Tankless heaters are available in a wide range of sizes.

There are point-of-use water heaters that are modest and just need 110 volts as well as more potent devices that can heat enough hot water for a whole family.

Knowing what you’ll need from the tankless water heater is the first step in choosing the size that’s best for you.

Visit our tankless buyer’s guide if you’re searching for a bigger unit.

However, if you can get by with a 110 volt water heater, continue reading since this essay was developed with you in mind.

Best Tankless Water Heater For 110 Volts

The DHC 3-1 by Stiebel Eltron is the finest 110 volt tankless we have been able to locate.

Despite being advertised as a 120v tankless, Stiebel Eltron has tested this unit to work at 110v (more on this below).

The DHC 3-1 is exceptionally quiet since it is hydraulically regulated.

This device is excellent for domestic or commercial usage because to its exceptional design and construction, copper heating element, and several built-in safety measures.

Stiebel Eltron DHC 3-1

Tankless Water Heater for Showers at 120 Volts

You’ll probably be unhappy with the results if you’re looking for a 120 volt tankless water heater for your home shower, we won’t lie.

Simply said, 120 volts isn’t enough electricity to run a hot shower.

However, most point-of-use heaters of this size are meant to be used for a single sink.

It may start things up until your main water heater can take over.

For the most part, it entails washing your hands.

However, there are several exceptions.

A 120v tankless showerhead like the Rheem RTEX-04 could be able to handle a lengthy shower if you reside in a region with warm incoming water, like Florida.

These devices just cannot perform the job if you reside in Alaska or most other places.

Having said that, there are several choices, which we’ll discuss in the section below on 110v tankless units.

The lesson of the tale, though, is that 120 volts is not the ideal option for a household shower, particularly if it is your sole supply of hot water.

Shower 110v Tankless Water Heater

Have you ever wondered what makes 120 volts and 110 volts different? These words are used so often that they are almost synonymous.

In actuality, they essentially have the same characteristics.

The AC voltage on a standard hot wire is 120 volts.

However, resistance that is encountered when electricity passes through the wiring in your house might cause the voltage to dip as low as 110 volts.

Simply seeking for an appliance that has been tested to function at the lower voltage is all it takes to buy a 110v water heater.

You may be certain that the device will operate just fine at 110v as well as 120v.

#1. Purchasing a Tankless

You shouldn’t be surprised to discover that the options for a shower tankless at this voltage are quite limited, just as with 120v ones.

However, there are several gadgets that can be used as an electric shower.

While some electric showers are accessible in the US, the UK is generally where they are most prevalent.

Naturally, this implies that there will be a greater range available in the UK as well, but regrettably, they seldom function in the US.

How to Use an Electric Shower

A tankless water heater that is just attached to a shower is essentially what an electric shower is.

Electric showers are particularly effective at heating water since they only heat what is actually used.

Despite the fact that each manufacturer’s models could have particular features, all electric showers work in the same manner to heat water.

Here is a quick explanation of how they operate: Cold water is taken into the device and heated as it travels through it using one or more strong heating sources.

The shower head receives the hot water as soon as it exits the tankless system.

Temperature Modifications

The electric shower will need to reduce the water flow to the shower head in order to raise the temperature.

As a result, the water may remain in the heater for a longer period of time to reach the higher temperature.

The water flow from the shower head will also increase if the temperature is lowered since the elements will be able to heat the water more quickly.

Fluctuations in Water Flow

Other variables, in addition to user temperature modifications, might affect the shower head’s water flow.

Water flow may be affected by a variety of variables, including shower kilowatt rating, power supply voltage, and the temperature of the incoming cold water.

For instance, you may expect the flow rate to vary with the seasons.

Your electric shower will be able to provide a greater flow rate in the summer than it can in the winter since the incoming cold water is warmer in the summer.

Variations in Temperature

The temperature of many electric showers is controlled.

This indicates that a little temperature shift during a shower is feasible.

The incoming cold water supply’s pressure changes as a result of this.

The water pressure in the cold water line decreases if a cold water faucet is opened while the electric shower is operating.

The amount of water entering the unit decreases along with the water pressure, which raises temperature.

Most of the time, this is not an issue, but if your water supply is heavily used by washing machines, dishwashers, or a big family, you may want to think about installing a thermostatic electric shower.

Electric showers with a thermostat do a better job of maintaining the water’s temperature than showers with a temperature stabilizer.

They do have variations, but they’re usually not as extreme.

