Due to its many advantages, including low internal resistance, spill resistance, and ability to function in freezing temperatures, AGM batteries are being used much more often.

However, a unique charger is needed to charge the AGM batteries.

This is because these batteries need to be charged gradually since they are more stable.

The AGM battery chargers have technology integrated into them that can monitor the battery level and adjust charging in order to avoid overcharging.

Additionally, AGM battery chargers may support preserving long-lasting batteries and reviving dead ones.

The secret is finding the ideal AGM battery charger for your charging requirements.

The key characteristics listed below are what you should look for to get the best AGM battery charger for your batteries.

  • Voltage Compatibility: Your battery’s voltage should be compatible with the AGM battery charger’s output voltage. Few batteries function at 24V, whereas the majority of batteries operate at 6V and 12V. You may charge batteries with various voltages using battery chargers that support multiple voltage levels.
  • Ampere Rating: The charging procedure will go more quickly the higher the ampere rating of the battery chargers. AGM battery chargers have an ampere rating as low as 0.5 amps. Some versions, however, have a 20 amp ampere rating. However, anything with a maximum ampere rating of 2 amps will work.
  • Charging Modes: Float mode, gentle start mode, and reconditioning mode are just a few of the charging modes available on AGM battery chargers. According to the battery state, the charging modes are automatically engaged, which aids in giving the battery the best possible charge. For best charging efficiency, always use the charger with the most charging options.

In addition to these, there are a number of important secondary aspects you should be aware of before choosing.

You may select one from the list of the Best AGM Battery Chargers 2022 if you don’t want to further complicate things.

Visit the “Buying Guide” part of this page if you’d like to see a full list of all the features, however.

AGM Battery Charger Of Choice

AGM Battery ChargerVoltage RatingAmpere RatingWarranty
Noco Genius1 AGM Battery Charger6V/12V1 amps3 years
Battery Tender Junior AGM Battery Charger12V0.75 amps5 years
Noco Genius5 AGM Battery Charger6V/12V5 amps3 years
Foval Automatic AGM Battery Charger12V1 amps2 years
BMK BlueMickey AGM Battery Charger12V5 ampsLifetime
DieHard DH137 AGM Battery Charger12V6 amps2 years
Schumacher Fully Automatic AGM Battery Charger6V/12V3 amps2 years
CTEK Multi US 7002 AGM Battery Charger12V7 amps5 years
Solar Clore Automotive PL2320 AGM Battery Charger6V/12V20 amps1 year
Yonhan Intelligent Automatic AGM Battery Charger12V/24V8 amps

Reviews Of The Top 10 AGM Battery Chargers

#1. Genius1 AGM Battery Charger from Noco

Since 1914, Noco has been one of the most well-known names in the consumer battery charger, solar panel, jump starter, and portable power device industries.

Regarding the functionality, aesthetics, and security of its goods, the company maintains extremely high requirements.

Due to its high power output of 35 percent more power, Noco’s Genius1 battery charger is ranked top on our list.

It may function as a trickle charger, battery maintainer, battery desulfator, and battery charger.

The battery has a 1-amp rating and works with automotive, marine, and deep cycle batteries that are both 6 and 12 volts.

The thermal sensor on the AGM battery charger allows it to sense the surrounding temperature and adjust the charge as necessary.

By doing this, undercharging in cold climates and overcharging in hot climates are prevented.

Additionally, it recognizes acid stratification and battery sulfation automatically to restore diminished battery performance.

You can charge batteries starting at one volt with this charger.

Additionally, the force mode enables manual battery charging for dead batteries.

It is portable and is 35 percent smaller than conventional AGM battery chargers at 3.43 x 4.02 x 6.73 inches.

This Genius1 AGM battery charger is covered by a 3-year guarantee from the original purchase date by Noco.

What’s In The Package, Exactly?

  • 1 * Battery charger
  • 2 * Needle-nose battery clamps
  • 1 * User Guide
  • 1 * Warranty card

Best Qualities

  • 1-amp capacity
  • Voltage rating of 12V/6V
  • For accurate charging, a thermal sensor
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Three-year guarantee


  • 35 percent more electricity is delivered
  • A size reduction of 35%
  • Battery maintainer capability


  • Limited up to 30Ah for battery chargers
  • There may have been greater output current

#2. AGM Battery Charger Battery Tender Junior

Dealers, collectors, and fleet owners now choose Battery Tender above other brands.

