We all know that batteries are one of an automobile’s most important components.

However, deep cycle batteries, which are particularly built for heavier vehicles such as RVs, boats, and camper vehicles, are available.

Deep cycle batteries offer a regulated flow of energy, allowing them to operate for much longer periods of time.

You’ll need a specific sort of battery charger called a deep cycle battery charger to charge these batteries.

When buying a deep cycle battery charger, keep the following points in mind:

  • Battery Monitoring: A good deep cycle battery charger should be able to keep track of your battery’s status while it’s being charged. This manner, you can keep a careful check on your battery’s numerous metrics and ensure it’s in good working order.
  • Equalizing: The deep cycle battery charger’s equalizing function enables it to balance your batteries’ charge and ensure that you get enough power for a long period. The sulfation impact on batteries is also reversed.
  • Battery Capacity: To charge a big capacity battery, you’ll need a deep cycle battery charger with a comparable capacity so you can deliver enough power to the battery. The necessary charging time lowers as the charger’s capacity rises.

We’ve compiled a list of the top deep cycle battery chargers on the market today, which will make a terrific addition to your RV.

These deep cycle battery chargers have been carefully chosen based on a variety of criteria, including charging duration, discharge cycle, functionality, and so on.

Some of these considerations are discussed more in this article in our “Buying Guide” for the finest deep cycle chargers.

In 2024, There Will Be Seven Best Deep Cycle Battery Chargers.

Best Deep Cycle Battery ChargerSupported VoltageAmperageWarranty
NOCO Genius Fully Automatic Battery Charger12 Volts10 Amps3 Years
TowerTop Fully Automatic Battery Charger12 Volts2/10/25 Amps
BMK Fully Automatic Battery Charger12 Volts5 Amps
Mroinge Fully Automatic Battery Charger12 Volts1 Amps2 Years
Maintainer Fully Automatic Battery Charger12 Volts4 Amps
Schumacher Fully Automatic Battery Charger6/12 Volts2 Amps
ADPOW Fully Automatic Battery Charger12 Volts5 AmpsLifetime

Reviews for the Best Deep Cycle Battery Charger in 2024

#1. NOCO Genius 12V Fully Automatic Battery Charger

Noco is a high-end brand that we’ve included in our list today.

If you’re searching for battery-related accessories, Noco is a good place to start.

The NOCO Genius GEN5X2 is our top choice for the finest deep cycle chargers today, and for good reason: it’s a smart battery charger.

It has dual bank operation, with each bank rated at 10 amps and 5 amps, respectively.

It’s ideal for 12-volt batteries used in a variety of heavy vehicles.

You may also charge numerous batteries at the same time and regulate the process using specific charging modes.

Thermal sensors included inside the gadget may monitor the temperature of the battery and prevent it from overcharging.

The NOCO Genius GEN5X2’s strongest feature is its ability to charge even the most severely drained batteries, which may only have a 1-volt charge remaining.

You have the option of using the smart charger mode or switching to manual mode for more precise and regulated results.

The installation technique for the NOCO Genius GEN5X2 is quite simple, allowing the user to install it fast and simply in their automobiles.

This battery comes with a three-year guarantee from Noco.

The Most Beneficial Features

  • 12-volt batteries are supported.
  • The highest supported output is 10 amps.
  • Warranty period: 3 years
  • Charger for deep cycle batteries of the highest quality
  • Banks of 10 amps and 5 amps
  • Thermal sensors built-in


  • It guards against both overcharging and undercharging.
  • It’s possible to utilize it for numerous batteries at the same time.
  • Several banks are present.


  • When compared to other deep cycle battery chargers, this one is somewhat pricey.

#2. TowerTop 12V Fully Automatic Battery Charger

TowerTop is a well-known company that is recognized for its inventive and intelligent goods.

Because TowerTop specializes in electronics, you should have a look at their deep cycle battery charger.

On our list at number two, we have another another clever deep cycle battery charger from a company named TowerTop.

TowerTop’s 2/10/25A 12V Smart Battery Charger can charge virtually all varieties of 12 volt lead-acid batteries from all major manufacturers.