Thermostatic units can maintain the water temperature within a narrower range when your incoming water is cooler in the winter since they are more adapted to managing seasonal variations.

Picks for 110v Tankless

Here are a couple of our favorite 110v tankless water heaters and electric showers.

As you can see, there are a variety of styles to pick from.

#2. Ingrid Boccherini

For a remote lodge without hot water, the Garlat Boccherini electric shower is the ideal option.

You have a lot of versatility with the dual shower head to fulfill your bathing needs—you can even wash the dog!

You can quickly regulate the temperature with its three settings (cold, warm, and hot), and because it doesn’t use a tank, you won’t ever have to worry about running out of hot water.

The Garlat Boccherini is not a portable shower, even if it is ideal for a cabin.

It must be directly connected using 10 awg wiring to a 40 amp breaker.

Check out the propane tankless units below if you’re seeking for a portable shower.

Garlat Boccherini


1500 watts of electricity and a temperature range of 131 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit are provided by the 110v WUPYI Tankless.

Multiple mounting options make it simple to install, and the clean white design ensures that it will look well in any setting.

The WUPYI heats the water using a high efficiency, low power heating tube, and in order to save energy, it turns itself off once the desired temperature is reached.


Tankless Water Heater 110V Plug-In

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of choice for 110v plug-in water heaters.

Units of this size are available from the major tankless manufacturers, including the Rheem RTEX-04, the POU 3.5 from EcoSmart, and the DHC 3-1 from Stiebel Eltron.

All of which, although being wonderful equipment, need hardwiring.

There just isn’t enough electricity in a typical outlet to heat the water properly (and safely), as we’ll discuss in more depth below.

We did discover a few units on the market, however, that could be worth a look.

Plug-in Picks for 110v

#1. Wi-Fi Hotspot

This little yet strong electric shower was made to be versatile.

Whether you’re camping, at the pool, or just want a warm shower at home, it can be used anywhere.

To attach the iHeat to the shower nipple, just unscrew your previous shower head.

It is quick and simple to install, eliminating the need to buy a portable shower.

The iHeat is so lightweight (just 3-1/2 pounds) and has a 110-volt wire that you can take it camping without even unscrewing it from your house.

iHeat Hotspot

#2. Mini Zerodis

A 110v tankless water heater is produced by Zerodis.

Although some customers have had luck using it in a shower, it works best in a sink.

However, the affordable price can convince you that this plug-in tankless is worthwhile!

Due to its compact size, it can fit in even the smallest locations and provide hot water on demand.

Due to its numerous appealing features, including a digital display and a stainless frame, the Zerodis Mini is unquestionably noteworthy.

Zerodis Mini

Tankless Water Heater With 120V Plug-In Power

The Zerodis Mini is the only plug-in tankless water heater that we have come across.

All other 120v tankless water heaters available today need to be hardwired into your electrical grid.

Even while it seems sensible to plug in a tankless, the truth is quite different.

For instance, the Stiebel Eltron DHC 3-1 needs 25 amps to heat water.

Simply said, a regular electrical outlet doesn’t have enough power since the circuit that powers it generally only provides 15 or 20 amps.

A tankless would find it difficult to create hot water at any significant flow rate with the quantity of electricity that an electrical outlet has to provide.

There are only basically two good alternatives left for you.

One may either buy a hardwired 120v tankless water heater or a plug-in 120v tank-style water heater.

Below are some recommendations for both possibilities:

Picks for 120v Water Heaters

#1. RTEX-04 Tankless from Rheem

The smallest tankless in the RTEX lineup is the Rheem RTEX-04.

With a 99.8% efficiency rating, almost all of the power is utilized to heat the water.

The RTEX-04 is great for hand sinks and wet bars and contains a copper immersion heating element.

Check out the 240-volt RTEX-06 variant if you’re searching for a little bit more power.

Rheem RTEX-04

#2. Mini Stiebel Eltron Tank

We understand that you have your heart set on a tankless heater, but if you want to connect your water heater to a regular electrical outlet, a tank-style heater is your best option.

Stiebel Eltron provides three different-sized tanks that may be connected straight into an electrical outlet without needing any extra cabling.

You have a choice of sizes, from 2.5 gallons to 6.0 gallons.

Even a medium-sized 4.0-gallon tank is available.

Each size draws up to 11.3 amps and reaches a maximum temperature of 140 degrees.

Stiebel Eltron SHC 2.5

Tankless Electric Water Heater That Plugs In

The Zerodis is the only plug-in electric tankless water heater that we have found, as was said above.