The company creates batteries with quick charging capabilities and minimal maintenance via the use of cutting edge designs and creative technology.

All 12V lead-acid systems may be charged with this AGM battery charger, which has a 0.75 amp rating.

A float mode on the charger avoids overcharging and provides constant voltage levels.

Additionally, it features protection against reverse polarity and sparks.

This battery charger’s minimal maintenance design is one of its greatest qualities.

Along with being portable and lightweight, it is simple to operate.

The charger has a four-stage charging system that helps maximize battery power without overcharging.

It contains a two-color LED to show the voltage loss and charging stage.

It will automatically enter float mode after the battery is completely charged.

A 5-year guarantee from the original purchase date is offered for the AGM battery charger.

What Is Inside The Box?

  • 1 * Battery charger and maintainer
  • ‎1 * Fused ring terminal harness
  • 1 * Alligator clips
  • 1 * 12 feet power cord
  • 1 * User manual
  • 1 * Warranty card

Best Qualities

  • Rated at 0.75 amps
  • Voltage rating of 12V
  • Technology for 4-Step Charging
  • 2-color LED signal
  • 5 year guarantee


  • Battery maintainer capability
  • A number of safety features
  • Extensive warranty period


  • Little amperage
  • Several product defect reports within a year

#3. Genius5 AGM Battery Charger from Noco

Another Noco AGM battery charger is available.

This battery charger is an improvement over the Genius1 and comes with a number of cutting-edge capabilities.

You can charge batteries more quickly using Noco’s Genius5 AGM battery charger since it can output 65 percent more power.

The charger has a 5-amp rating and works with both 6V and 12V lead-acid batteries.

Other than this, the Genius5 maintains the most of the functionality of the Genius1 model.

Based on the surrounding temperature, a thermal sensor optimizes output power.

For recovering diminished battery performance, there is also an automated battery sulfation and acid stratification detection mechanism.

Additionally, it can charge batteries with a voltage of only one volt.

Dead batteries may also be manually charged.

The battery is ideal for portable usage since it is 34% lower in size.

For further security, the battery charger is protected by an IP65 ingress feature.

A 3-year limited guarantee from the original purchase date is offered for the Genius5 AGM battery charger.

What Is Inside The Box?

  • 1 * GENIUS5 5A smart battery maintainer and charger
  • 1 * Velcro-strapped mounting bracket
  • 2 * Head screws
  • 1 * Needle-nose battery clamps
  • 1 * User manual
  • 1 * Warranty card

Best Qualities

  • 5-amp capacity
  • Voltage rating of 6V/12V
  • Temperature adjustment
  • Ingress protection IP65
  • Three-year guarantee


  • 65 percent more electricity is delivered
  • Size decreased by 34%.
  • Recharges faulty batteries


  • A little on the pricey side
  • Not suitable for trickle charging

#4. Automatic AGM Battery Charger for Foval

The company Foval is a modest one.

However, it produces very effective charging systems with cutting-edge technologies and user-friendly layouts.

Maximum safety elements are included into the brand’s product designs.

The 4-step charging program on the Foval AGM battery charger enables you to optimize the charge as necessary.

The charger is compatible with 12V battery systems and has a 1-amp current rating.

It is suited for most vehicles, including motorcycles, RVs, boats, golf carts, and lawn mowers, due to its small dimensions of 3.9 x 2.4 x 1.25 inches.

Spark proof and reverse polarity prevention are only two of the safety features included in the AGM battery charger’s ETL certification.

Additionally, it has LED indicators that not only display the battery level but also other crucial data like diagnostic statistics.

Utilizing ISM adaptive charging technology, the battery charger adjusts to the battery’s requirements hundreds of times per second.

A 2-year guarantee from the original purchase date is offered on the AGM battery charger.

What Is Inside The Box?

