed sellers, you’re receiving real, high-quality furniture that will last for many years.

#10. Sells Flexsteel Ashley Furniture?

Do they offer Flexsteel at Ashley Furniture? Simply put, no.

With a vast range of items that provide useful, well-designed furniture for each space in any house, Ashley Furniture is the #1 furniture manufacturer in the world.

All clients should get value and style at all price points, according to their guiding principle.

With a strong emphasis on its employees, the firm has been a significant player in the furniture industry for more than a century.

Ashley has been exceeding consumers’ expectations with goods and services for more than 30 years while fostering enduring connections.

#11. Do I Have Access to Flexsteel RV Furniture Nearby?

Where can I get Flexsteel RV furniture? In 2020, Flexsteel made the announcement that company will discontinue making RV furniture in order to focus more on ready-to-assemble furniture sold online.

Some distributors may still have some inventory, therefore the easiest way to find out is to visit this page: https://www.flexsteel.com/find-flexsteel/.


As a leading manufacturer of hardwood furniture, Flexsteel has earned a reputation for outstanding designs, skilled construction, and unmatched customer service.

They have been in operation for more than a century and are known for their high-quality solid wood furniture.

They make items that not just the corporation believes are hip but also what their consumers desire in order to meet their demands.

Each piece of furniture is made with premium materials, workmanship, and performance, from their forward-thinking, ecologically responsible wood products to their sturdy, hand-tailored leathers.

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