Have you forgotten where you parked your vehicle or has it been stolen? With the use of an app, you can now track your phone’s whereabouts! Find out how to do it here.

Have you ever been lost in a parking lot, unable to recall where you parked your vehicle?

Or maybe you loaned it to your child and they haven’t returned it when they were meant to.

If you’ve ever wondered how to monitor an automobile using your phone, you’ll be relieved to learn that it’s really rather simple.

The first is to utilize a vehicle’s built-in GPS system, such as OnStar (GM), HondaLink, or FordPass.

The second option is to use Google Maps, SpySat, or SpotAngels to monitor your whereabouts.

Installing a GPS tracking gadget and pairing it with your phone is the third option.

Which GPS car tracking solution is the best for you?

Thankfully, we’ll go through each of these three approaches in depth in this post.

But first, let’s take a look at some of the advantages of being able to monitor an automobile.

Let’s get this tutorial started!

The Advantages of Being Able To Track A Car On Your Phone

Reductions in Insurance Costs

It should come as no surprise that many insurance firms give savings of up to 15% on automobiles equipped with GPS monitoring devices based on these figures.

This often only applies to vehicles that have a built-in tracking system or a separate GPS gadget.

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Locates Vehicles That Have Been Stolen

Take LoJack, a prominent GPS monitoring device utilized by numerous government agencies and shipping businesses, as an example.

They claim to have a 95% recovery record on stolen autos.

This payment, however, includes a direct link between law enforcement and LoJack.

Using a self-purchased GPS gadget, a phone app, or a built-in tracking system is unlikely to be effective.

Thankfully, if you only want to monitor your automobile with your phone, the majority of solutions are either free or very inexpensive.

Additional Drivers Should Be Considered

Installing a GPS monitoring device in your vehicle is a terrific method to keep track of any extra drivers who may be utilizing it.

If your child borrows the family automobile and fails to return by the agreed-upon time, just check their whereabouts on your phone.

We could use any number of situations, but it’s probably better to simply use your imagination.

Regardless, being able to monitor your vehicle’s location through your phone is a terrific method to constantly be aware of its whereabouts.

Some trackers also provide information on the vehicle while it is in motion.

Driving rapidly, accelerating quickly, and taking high-speed curves are only a few examples.

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Possibilities For Tracking A Car

GPS Tracking Built-In

As part of their range of connection capabilities, most contemporary automobiles have built-in GPS tracking.

With the purchase of a new car, you’ll normally get a year or more of free servicing.

You must click the service button to talk with a Representative if you have purchased a pre-owned vehicle or want to extend the warranty.

Make careful to ask if GPS tracking is included in the free trial or whether it is an upsell.

Simply whip out your phone and launch the app after you’ve joined up.

Cars with built-in GPS tracking are available from the following manufacturers:

  • FordPass – Ford
  • Uconnect – Dodge, Ram, Chrysler, Jeep
  • HondaLink – Honda
  • NissanConnect – Nissan
  • OnStar – Cadillac, Buick, GMC, Chevrolet
  • Mbrace – Mercedes
  • Safety Connect – Toyota
  • Enform – Lexus
  • BMW Assist – BMW
  • Lexus – Enform
  • Lincoln – Lincoln Connect

App for Mobile Phones

Many apps offer GPS tracking, but you’ll have to leave your phone in the car if they aren’t paired to a separate device.

This entails either acquiring or adding a prepaid phone to your existing plan.

Then you just plug it in, tuck it away, and launch the app on your main phone.

Thankfully, most applications don’t need much more than a smartphone with GPS and cellular capabilities.

Many apps allow you to save a location on a map if you only want to solve the problem of forgetting where you parked.

Take, for example, Google Maps, which now enables you to do so for free after an upgrade in 2017.

SpotAngels, Google Maps, and SpySat are a few of our favorite free applications.

Using a GPS Device

Finally, you can pair a GPS tracking device with your phone and install it in your car.

The best part is that a lot of them have some really cool features.

Custom SMS alerts and the ability to monitor driver behavior are only two of them.

In addition, car diagnostics and monthly e-mail reports are provided.

Bartun, AmericLoc, MotoSafety, Bouncie, and Vsyncs are a few of our favorite brands.

All of these brands have reasonable prices and a plethora of useful features.

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When You Don’t Have To, Why Lose Track Of Your Car?

Instead, use one of the GPS tracking options listed above.

Whether you use your vehicle’s built-in GPS, download an app, or install a separate device, you should know that all of them are cost-effective and ensure that you always know where your car is.

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