This article explains “how to turn off Onstar GPS monitoring in your car” in great depth.

While buying a new car, you might obtain an OnStar GPS tracking gadget.

You may obtain Turn-by-Turn directions to your destination with these OnStar GPS tracking devices.

You may also make free-hand phone calls and get help with emergency crashes and stolen vehicles.

However, you must pay a monthly membership cost before using this OnStar GPS tracking gadget.

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However, you cannot unsubscribe from the OnStar GPS device monitoring system simply by removing the fuse or canceling the subscription once the free membership period has expired.

Because your records will still be kept by them.

As a result, if you want to keep your privacy a secret, you must unplug your vehicle’s GPS monitoring equipment.

The technique of uninstalling an onstar GPS monitoring device from your vehicle is a little more difficult, so be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

What Is The Procedure For Turning Off OnStar GPS Tracking?

This section explains how to turn off the OnStar GPS monitoring technology in its entirety.

You will also get information about the many locations where OnStar may be found.

GPS Tracking Gadget Onstar’s Location.

The OnStar module is usually found in the rear of your vehicle, accessible via the trunk.

However, in certain cars, this device is situated in various locations, such as glove compartments or behind the stereo’s plastic cover in larger trucks.

How to Turn Off OnStar GPS Tracking Devices

So, let’s begin the disabling procedure one step at a time.

Step 1: Call The Onstar Customer Support Number To Cancel Your Subscription.

You may cancel your OnStar subscription at any time by pressing the blue OnStar button or dialing 1.888. 4ONSTAR (1.888. 466. 7827).

Throughout the call, an agent will talk with you and will inquire for certain details.

You will need to chat with them during the procedure, and then the OnStar GPS Tracking will be removed when the service is completed.

However, even if the service is turned off, the OnStar system will continue to collect your data for marketing reasons.

To totally disable the system, you must physically separate the OnStar module from your car.

Step 2: Deactivate the Ignition

To begin, switch off the engine and use the parking brake to ensure that your car does not move while you work.

Step 3: Lifting The Trunk Liner

The OnStar module is usually positioned on the rear of the car, requiring the trunk to be lifted.

The Spare tire may then be simply removed from the vehicle.

Step 4: Take Out The Spare Tyre.

Because the spare tire is carried by the majority of vehicles, you must remove it to reach the OnStar module if you have one.

Normally, a Center wingnut is used to secure the Spare tire, preventing the wheel from moving.

To remove the Spare tire, spin the nut counterclockwise using the tool.

Remove the Spare tire from the car after the wingnut is lost.

Step 5: Remove the Cargo Net and the Metal Plate

In certain cars, the cargo net and metal plate are located in the trunk; in this instance, you simply need to remove four screws to remove both the cargo net and the metal plate.

If your trunk doesn’t have a cargo net, look for the metal plate in the corner.

Remove the four screws and the metal plate after you’ve found it.

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Step 6: Pull The Trunk Shell’s Top Right Corner.

After you’ve removed the net and metal plate from the trunk, pull the top right corner of the trunk shell open to reveal the Onstar gadget.

When you lift the lever, you’ll see a metal box with the OnStar logo on it, which is the Onstar GPS Tracking Device.

You don’t have to totally remove the lid to view the OnStar gadget.

Step 7: Disconnect All Of The Cables That Are Connected To Each Other.

You’ll also discover the three cables that are attached to the Onstar Device once you’ve found it.

As a result, you must detach these three cables from the OnStar GPS Device in order to completely disable it.

Step 8: Put The Car Back Together Again.

When you’ve removed the OnStar device from the car, reassemble it to get it back into regular operation.

Replace the metal plate and cargo net in their original locations, then tighten the four screws.

Tighten the wingnut on the spare tire and replace it.

If your car has an Onstar device in the glovebox or under the radio, the glovebox and stereo cover will look similar.

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