Solar panels are a long-lasting clean energy option for you and your family because of outstanding advancements in solar technology and trustworthy warranties.

The Solar Panels’ Lifespan

PV panels, another name for solar cells, are designed to survive for more than 25 years.

In actuality, a large number of solar panels put in place as early as the 1980s are still operating at predicted levels.

1 Solar panels are not only very durable, but their lifespan has risen significantly during the last 20 years.

Many solar product manufacturers back their goods with performance guarantees in their warranties in addition to decades of reliable functioning.

Remember that just because a solar panel is predicted to last a few decades doesn’t imply it will eventually cease providing power.

It simply implies that their energy output will decline by the amount that solar panel manufacturers believe is necessary to satisfy the energy requirements of the typical American household.

What Happens To Solar Panels As They Age?

Solar panels will inevitably provide less energy with time, as is the case with most technology.

The degradation rate is the term for this decreased power output.

The average solar panel degradation rate is roughly 0.5 percent, which translates to a 0.5 percent annual decline in a solar panel’s ability to produce electricity.

Your solar panels ought to be operating at roughly 90% of their initial output after 20 years.

Three Ideas to Extend the Life of Your Home Solar Panels

Solar panels are fantastic because they need very little upkeep.

Unless your region is particularly prone to dust, grime, pollen, or sand owing to an arid environment, routine cleaning of solar panels is often not essential.

Although solar panels typically need minimal upkeep, it’s still crucial to periodically examine your solar panels and keep an eye on how they’re doing.

To make sure your solar system is operating at its best potential, follow these tips:

#1. Keep Trash And Other Potentially Harmful Things Away From Your Panels.

Your solar panels’ effectiveness may be impacted by a buildup of dust, pollen, leaves, and bird droppings.

Although rain usually suffices to clean your solar panels, if you ever discover they aren’t operating to their maximum potential you may want to think about hiring a professional cleaner.

Additionally, you should take care that your panels are not shaded by any trees or other vegetation since they might possibly collapse during a storm and do significant damage.

Contact your solar provider right away if any of these things interfere with or damage your panels and you don’t have the knowledge or tools you need to take further action.

#2. Ensure That Your Panels Are Routinely Maintained And Checked.

The performance of your solar system’s panels, meters, inverter, and other components will all work as efficiently as possible with regular maintenance inspections.

Additionally, it’s crucial to keep track of any changes in your energy use and electric bills.

If your solar panels are less effective after rain or being hosed down with water, or if your power bills suddenly increase, it may be an electrical issue that has to be fixed by a qualified electrician.

#3. Collaborate With A Reliable Solar Supplier.

Finding a reliable solar installation is the greatest thing you can do to make sure your solar system lasts a long time.

Although solar systems don’t need much maintenance on a daily basis, some solar suppliers provide all-inclusive maintenance plans for the duration of their product life to guarantee that they effectively generate clean, inexpensive, and dependable energy for decades.

To provide you worry-free energy, Sunrun collaborates with only the most skilled installers in your community.

Sunrun has over 20 years of installation expertise.

We strongly advise you to get in touch with your reliable solar supplier to request expert help if your panels need more than a basic hosing down or need climbing up on the roof.

Solar Power for Life with Sunrun

Solar panel systems for homes are without a doubt a significant investment.

We’re here to assist you take advantage of dependable, worry-free, sustainable energy for years to come because of this.

Our staff of knowledgeable Solar Advisors is available to talk with you about your energy requirements and assist you in choosing the best solar system for your house.

Start with a free solar quotation now to see why Sunrun is one of the nation’s top solar businesses.

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