  • 1 × Battery charger for a car
  • 1 x Power cord
  • 1 * A clip-connector output cord
  • 1 * A cable with ring connections as the output
  • 1 * User manual
  • 1 * Warranty card

Best Qualities

  • Current rating of 1 amp
  • Voltage rating of 12V
  • Four-step charging procedure
  • Technology for ISM adaptive charging
  • LED signaling system
  • 2-year license


  • Provides ideal power
  • For safety features, ETL certification
  • Inexpensive choice


  • Inadequate battery maintenance

#5. AGM Battery Charger BMK BlueMickey

Automotive, smart home, workplace, personal care, and beauty items are just a few of the products that are produced by the very recognized company BMK.

The majority of the company’s items come with lifetime warranties.

The 100-240V AC power source is used by BMK’s BlueMickey AGM battery charger to produce a high output current rating of 5 amps.

All 12V battery packs are compatible with the charger.

15-100Ah batteries are charged with it.

Over 100Ah batteries may also be charged with this charge, although it takes longer.

The battery charger has a typical four-stage smart charging function that regulates the charging automatically by keeping track of the battery level throughout the process.

When the charge is fully charged, it ends automatically.

The charging state may be seen on an LED indicator.

The battery charger has several protective features, including overload, short circuit, OV, OC, and polarity reversal.

The charger is furthermore ETL certified, highlighting its performance and safety requirements.

With just 1.46 pounds, it is portable and makes it easy to charge car batteries while on the road.

All BMK items come with a limited lifetime guarantee, even if it isn’t stated directly on the product page.

What Is Inside The Box?

  • 1 * Battery charger
  • 1 * 5.57 feet power cord
  • 1 * 2 feet clip connector
  • 1 * 2 feet connector with 10-amp fuse
  • 1 * User Guide
  • 1 * Warranty card

Best Qualities

  • Current rating of 5 amps
  • Voltage rating of 12V
  • Smart 4-stage charging
  • LED signaling
  • Continual guarantee


  • Capable of 100Ah or more battery charging
  • ETL certification for safety and performance
  • Lightweight


  • Does not, as stated, have a waterproof function.

#6. AGM Battery Charger DieHard DH137

Even while DieHard only offers a small selection of items, each one is thoughtfully created while taking customer demands into account.

The company produces a high-end range of alkaline batteries and chargers.

With a 6 amp output electric current rating, this battery charger has one of the best ratings on our list for accelerating battery charging.

You can charge all of your 12V batteries using one charger.

It has a microprocessor built in, which automatically adjusts the amperage rate for charging and maintenance.

The charger also has a multi-stage charging capability for accuracy and longer battery life.

Throughout the whole charging process, the floating mode makes sure your battery gets the best possible charge.

The charger incorporates a reverse hook-up safeguard for safety.

The charger will cease working and the LED will blink when the clamps are in the wrong position.

The charger is simple to use thanks to the LED and button controls.

50A clamps for side and top-mount battery posts are included with the charger.

A 2-year guarantee from the original purchase date is provided by DieHard for this AGM battery charger.

What Is Inside The Box?

  • 1 * DH137 battery charger
  • 1 * 50A clamps
  • 1 * User manual
  • 1 * Warranty card

Best Qualities

  • Current rating of 6 amps
  • Voltage rating of 12V
  • Mechanism of charging in stages
  • LED signaling
  • Two-year guarantee


  • High-rated amps for quick charging
  • Simple to use
  • Protection from reverse hookup


  • Quite heavy

#7. Fully Automatic AGM Battery Charger From Schumacher

For your garage, Schumacher Electric Company is a market leader in creating products for all needs and skill levels.

The company makes all necessary accessories, including work lights, jump starters, power converters, and battery chargers.

The AGM battery from Schumacher produces a consistent 3-amp current that may be used to charge 6V and 12V battery systems.

It is also compatible with deep-cycle and conventional batteries in addition to AGM batteries.

For greater accuracy, the charger has automated amperage rate adjustment technology.

Additionally, it includes float mode and multi-stage charging to optimize battery charge.

The charger may also function as a desulfator and battery maintainer.

The three quick-connectors make it simple to install the charger.

You may hang the device to neatly keep the charge thanks to a hook connection.