It has a 7-step charging schedule that is carried out automatically by the device.

This charger provides a safer and more optimal method of charging your automobile battery.

If your battery is cold, you may use this charger’s advanced start assist technology to jump-start it in under two minutes.

The TowerTop 2/10/25A 12V Smart Battery Charger can also detect the remaining voltage on your battery, giving you an indication of its present condition and charging ability.

To make monitoring even simpler, there is a small LED display on the front that displays all of the pertinent information.

The Most Beneficial Features

  • 12-volt batteries are supported.
  • Maximum supported output is 25 amps.
  • 7-step charging procedure that is fully automated
  • Advanced start-up assistance
  • Monitoring the voltage
  • A liquid crystal display


  • Suitable for recharging a dead battery.
  • Several safety measures are activated.
  • It has a high maximum amperage rating.


  • Batteries that are dead or severely discharged cannot be charged

#3. BMK 12V Fully Automatic Battery Charger

Smart items are often not accessible at a lower cost.

However, BMK BLUEMICKEY is one of the few firms that offers a low-cost smart deep cycle battery charger.

The BMK 12V 5A Smart Battery Charger, which is a mix of a battery charger and a maintenance device for your battery, is ranked third.

It has a built-in battery diagnostic system that enables you to acquire all of the information you need about your battery and take the measures you need to keep it in good working order.

It can charge batteries ranging from 15 to 100 Ah with ease.

The battery charger has a specific 72-hour safety function that protects the battery from overcharging during lengthy charging sessions.

The BMK 12V 5A Smart Battery Charger is constructed of a high-quality ABS body that ensures the device’s durability.

On the interior, there are several safety circuits, such as short circuit and overload protection, that ensure the charger’s dependable functioning.

As this is a smart charge, the charging is carried out using a four-step charging method that is totally automated.

On the charger, you’ll also discover an LED indication that allows you to keep track of your battery’s charging state.

The Most Beneficial Features

  • 12-volt batteries are supported.
  • Maximum supported output is 5 amps.
  • Battery chargers and battery maintenance equipment
  • Battery capacity ranges from 15 to 100 Ah.
  • Safety feature of 72 hours
  • ABS body with excellent quality


  • All required safety precautions have been taken.
  • Charging routine with four steps that is fully automated
  • One of the clever chargers for deep cycle batteries.


  • It does not come with a warranty.

#4. Mroinge 6V/12V Fully Automatic Battery Charger

Mroinge is the cheapest brand on our list right now.

Despite this, it is well-known in comparison to many other alternatives for its very dependable deep cycle battery charger.

The Mroinge Fully Automatic Trickle Battery Charger is an excellent alternative if you want a single deep cycle battery charger for all of your cars.

Because of its small size and design, it may simply be linked to a vehicle or motorcycle.

It also works with both 6 and 12 volt batteries, making it a flexible choice.

A 12 foot long DC wire is supplied with the charger for added convenience.

It also offers a four-step automatic charging schedule for better outcomes.

Even when connected to a lead-acid battery, the Mroinge Automatic Trickle Battery Charger is totally spark-proof.

It also has a number of safety features, including reverse polarity protection, overheating prevention, and overcharging protection.

If your battery has already deteriorated significantly, the charger will alert you, and you should have it replaced as soon as possible.

The Mroinge Fully Automatic Trickle Battery Charger is covered by a two-year guarantee.

The Most Beneficial Features

  • 6 and 12-volt batteries are supported.
  • Maximum supported output is 1 amp.
  • Warranty period: 2 years
  • DC cable is 12 feet long.
  • Automated charging in four steps
  • Detecting a bad battery


  • Charger for deep cycle batteries at an economical price
  • There is a warranty term included.
  • Dual-color LED indication built-in


  • The charging speed is really slow.

#5. Maintainer 6V/12V Fully Automatic Battery Charger

Jane Choi isn’t as well-known as some of the other brands on our list.

They do, however, have a great tiny but strong deep cycle battery charger that you should check out.

Next on our list is one of the most portable deep cycle battery chargers available today.

