Consider following these four instructions if you’re confused how to disassemble a couch chair.

We will cover the disassembling technique in this lesson to make reassembly simpler.

We’ve also added another method for dismantling the furniture’s back using its levers.

However, it is always a good idea to consult the instructions for your couch recliner in order to better comprehend its components.

You won’t end up hurting any components or systems this way.

If you have a Lazy Boy reclining couch, we also suggest reading this instruction on how to remove it.

How To Take A Sofa Recliner Apart At Home

This four-step guide applies to most couch recliners and is great for individuals who want to reassemble the furniture at some point.

Step 1: Take Pictures Of The Disassembly.

As you dismantle the couch recliner, take photographs of the process. This can help you recall how the components fit together in the future, making reassembly easier.

You may even record each step so you know what to do when it’s time to reassemble the furniture.

Step 2: Separate The Components As Needed.

Another useful tip to remember while disassembling a couch recliner is to separate each component properly.

Smaller items, such as bolts, screws, nuts, washers, and other hardware, should be organized in different bags.

Then label each bag to indicate the portion of the couch recliner it belongs to.

Step 3: Take Away The Basic Bars.

To discover the bars at the bottom of your couch recliner, flip it over.

In general, recliners may have up to three screw-in base bars.

If the chair employs Robertson screws, unfasten them with the appropriate instrument, such as a Robertson screwdriver.

When you remove the final foundation bar, be cautious since the reclining console and seats will be dismantled.

Have someone assist you in keeping the couch together so that the components don’t roll away and create problems.

Step 4: Take Apart The Remainder Of The Couch Recliner.

To disconnect the back and or seat from certain couch recliners, you may need to release several levers.

Some techniques are as basic as moving furniture components out of position.

That’s all; you should now be able to swiftly and securely dismantle the couch chair.

How Do You Take A Recliner Sofa’s Back Off?

After you remove the levers that hold the components in place, some models will break apart.

The most common way for removing the back of a reclining couch is to release the locking levers.

  1. To get access to the back of the couch recliner, tilt it.
  2. Lift the upholstery at the bottom and turn the furniture over so the base is facing up.
  3. Although the inner frame should be easy to see, certain models may need the rear panel to be removed first.
  4. Depending on what holds the upholstery in place, such as snaps, you simply need to unfasten this panel.
  5. The locking levers on the recliner’s back attach either side of the seat, usually where the back and arm meet or between the console and the seat.
  6. Remove the fabric or reach through it to expose the locking lever if you can’t separate the upholstery.
  7. Each lever has a downward pointing arrow, and you may release it by raising it.
  8. The back of the couch recliner will be dismantled as a result of this.
  9. To finish removing the remaining components, return the furniture to its upright position.
  10. To remove the seat or seats, just lift them outward.

What Are the Steps to Dismantling an Ashley Recliner Sofa?

Ashley Furniture makes one of the heaviest couch recliners on the market.

If you wish to move one from one location to another, knowing how to disassemble one will come in handy.

  1. If the Ashley recliner couch has capabilities that need power, such as reclining and extending through buttons or remote, be sure you disconnect it.
  2. Prepare labeled bags according to each couch part as you remove them and document each step of the disassembly to assist you restore the recliner sofa afterwards.
  3. The lever may be found beneath the seats or towards the back of the sofa.
  4. Depending on the style of Ashley reclining couch you have, you may also need to remove the Velcro-attached back cover to expose the levers or slip your fingers into the back seams.
  5. If you can’t get the lever to release easily, use a screwdriver to loosen it.
  6. Push the sofa forward so you can examine the mechanics behind the seats and reach the couch’s back.
  7. Remove the back and arms as needed, either using levers or unscrewing screws and bolts using a tool or a screwdriver.
  8. The ottoman, footrest, and meal base should all be cleaned in the same way.
  9. To assist you remove the back effortlessly, free the furniture arms by releasing the arm brackets and removing other supporting hardware such as rails.
  10. Remove the center console as needed.


Knowing how to disassemble a recliner properly is essential for simple and safe furniture transport.

You learned how to disassemble a couch recliner in this guide, covering particular models such as Ashley furniture’s.

To disclose the machinery behind the furniture, turn it on its back and release the levers or remove the screws and/or bolts.

Just remember to keep track of each step and keep each item separated.

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