So you may want to give it a try if you have your heart set on a plug-in device.

But in reality, tankless water heaters should be plugged into your electrical panel.

Even if you can locate a plug-in device, the outcomes will probably leave you rather unsatisfied unless you intend to use it for purposes other than hand washing.

Although there are several excellent 120 volt electric tankless water heaters available, very few of them are built to plug into an outlet.

And as you would anticipate, hardwiring is necessary for all 240 volt electric tankless systems.

If you desire a plug-in tankless water heater, you may be wondering what alternatives are available.

The response is not a lot.

Similar to what was said before, you could buy a tankless water heater and have it hardwired, or you could buy a plug-in tank-style water heater.

You may see a few more of our recommendations for each choice below.

Top Picks

#1. Sustainable Eco11

Consider something with a bit more power if you’re thinking about switching to a hardwired tankless.

The 240 volt EcoSmart Eco11 should have no trouble heating the water for a shower.

The Eco18 is one of EcoSmart’s most well-liked tankless water heaters.

However, you’re now looking at entire home units, which is likely more than you wanted.

Consider the EcoSmart POU6 if you want to go smaller.

It can handle 208 volts.

EcoSmart Eco 11

#2. 3000 Bosch Tronic

Even though it is a tank-style water heater, the Bosch Tronic 3000 is a perennial favorite.

It may be connected into a regular electrical socket and operates on 120 volts.

Using the mounting bracket that is included with the device, you may install it on a shelf, a wall, or even the floor.

The 2.5-gallon tank should meet your needs if you’re searching for a modest tank, but you may also choose from the bigger 4.0-gallon or even 7.0-gallon tanks.

Bosch Tronic 3000 2.5-Gallon

20-gallon 110v Hot Water Heater

20-gallon water heaters are often used in restrooms, wet bars, mobile homes, and even for commercial applications like dog grooming businesses.

They are usually referred to as point-of-use units.

Although many 20-gallon water heaters are designed to run at 240 volts, 120 volt versions of several outstanding models are also available.

Make sure you get a water heater with the same voltage as your previous one if you are replacing one however.

There are numerous excellent 20-gallon water heaters available, some of which have even been certified to run on 110 volts (see above for more information).

Here are some of our top picks.

Top Picks

American Standard
Tank Size19-gallons
Dimensions18.5″ x 18.5″ x 24.9″
Weight74 lbs
Side Mounted PlumbingNo
Commercial / ResidentialResidential
Tank Size20-gallons
Dimensions20″ x 19″ x 33.5″
Weight68 lb
Side Mounted PlumbingYes
Commercial / ResidentialResidential
Tank Size19.9-gallons
Dimensions19.75″ x 19.75″ x 25.13″
Side Mounted PlumbingYes
Commercial / ResidentialCommercial

#1. American Standard

Do you need a 20-gallon tank but don’t want to spend a fortune? You ought to look at the American Standard product.

This 110v device has a 6-year residential guarantee and uses a 20 amp circuit.

Since the plumbing connections are on top, this unit may not be the greatest choice for you if you’re searching for one to put into a small vertical space.

However, if you don’t mind the 19-gallon tank and have room above the heater, this is a fantastic water heater at a reasonable price.

American Standard

#2. Dependence 606

A 110-volt, 20-gallon tank-style water heater is available from Reliance.

The tank has a glass inside and is completely insulated with one inch of foam.

The tank and its components are covered by a full 6-year warranty.

This water heater can be installed in even the narrowest spaces since the water input and outlet connections are on the side of the tank, which lowers the height of the device.

The Reliance Water Heater performs well and has many satisfied owners.

Reliance 606

#3. Rheem

If you want something that can tackle a task, Rheem provides a commercial 120-volt tank-style water heater.

To assist prevent corrosion, its 19.9-gallon steel tank has a high temperature porcelain enamel coating.

This machine needs maintenance since the highest setting for the water temperature is 170 degrees.

But be careful to adjust the required temperature accurately to avoid burning anybody!

The cutting-edge resistor heating components are protected against corrosion by a double coating of copper and magnesium oxide.

Additionally, a hard polyurethane foam surrounds the tank and offers a high degree of insulation to cut down on running expenses.

Rheem Commercial

Tankless Propane Water Heater

It’s necessary to be aware of a few factors while utilizing propane as a fuel source.

First, propane is equally as efficient as natural gas in heating water.