Step-by-step directions for safely and effectively charging your battery are provided via the LED messages.

A 2-year guarantee from the original purchase date is provided for the AGM battery charger.

What Is Inside The Box?

  • 1 * Battery charger
  • 1 * Hook attachment
  • 1 * Connectors
  • 1 * Power cord
  • 1 * User manual
  • 1 * Warranty card

Best Qualities

  • Current rating of 3 amps
  • Voltage rating of 6V/12V
  • LED signaling system
  • Float mode and multiple-stage charging
  • Two-year guarantee


  • Compatible with batteries of both 6V and 12V
  • Serves as a desulfator and maintainer.
  • Simple to install


  • Understanding the LED indication is challenging.
  • The power cable is not robust.

#8. Charger for CTEK Multi US 7002 AGM Batteries

CTEK develops very effective battery management solutions by using cutting-edge technology.

The company creates charging solutions for a broad range of uses, including at home, in the workplace, and even on racetracks.

One of the solutions on our list with the most features is this AGM battery charger.

It has an eight-step automated switch charging mechanism installed.

The charger automatically collects readings and charges the battery in 8 phases based on those values.

Additionally, it offers 4 charging modes for convenient maintenance and charging that is optimized for temperature and battery condition.

All 12V lead-acid batteries, including AGM, wet, MF, Gel, and Ca batteries, are compatible with the battery charger.

This charger may be used to charge batteries ranging in capacity from 14 A to 150 A and to maintain batteries ranging in capacity from 12 A to 225 A.

Additionally, the charger employs unique desulfation technology to restore power to batteries that have lost it through inactivity.

The charger has mounting holes for simple installation and a small design.

Two interchangeable connection leads are provided, one with clamps and the other with eyelet terminals.

With shockproof and dustproof qualities, the battery is ideal for outdoor usage.

This AGM battery charger is covered by a 5-year limited guarantee from the original date of purchase by CTEK.

What Is Inside The Box?

  • 1 * Battery charger
  • 1 * Clamps
  • 1 * Eyelets
  • 1 * User manual
  • 1 * Warranty card

Best Qualities

  • Current rating of 7 amps
  • Voltage rating of 12V
  • 8-step charging procedure
  • 4-mode charging
  • Desulfation technique with a patent
  • 5 year guarantee


  • Very feature-rich
  • Can maintain batteries with 12Ah to 225Ah and charge batteries with 14Ah to 150Ah.
  • Recuperates drained batteries


  • Expensive

#9. Automotive Solar Clore PL2320 AGM Battery Charger

Popular brand Clore Automotive from Solar creates dependable and very effective charging systems.

The company not only creates items for testing and maintaining your batteries, but also for charging them.

With ampere ratings of 2, 10, and 20 amps, this is one of our list’s most adaptable choices.

Additionally, you may use this charger to charge both 6 and 12V battery packs.

AGM, deep-cycle, spiral wound, and marine batteries are among the numerous battery types that it is compatible with.

The battery charger operates entirely automatically.

Setting the voltage, battery type, and charging rate is all that is required.

It will identify the battery’s charge requirements and provide the best charge possible in response.

There are two charging modes on the battery charger.

When you connect it to a deeply depleted battery, the soft start mode is engaged, protecting the battery during the early time when the voltage returns to normal.

When your charger detects battery sulfation, the battery reconditioning mode is turned on.

While the battery is being repaired, it increases the charge time.

The charger also boasts a number of sophisticated functions, such as temperature correction and multi-phase charging.

To eliminate uncertainty, the LED displays the charge state and charging mode.

A year from the original date of purchase, this AGM battery charger is covered by a guarantee.

What Is Inside The Box?

  • 1 * Pro-logix battery charger
  • 1 * Connector cables
  • 1 * User manual
  • 1 * Warranty card

Best Qualities

  • Current rating of 20 amps
  • Voltage rating of 6V/12V
  • Reconditioning and soft start modes
  • LED signaling
  • One-year guarantee


  • Compatible with batteries of both 6V and 12V
  • May be used to recharge and restore batteries.
  • Flexible charging


  • Cables are not long.
  • Despite being advertised, does not charge lithium phosphate batteries

#10. Yonhan Intelligent Automatic AGM Battery Charger

Another tiny company that produces accessories and replacement components for cars is called Yonhan.

