Tracking cars and high-risk drivers, preventing theft, and monitoring your children’s activities have all become popular uses for GPS trackers.

It is also critical in supporting fleet organizations with routing, maintenance cost management, and driver performance monitoring.

Many individuals, though, are unsure if monitoring someone is lawful.

When drivers are aware that they are being watched, they are often anxious and uneasy.

Furthermore, teens may believe that their parents are attempting to limit their independence.

If kids discover that their parents are following them, they may destroy the gadget, resulting in a fight.

The easiest method to prevent all of this is to keep the GPS tracker hidden in the vehicle.

The tracker may be installed inside or outside the car.

However, if you want to conceal the tracker, make sure it’s modest and of a color that blends in with the automobile.

Other aspects to consider are motion sensitivity, extended battery life, and so on.

We advocate purchasing battery-operated GPS tracking devices with magnets that adhere to flat metal surfaces rapidly and securely.

Let’s take a look at some of the greatest GPS tracker hiding spots.

Under the Controls of the Steering Wheel

The trackers may be mounted within the dashboard, commonly under the steering wheel.

If you often use your automobile, this is the greatest area to conceal since few people are aware of its existence.

You must ensure that the GPS tracker is tiny and hardwired in order to conceal it behind the steering wheel.

Front Bumper or Rear Bumper

The front or back bumper is another great area to conceal a GPS tracker.

People seldom make the assumption that a tracker is buried within the bumpers.

If you want to conceal it within the bumpers, however, we don’t advocate removing the bumpers since you could tamper with them and create damage.

Velcro may be used to secure the tracker.

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On the Carrier’s Undercarriage

If you’ve acquired a magnetic GPS tracker, the easiest spot to conceal it is on the undercarriage.

It readily attaches to the metallic undercarriage or surrounding regions.

However, use a protective cover to protect the tracker from water, dirt, or severe weather.

Also, make sure it’s attached near the car’s edge so the tracker can receive the satellite signal.

Connect Your Device To The Obd-II Port.

Though undercarriage is an alternative, you may get a tracker that attaches to the OBD-II connection if you believe the GPS tracker should be positioned in a stable setting to prevent any difficulties from the external environment.

Because thieves and children are unfamiliar with the OBD-II port and it is not clearly apparent, it is the greatest spot to put a GPS tracker.

Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about a tracker’s battery life since it is powered by the automobile when attached to the OBD-II connection.

The icing on the cake is that tracking gadgets that use the OBD-II connector are fairly affordable.

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Insert It Into The Car Seat Cushion.

The tracker may be sneaked into the vehicle seat cushion, which is the simplest location to conceal it.

This, however, may cause the signal to be blocked.

Just make sure it’s in the corner of the seat so the tracker can properly broadcast the signal.

Furthermore, since a car seat cushion is the last item people see in a vehicle, it is impossible for anybody to notice it.

In the Brake Lights

It takes a lot of effort to install the tracker in the brake lights, and most people do it for the express purpose of preventing vehicle theft.

Nobody will ever know a tracker is hidden in the brake lights, thus it’s a highly safe spot to conceal one.

Of course, you’ll need the assistance of a professional to remove the brake lights, install the tracker, and enjoy the advantages.

However, if the automobile has brake-related problems, the device is likely to be detected.

Final Thoughts

You might also consider hiding it beneath the glove compartment, in plastic first-aid packs, or even in the tissue box.

Just ensure sure the tissues are replenished on a regular basis.

Additionally, your cell phone and tracking device should be separated by a significant distance, since the GPS signals from the two devices might collide and contaminate the data.

Hide the tracker to prevent conflicts among colleagues and family members while still getting all of the information you want.

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