However, it is much more costly since it must undergo additional processing before it is sent to the final consumer.

Propane is more expensive since it has to be pumped, separated, and distilled.

Being heavier and potentially more explosive than natural gas, it is also more hazardous.

However, this does not exclude the usage of a propane tankless water heater.

Propane or electricity are your only options for a whole-house tankless in certain locations, and if you’re looking for a portable tankless, propane is often your best choice.

Home-Wide Propane Tankless

There are two primary types of propane tankless water heaters: whole-house tankless devices and portable units.

Since the focus of this post is on smaller tankless water heaters, we won’t go into depth about full home units.

To give you a general idea, a whole house unit is placed in locations without access to natural gas and is used to heat the water for your whole household.

You may want to have a look at the Rheem RTGH-95 if you’re looking for a propane whole house tankless.

Tankless Propane Portable

Like you would think, portable propane tankless water heaters are built to be moved anywhere.

A portable appliance is great for camping, day visits to the lake, or even to warmly bathe a dog or a horse.

They even perform well in log cabins!

Making use of a Tankless Portable Propane

The majority of manufacturers include a gas regulator along with the required hoses and adapters for their product, and some even supply extra hoses.

A garden hose, flowing water, a full propane tank, and two “D” cell batteries for the ignitor are often required.

On a 20-pound propane tank, the portable tankless heater should be able to provide hot water for around 18 hours.

Picks for Portable Propane Tankless

EccoTemp L5
Weight11 lbs
Dimensions18″ x 11.5″ x 5.25″
Flow Rate1.5 gpm
Shower Hose Length6 ft
Maximum Power Output37,500 btu/hr
Gas Regulator IncludedYes
Batteries RequiredYes
Weight15.4 lbs
Dimensions11.6″ x 4.3″ x 17.3″
Flow Rate1.58 gpm
Shower Hose Length5 ft
Maximum Power Output41,000 btu/hr
Gas Regulator IncludedYes
Batteries RequiredYes

Mr Heater Basecamp
Weight27.2 lbs
Dimensions19.8″ x 16.1″ x 16.3″
Flow Rate1.25 gpm
Shower Hose Length5 ft
Maximum Power Output17,000 btu/hr
Gas Regulator IncludedYes
Batteries RequiredNo

#1. Portable Outdoor Tankless Water Heater Eccotemp L5

For remote cottages and campgrounds, the EccoTemp L5 Portable Outdoor Tankless Water Heater is a great option.

It is reasonably priced, portable, and lightweight and can heat water to 120°F.

You can get all the hot water you want by connecting the EccoTemp L5 to a typical 20-pound liquid propane tank! The EccoFlo optional 12-volt water pump may be used in conjunction with the electronic ignition, which is powered by two “D” cell batteries.

The L5 is the smallest model in EccoTemp’s lineup of portable propane outdoor water heaters, which comes in several sizes.

But don’t be fooled by its little size; it can produce 1.5 gpm, weighs less than 11 pounds, and has a peak BTU rating of 37500.

Ecco Temp L5

#2. Camplux

Enjoy Outdoor Life is the manufacturer of the Camplux tankless outdoor propane water heater.

It comes in 5 different sizes and has a hot water output range of 1.32 to 4.22 gallons per minute.

Along with other essential connections and hoses, a 5-foot hose with a shower head and a gas hose with a regulator are supplied.

You just need to hang it by the handle or attach it to the wall to be ready for a hot shower.


#3. Battery-Operated Shower System By Mr. Heater, Model Boss- XW18

A distinctive propane portable water heater is the Boss-XW18 Battery Operated Shower System.

Because it may be fueled by a tiny propane tank, an electricity outlet, or even its own internal battery, this Mr.

Heater product provides a ton of flexibility.

You can easily discharge hot water from its sink-like faucet for cleaning jobs like washing dishes, and when you’re ready to take a shower, just attach the shower hose.

On a full charge, the sealed internal battery can provide up to 40 minutes of hot water, and the accompanying AC adapter enables charging from either a conventional wall outlet or your car.

To be completely off the grid, however, attach the BOSS-XW18 to a 5 to 20-pound propane tank, submerge the generator pump in a pail of water, and choose your preferred temperature setting.

You’ll get hot water in a matter of seconds after the electronic pulse ignition button is hit!

The BOSS-XW18 BaseCamp has a maximum BTU rating of 17000 and a temperature range of 125°F.

Mr Heater BOSS-XW18

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