The company is well known for offering high-end goods at competitive pricing.

All sorts of automobiles may use Yonhan’s AGM battery charger, which is designed to charge 12V and 24V battery units.

The charger, which has an 8 amp rating, works with AGM, gel, MF, SLA, and VRLA battery types.

In addition to charging, this charger may be used to maintain and extend the life of your battery.

Three automated activation options are available on the battery charger.

In the bulk charging mode, the charger raises the voltage while continuously charging the battery at a steady current.

Once the battery voltage hits 14.4V, the absorption mode maintains the voltage level.

In the float mode, the charger retains the battery’s full charge without overcharging it while charging it at 13.5V.

A user-friendly LCD panel on the charger shows crucial data such the voltage, current, temperature, mode, charging progress, and battery status.

The charger is very safe to use because to its 8 distinct types of safety mechanisms.

The warranty duration is not mentioned on the product page even though the battery charger is covered by one.

What Is Inside The Box?

  • 1 * Battery charger/maintainer
  • 1 * Power cord
  • 1 * User manual
  • 1 * Warranty card

Best Qualities

  • Current rating of 8 amps
  • Voltage rating of 12V/24V
  • Absorption, float mode, and bulk charging
  • 8 defense mechanisms
  • Logical LCD display


  • High rating currently
  • Using safely
  • Important information is shown on LCD.


  • There is no set warranty duration.
  • Short length of the power wire
  • Poor packaging

How to Pick a Good AGM Battery Charger

You may get a clear understanding of what to anticipate from AGM battery chargers by reading the characteristics listed below.

Additionally, they will assist you in selecting a more functional and durable AGM battery charger with user-friendly features so that you can get the most out of your purchase.

Upkeep and Restoration

AGM battery charges are used for repairing and maintaining the batteries in addition to charging them.

When the battery has finished charging, the charger will recognize it and transition to the maintenance mode.

The battery level will last longer and overcharging will be avoided.

Similar to how they can revive dead batteries and charge them from 0% battery level, AGM battery chargers can do the same.

Display Format

The majority of AGM battery chargers include LED lights to show the battery level, charging mode, and charging status.

However, some cutting-edge versions come with an LCD panel that offers a handy method to see comprehensive information.

Always choose an intuitive display method to remove any uncertainty.

Safety Options

It is impossible to emphasize the value of safety features in batteries and battery chargers.

Anytime anything goes wrong while the battery is being charged, it might result in a fire and other bad events.

The AGM battery chargers are outfitted with a number of cutting-edge safety mechanisms to stop this and safeguard you and your possessions.

Overcharge, overload, reverse polarity, reverse hook-up, spark proof, and short circuit protection systems are among the safety features.

Your battery is shielded from a particular danger by each safety feature.

It is advisable to get a battery that has been ETL certified for its safety rather than evaluating the particular safety features.


All kinds of automobile batteries may be charged with AGM battery chargers.

You can move it around and charge many vehicle batteries if you have a portable AGM battery charger.

In order to be as portable as possible, the charger should be small and light.


Regardless of the safety safeguards they offer, the charging devices are more likely to be damaged than other electronic equipment.

A 5-year guarantee is offered with certain AGM battery chargers.

We highly advise choosing an AGM battery charger that comes with at least a one-year guarantee.


Based on several criteria, these are our top selections from the list.

  • CTEK Multi US 7002 AGM Battery Charger has a current rating of 7 amps, making it one of the more potent alternatives. Additionally, it has a number of cutting-edge technologies for effective battery charging.
  • Foval’s automatic AGM battery charger is a reasonable choice. nevertheless, accomplishes your goal. It gives the best charging depending on the battery state and has a respectable 1-amp rating.
  • Yonhan’s intelligent automatic AGM battery charger is the only choice on this list that works with 24V batteries. Its user-friendly LCD display panel is particularly noteworthy.

Please use the comments area to contact us if you have any more questions.

My group will assist you.

Additionally, you may leave comments with your ideas and viewpoints.

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