The Jane Choi Smart Battery Charger is both a battery maintainer and a smart battery choice.

The built-in MCU controller allows for a 10-step completely autonomous charging of the battery.

When the battery is completely charged, this system monitors the whole charging process and pauses the device.

It can charge the majority of 6 and 12 volt lead acid batteries now available on the market.

On the smart battery charger, there is a small yet useful LCD display that may be utilized for visual monitoring of the device.

The gadget will display the current charger, remaining charging time, and battery charging status.

The Jane Choi Smart Battery Charger has numerous levels of safety, including reverse polarity prevention, overload protection, and IP65 water and dust resistance.

The Most Beneficial Features

  • 6 and 12-volt batteries are supported.
  • Maximum supported output is 4 amps.
  • Deep cycle battery charger with a small footprint.
  • Fully automated charging in ten steps
  • LCD display with a small footprint
  • Water and dust resistance of IP65


  • In all seasons, it’s safe to use outside.
  • Adaptable to a wide variety of vehicle batteries
  • Charger for deep cycle batteries with intelligence


  • Charges at a slower rate than usual.

#6. Schumacher 6V/12V Fully Automatic Battery Charger

If you buy car maintenance accessories and equipment on a regular basis, you’ve probably heard of Schumacher.

It is a well-known name for battery-related products such as chargers and maintainers.

Following that, we have another another little gadget that will take care of your batteries without a hitch.

The Schumacher SP1296 is a completely automated battery charger and maintainer with a 2 amp current output that charges the battery.

A specialized microprocessor controls the automatic charging performance of this deep cycle battery charger, allowing for a multi-stage charging technique and longer battery life.

The Schumacher SP1296 features float mode monitoring built in, which is critical for optimal charging efficiency and keeping the battery healthy for a long time.

Automatic voltage detection and reverse connection prevention are two of the charger’s safety features, both of which are necessary to keep the battery safe during lengthy charging sessions.

All AGM and deep cycle batteries are compatible with the Schumacher SP1296.

The Most Beneficial Features

  • 6 and 12-volt batteries are supported.
  • Maximum supported output is 2 amps.
  • Battery charger and maintenance with full automation
  • A dedicated microprocessor is in charge of the operation.
  • Monitoring in float mode
  • Automatic voltage sensing and prevention against reverse connections


  • For your batteries, there’s a better solution.
  • Many battery-maintenance functions are included.
  • Multiple battery kinds are supported.


  • For its features, this is an expensive deep cycle battery charger.

#7. ADPOW 12V Fully Automatic Battery Charger

Another firm on our list today is Adpow, which specializes in automotive batteries and other related equipment.

If you haven’t discovered the right battery yet, have a look at the following options.

Our last choice for the best deep cycle battery charger is from Adpow, a well-known company.

Because it is both a smart charger and a battery maintainer, the ADPOW Automatic Smart Battery Charger will be a perfect addition to your accessories box.

Because of its 7-step automated charging capability, it is ideal for even fully depleted 12-volt batteries.

On the gadget, there is an LED indication that will provide you with visible feedback.

It works with a variety of 12-volt batteries, including SLA, AGM, VRLA, and maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, among others.

As a result, it’s a good fit for a variety of battery-powered equipment, including lawnmowers, electric automobiles, and recreational vehicles.

The ADPOW 5A 12V Automatic Smart Battery Charger takes safety seriously, as seen by the many safety features on the gadget.

To keep the battery safe, short circuit protection, overload protection, overcurrent protection, and a variety of additional preventative measures are provided.

The smart deep cycle battery charger from Adpow comes with a lifetime quality guarantee.

The Most Beneficial Features

  • 12-volt batteries are supported.
  • Maximum supported output is 5 amps.
  • Quality is guaranteed for life.
  • Support for SLA, AGM, VRLA, and lead-acid batteries
  • Protection against overcurrent, overloading, and short circuit
  • It may be used with a variety of batteries.


  • It’s a versatile solution that may be used in a variety of situations.
  • It is completely safe to use.
  • A lifetime quality guarantee is included.


  • It should have had a greater amperage rating.

