Replacing the dinette with recliners seems to be one of the most common upgrades for RV renovations, which is one of the most popular themes on RV forums, Pinterest, and Facebook Groups.

Now let’s look at

What’s involved, as well as advantages and disadvantages, of replacing the dinette.

What Does It Take to Replace the Dinette with Recliners?

It depends on how your equipment is set up and what’s below it, is the short answer.

Here are some examples and suggestions for getting over the difficulty of replacing the dinette with recliners.

#1. Does The Window In Your Dining Room Go To The Basement Storage Area?

There may be storage spaces just under the dinette in certain RVs that go to the basement.

The walls of the dinette may also include some electrical outlets.

If you see an opening for wiring or electrical panels, take into account what will happen when you open that area.

You may need to cover exposed flooring or relocate some wiring.

#2. What Is The State Of The Flooring?

You could have some gaps in your carpet if you entirely remove the dinette from your RV if it has boxed drawers supporting the benches of your dinette and carpeting trimmed around the boxes.

If their bases are resting on a subfloor or similar hard surface, extra flooring work may be necessary.

#3. Do You Intend To Eventually Sell Your Equipment?

Make sure that whatever you undo can be reinserted.

Although customizing your RV to meet your requirements is a smart idea, you may need to preserve the new equipment if you ever want to sell it.

A buyer may not need a sofa and recliners.

They could truly need the extra sleeping space provided by a sleeper dinette.

A family could additionally need the dining area provided by a dinette.

Reinstalling a dinette is simpler than buying a brand-new one.

Additionally, it is simple to swap out the chairs for a free-standing table and chairs.

Before you remove the original equipment, be careful to collect accurate measurements.

#4. What Effects Does The Remodeling Have On Your Warranty?

The majority of the time, moving furniture doesn’t invalidate warranties, but you should always read the tiny print before you start taking away insured things.

Before you begin building your dinette to recliner conversion, make sure to carefully read the guarantee conditions.

#5. What Will You Use At The Table For Duties And Where Will You Eat?

If you’re keen to do away with the table and chairs or booths, this is a reasonable question.

Will TV trays be used? Where will the board games be played? How will your laptop station be set up?

Make sure you have a place to store any TV trays or a folding table if you want to utilize them when you pack up.

Original RV furniture is usually functional and built to resist the jolts and tremors of travel.

Without a strategy for storing it, conventional furniture could not last as long.

#6. Will You Stop Providing Your Passengers With Lap Belts And Anchors?

In the event that you take away your dinette, remember this.

If you do decide to replace the dinette with recliners, you’ll need to move to furniture with lap belts and make sure everything is properly fastened.

To install anchors, ask a manufacturer or RV dealer.

Making the Transition from a Dinette to Chairs

Let’s talk about what it takes to go from a dinette to two recliners now that the worrywart inquiries are out of the way.

Consider the following while choosing the recliners for your new sitting area:

  • Size: There are many different sizes and heights of recliners. A pair of enormous chairs may not fit in your dinette. Look for recliners that have a smaller footprint if necessary. Consider wall-huggers if you want to save room. These recliners, which have a limited range of motion and are designed to lean up against a wall, are sold by Amazon, Wayfair, and other merchants.
  • Cupholders or a Table Between: If there are just two or three of you in the rig, the space between your new seats may fit the dining area you’re giving up. Look for a pair of recliners with cup holders incorporated into the base or slim tables with a magazine insert. Even a reclining couch with a storage flap in the center may be available to fit this area.
  • Removable Back: Moving two recliners in place of a dinette is perhaps the most difficult component of the process. RV furniture is constructed in components that may be removed and put back together within the vehicle. Make sure you can fit the chair pieces inside as your door is smaller.
  • Slide Depth: When looking for seats, keep your slide’s depth in mind. Before moving, make sure the chair is fully inserted into the slide. Additionally, you should check the depth while the chair is reclining. Is there enough space to move around the chair and recline? Is there sufficient depth for a true recline? Is there enough room to move freely between the island and slide?
  • Usability: Take into account the full wall of your new recliner set-up for optimum reselling effect. Does the dinette have a loveseat next to it? Could you take out just a portion of the dinette and put two chairs in lieu of the sofa or loveseat? Can you turn the dinette table’s footprint?

Where to Purchase Chairs

This swap, which replaces the dinette with two recliners, is a common one, as we discovered when we searched via several RV forums and Facebook groups.

The following advice will help you choose the best recliners for your dinette switch:

  • Check out Facebook yard sale sites – Many RV renovators discovered their wall-hugging recliners made for an RV slide at a discount on Facebook’s buy/sell/trade area.
  • Amazon or Wayfair – Looking for a certain color or fabric at a low price? People who switched dinettes reported finding fantastic discounts on imitation leather, micro suede, and sturdy fabric.
  • RV furniture makers – Although RV furniture manufacturers such as Thomas Payne charge a greater premium, they build furniture expressly for your trailer. Before you switch out the dinette and the recliner, it’s a good idea to look about.

It can be a fantastic idea to remodel your mobile home by swapping the dinette with two recliners.

We trust that these factors and advice will enable you to make a wise choice.

Please share your trade with us.

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