How to View Dash Cam Footage in 7 Quick and Easy Steps

Do you have any unanswered questions regarding how to see dash cam video without going through all the trouble? In this easy-to-follow 7-step tutorial, we go over all of this and more. We’ll go through how to watch the video on an iPhone, a television, … Read more

Do Dashcams Record When the Vehicle is Off?

When the engine is shut off, modern dashcams may be programmed to record. However, this capability may not be available on do-it-yourself dashcams. Older dashcams acquire their power from the battery through a power wire that connects to a 12-volt USB port (the current equivalent … Read more

What is a G-Sensor in a Dash Cam?

G-Sensor is a common feature mentioned in dash cam descriptions. It’s also known as a gravity sensor, G-Shock Sensor, or accelerometer. This technology is referred to by all of these designations. The G-Sensor uses three axes to assess excessive or rapid movement: up/down, left/right, and … Read more

When Did Dash Cam Come Out?

The BlackVue DR900X Plus and the Thinkware U1000 are the trendiest dash cams on the market right now, both boasting an 8MP image sensor, several parking surveillance modes, and the ability to do so much more than simply record your journey. With just a few … Read more

What is a Dash Cam?

Let’s start with the fundamentals to bring you up to speed. What Is A Dash Cam, Exactly? A dashboard camera, often known as a dash cam or dashboard camera, is a camera that is put on the dashboard of your car. A dash cam’s primary … Read more

8 Reasons Why You Should Buying A Dash Cam

The dash cam, often known as a dashboard camera, has grown in popularity in recent years, owing to its multiple advantages. Simply defined, this is a camera that is installed on your car’s dashboard and is used to capture noises and pictures while you’re driving. … Read more

What Is Loop Recording On A Dash Cam?

A dash cam with a continuous loop recording records video by overwriting previous material with fresh footage. This enables the camera to continue recording even if the SD memory card included in the device is full, ensuring that you never miss a minute of your … Read more

Where To Mount Dash Cam: The Ultimate Guide

Our users contribute to the success of our website. When you click on the affiliate links on our website, we may get compensation. In the case of a collision, you may be faced with expensive repairs, compensation for injuries, and possibly legal actions. With so … Read more

How To Install Dash Cam? (Complete Guide)

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How Much Is a Dash Cam? – Dash Cam Price Guide 2023

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