The Best Deep Cycle Battery Charger Buying Guide

If you want to drive long distances in your RV, switching to a deep cycle battery is usually a good idea.

However, if you want to keep your deep cycle battery in good shape, you’ll need a good deep cycle battery charger.

The needs of a deep cycle battery are significantly different from those of a conventional battery, hence ordinary battery chargers are not ideal for charging a deep cycle battery.

As a result, we’ve put together this shopping guide for the best deep cycle battery chargers so you can choose the right one for your deep cycle battery.

We’ll go over some of the most important features and distinctions among deep cycle battery chargers, as well as how they affect everyday use.

With the help of our shopping guide, you’ll be able to choose the finest deep cycle battery charger for your money on the market right now.

#1. Type and Specifications of Batteries

You must first understand your battery before searching for a deep cycle battery charger.

To do so, you’ll need to be aware of several parameters as well as the capacity of your battery in order to choose the best deep cycle battery charger for your battery.

The sort of battery used depends on the machine it is powering.

The battery used in a two-wheeler, for example, is not the same as the one used in a car or in gardening tools.

It’s also important to maintain track of your battery’s current state.

There are just a few chargers that can recharge your battery if it is entirely drained.

#2. Speed of Charging

When it comes to purchasing a charger for your battery, charging speed is critical.

The charging speed is determined by the battery’s overall capacity as well as the charger’s output rating.

Low capacity batteries charged with a high amperage charger will typically charge more quicker than high capacity batteries charged with low amperage chargers.

As a result, take that in mind while choosing the correct amperage for your battery charger.

When you’re away from home and your battery dies on the road, a fast charging speed will come in handy.

#3. Functions that are Supported

A deep cycle battery charger’s primary role is to charge a deep cycle battery without causing any issues.

However, since most of the gadgets on the market are smart in nature, there are a few smart chargers on the market that can do a lot more.

The maintenance-related functionality featured in deep cycle battery chargers is the most important feature, as it will provide you with all relevant information about your battery.

With these chargers, you can determine the current condition of your battery and ensure that you are doing the essential measures to properly care for it.

An extra display on the deep cycle battery charger is particularly beneficial since it provides accurate information about your battery’s state.

#4. Reliability

Electronic equipment are always a potential source of electric shock, particularly when working with high-voltage applications such as automobile batteries.

The majority of automobile batteries are 12 volts, which is enough for a dangerous situation when charging the battery.

To avoid these problems, the deep cycle charger must be equipped with all of the appropriate preventative measures.

Overload protection, overheating protection, overcurrent protection, reverse polarity protection, and other safeguards are among them.

To obtain the safest choice, look at the safety features available on deep cycle vehicle chargers and choose the one that has all of the essential features.

This will ensure that the charger is dependable in the application and that your battery is in fine working order.


All car batteries, like all other batteries in the electrical system, are discharged.

However, this does not imply that you must replace your automobile battery or visit a service center to get it recharged.

To properly recharge your battery, you may buy a specialized deep cycle battery charger.

If you’ve read our recommendations for the best deep cycle battery chargers and our purchasing guide, you’ve probably already decided which charger to purchase.

If that is not the case, you may choose from the following choices.

  • The Mroinge 6V/12V 1A Fully Automatic Trickle Battery Charger is an excellent alternative if you have a limited budget and few criteria. It is currently the cheapest deep cycle battery charger on the market that supports batteries ranging from 6 to 12 volts. It’s ideal for charging sealed maintenance-free batteries straight from the manufacturer.
  • When it comes to automotive gear and accessories, the majority of consumers favor trustworthy long-term alternatives. As a result, the ADPOW 5A 12V Automatic Smart Battery Charger is our next pick. This item comes with a lifetime quality guarantee, making it a long-term investment. It’s a smart battery charger with seven distinct charging procedures that can be automated.
  • Finally, since it is the most premium and heavy-duty choice on our list today, we will propose the NOCO Genius 12V GEN5X2 Smart Battery Charger. This battery charger has two banks, each with a capacity of 10 amps and 5 amps. It comes with a three-year guarantee and is meant to charge 12 volt batteries.

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