We want our clients to get the most out of their dashboard video cameras at The Dashcam Store.

In this blog article, we’ll go through a smart practice to follow while utilizing your dash cam to avoid any issues and guarantee you’re constantly recording.

We’d hate to learn if someone was involved in an accident and the evidence was not captured on tape by the dash cam!

It’s critical to format the memory card in your dash cam on a regular basis.

It’s a good idea to conduct some maintenance on your dash cam’s memory card since the data created by repeatedly beginning and stopping recordings (when you switch your vehicle on and off) are fragmented.

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These incomplete files may sometimes “clog up” your memory card, causing speed problems or “card full” errors.

“Fragmentation may have a substantial influence on flash drive performance, particularly during write operations,” according to a research on flash memory cards.

Simple maintenance, such as changing your car’s oil or defragmenting your computer’s hard drive, may keep your dash cam running well.

At least once a month, we suggest fully formatting (cleaning) the memory card of your dash cam.

Formatting may be done via the dash cam’s on-screen menu or by connecting the memory card to your computer (through a card reader) and following the procedures below:

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Step 1: Choose a Memory Card

When Windows identifies your memory card, right-click it and choose “Format.”

Step 2: Putting The Card Together

Uncheck or deselect the “Quick Format” option.

We may then select “Start” after making sure the card is properly formatted and ready to use.

When the format is finished, right-click the memory card again and choose “Eject.” Then just replace it in your dash cam and you’re ready to go!

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