One of the most well-known manufacturers of RV furniture is Thomas Payne, but how much do you actually know about it?

Before investing any money, it’s crucial to research the brand you choose.

You risk spending a lot of money if you don’t first complete your homework.

We’ll offer you a thorough overview of all the information you need to know about Thomas Payne RV furniture in this post.

Not to give anything away, but Thomas Payne is a fantastic brand of RV furniture that will upgrade your camper.

Who Creates The RV Furniture By Thomas Payne?

Who creates the RV furniture by Thomas Payne? Lippert Components, which also makes other RV components, manufactures Thomas Payne RV furniture.

Particularly skilled in producing durable furniture for fifth wheels, mobile homes, and travel trailers is Lippert Components.

Lippert Components serves clients throughout North America from their headquarters in Indiana.

Their website claims that they provide their consumers both superior-quality items and unmatched customer service.

Jason D. Lippert, who is related to Larry Lippert, one of the company’s initial founders, is the president at the moment.

Is The Leather On Thomas Payne’s RV Furniture Genuine?

Is the leather on Thomas Payne’s RV furniture genuine? No.

PolyHyde is used to make the bulk of Thomas Payne RV furnishings.

This particular kind of European leather has a polymer covering.

Thomas Payne mostly utilizes genuine leather as a consequence, yet it is more useful than plain European leather.

We must examine European leather generally in order to understand why it requires a polymer covering.

Although the quality of this kind of leather is often higher than that of American leather, its durability is much worse.

Because of this, a polymer coating improves the resilience and toughness of European leather while preserving its soft texture.

A few pieces of Thomas Payne RV furniture are constructed without PolyHyde.

However, it will be made clear that these furniture items are constructed of imitation leather.

Real Leather Or Ultra Leather?

Real leather or Ultra leather? No.

It’s not genuine leather, ultra leather.

Instead, this fabric has a surface that is entirely constructed of polyurethane and is connected to a rayon backing.

In other words, it is PVC-free fake leather.

Ultra leather is perfect for many RV components even though most people dislike fake leather since it is still smooth and silky but delivers more stability and durability than normal leather.

The Furniture By Thomas Payne RV Peels.

The furniture by Thomas Payne RV peels? Yes.

Peeling Thomas Payne RV furnishings.

Although technically all leather has the potential to peel, it is quite uncommon with PolyHide.

The bulk of Thomas Payne RV furniture is constructed from PolyHyde, a true leather that is highly resilient.

The Thomas Payne RV furniture shouldn’t peel, especially if you maintain the material as the maker advises.

It is important to clean the furniture with mild soap and water in order to keep the paint from flaking.

Use of chemicals or other abrasive substances might cause the barrier to break, which will result in the leather peeling.

Additionally, avoid picking or roughhousing the material.

Where Can I Get Furnishings For A Travel Trailer?

Camping is more well-liked than ever nowadays.

More individuals than ever before are eager to take RV vacations, particularly in light of the epidemic.

This makes it straightforward and simple to acquire travel trailer furniture that meets your interests since you can get it from a variety of sites.

For instance, there should be several nearby local businesses where you may get furnishings for travel trailers.

The goods selection may be more limited in-store, but the majority of camping shops, for instance, provide travel trailer furnishings.

You could easily locate a ton of travel trailer furniture online if you wanted to get the greatest alternatives and bargains.

There are other websites that are solely focused on offering clients RV things, such as furnishings. is one of our favorite websites.

You may get exact Thomas Payne furniture from Lippert Components by visiting their website.

What To Think About With Thomas Payne Massage RV Recliners?

There are a few things to think about when choosing a Thomas Payne RV recliner.

Three things to consider before making a choice are listed below:

  • Size: Be sure the chair you choose suits your optimum frame size. Thomas Payne is available with either a single or a pair of recliners. Depending on how many people will be using them and the size of your RV, choose the appropriate one. The majority of other brands also provide these two sizes.
  • Features: Consider the qualities you want from your chair as well. Heat, a massager, and LED lights are often included with the Thomas Payne Seismic series. If you desire other features, you may look at other brands.
  • Pricing: The last element to consider is price. The Thomas Payne recliners cost a little more than other manufacturers, but they have more sophisticated features and are more sturdy.

