Many of us have confidence in the Brita water filters we use to purify our tap water.

However, if the filter hasn’t been changed in a while (okay, years), it’s probably not functioning as well as you believe.

In fact, you may need to replace your Brita filter even more often if you have hard water since mineral deposits may accumulate and obstruct the filtering process.

Use the instructions below to determine how often to replace your Brita water filter to make sure it is eliminating everything, including asbestos, lead, and chlorine.

Additionally, find out how to recycle those used filters to keep them out of the trash.

When to Replace Brita Filters

How much water you filter through your Brita filter and whatever filter you possess will determine how often you need to replace it.

Activate your Brita pitcher’s electronic filter change indication, or use this timetable as a general reference.

The white Brita Standard Filter needs to be changed every 40 gallons, or roughly every two months.

It is necessary to change the Brita Longlast Filter (blue) every 120 gallons, or about every six months.

Additionally, the gray Brita Stream Filter needs to be changed every 40 gallons, or roughly every two months.

These projections assume that the average household filters 11 glasses of water each day.

Adjust your timetable as necessary if your home filters much more or significantly less.

Changing Brita Filters

Your Brita water pitcher’s used filter should be removed so that you can flush the new filter with cold water for 15 seconds.

By aligning the filter’s groove with the water pitcher’s ridge, place the filter inside the container.

Fill the pitcher with cold tap water.

The first three pitchers of filtered water should be thrown away or used to water plants, according to Brita, as they may contain some carbon dust (aka, those black particles you see floating in the pitcher).

Your water filter is then ready to use.

Recycling Brita Filters

It may seem wasteful to discard a filter every two to six months, but Brita has worked with TerraCycle to divert filters from the trash.

This is how it goes: A free shipping label will be provided to you when you complete the form on Brita’s recycling website.

Make sure the used filters are dry before putting them in a garbage bag, a box, and the mail.

Do you need another excuse to recycle your Brita filters? Brita Rewards points may be used for free items or vouchers as you accrue them.

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