Review of a Thomas Payne Recliner Watch the video below:

RV Furniture: Thomas Payne Recliner Review | Full Time RV Family – 1st Class RV Adventures

How Should Thomas Payne RV Furniture Be Cared For?

Although it mostly depends on the material your furniture is constructed of, cleaning Thomas Payne RV furniture is not difficult.

PolyHyde is the primary material used to create almost all Thomas Payne furniture.

It is easiest to just wipe this material down with warm water and mild soap to clean it.

With a warm cloth or wipe, you may give the furniture a spot cleaning.

To clean the furniture, avoid using any harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.

If you do, it can harm the upholstery, causing subsequent cracks or flaking.

Strong enough to remove dirt and grime from the material without causing any harm is a soft cloth and mild soap.

Additionally, avoid protecting the PolyHyde material with any upholstery protectors.

Don’t, for instance, use Scotchguard.

Instead, the fabric is designed such that all that is needed to clean it is soap and warm water.

How Can Plastic Be Removed From Thomas Payne?

How can plastic be removed from Thomas Payne? Most RV furniture has plastic coverings that are a bit difficult to remove.

To begin with, be careful to pull the perforation along.

By doing this, it will be much simpler to remove the plastic without causing any damage to the furniture underneath.

If you’re having difficulties removing the plastic, you may warm up the plastic’s top seam using a hairdryer.

You should be able to simply pull away at the perforation after the plastic has warmed enough.

Use a needle nose plier to carefully pry out any little bits of plastic that you can’t get out by hand.

Demonstration of Thomas Payne’s Plastic Removal >> Watch the video below:

Thomas Payne Plastic Removal Demonstration – Lippert

Describe PolyHyde

Describe PolyHyde? In essence, PolyHyde is European leather with a polymer covering.

American leather is obviously considerably thicker than European leather.

It becomes finer in quality but somewhat less durable as a result.

In order to preserve the European leather from everyday usage and maintain its durability, PolyHyde’s polymer coating is used.

PolyHyde is a superb material option for RV furniture since it is high quality, soft, and very durable.

Do Sofas In RVs Have Bolts?

Do sofas in RVs have bolts? Although it is not necessary, bolting your RV sofa down is a terrific idea.

Many RV owners bolt every piece of furniture in place, while others do not.

Whether or if you bolt down your RV furniture is entirely up to you.

If stability and security are what you’re most worried about, bolting down the RV sofa is a terrific option.

The sofa may be secured with bolts to prevent movement or sliding while being transported.

The disadvantage of this choice is that because the sofa is physically attached to the RV, future moves or renovation will be considerably more challenging.

How Can I Keep My RV Furnishings Safe?

How can I keep my RV furnishings safe? Your RV furniture may be kept from shifting while traveling if you secure it down.

It’s vital to check the manufacturer’s instructions before making any changes to your furniture to see whether they include any plans for anchoring it down in your RV.

You may use Velcro straps, bungee cords, or bolts to fasten RV furniture if there are no special designs for it.

Velcro straps and bungee cords are less sturdy but less expensive and enable switching out your furniture simpler.

On the other side, bolts are more secure, but you must be cautious while using them.

What To Think About While Repairing Thomas Payne RV Furniture?

Although Thomas Payne RV furniture is far more resilient than other manufacturers, it may still break.

Three factors should be taken into account to see whether the furniture can be fixed before tossing it away totally.

  • Is it still covered by the warranty? The majority of Thomas Payne RV furniture is covered by a warranty. For instance, the couch has a one-year guarantee. To find out more, get in touch with Lippert Components and see whether the warranty is still valid.
  • What is faulty? Consider what is broken next. Small issues may usually be resolved with a simple screw. If the whole back is broken, you will most likely need to purchase a new piece of furniture.
  • The cloth, what about it? Fabric used for Thomas Payne RV furniture sometimes presents more challenging repair issues. If the cloth is torn, you’ll probably need to acquire a whole new piece because of the coating.


Overall, choosing Thomas Payne for your RV furnishings is an excellent choice.

You will get value for your money thanks to the brand’s outstanding quality and longevity.

You can’t go wrong with Thomas Payne for the reasons mentioned above, despite the fact that the furniture is a little more costly than other manufacturers.

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