When you choose to buy an RV, a lot of responsibility is placed on your shoulders.

You see, getting an RV is only the beginning of what you need to accomplish.

After purchasing an RV, there are several tasks you must do to make sure everything is in working order.

The RV water filter is one issue you will need to consider.

How often you must replace your RV water filter will be a key worry after you have made your purchase.

Obviously, your RV’s water filter is crucial for water purification.

You won’t have clean water for drinking, washing dishes, or taking showers if you don’t have a water filter.

A water filter for an RV does not, sadly, last forever.

As a consequence, you will sometimes need to replace it, but how frequently?

The sort of water filter you have will determine how often you need to change it.

But typically, you should replace each water filter once every three to six months.

Most filters often need to be replaced at the shorter end of that range.

Only under-the-sink filters have a tendency to be on the longer side.

If not, you may want to think about replacing it every three to four months.

Err on the side of caution since it is better to modify things too early than too late.

What Is the Lifespan of RV Water Filters?

The majority of RV water filters have a three to four month lifespan.

You may sometimes have access to a water filter that lasts up to six months, but those are quite uncommon circumstances.

The water filter beneath your sink should specifically last a little bit longer than other water filters.

This is due to the fact that this water filter is not as effective as a standard water filter.

It may thus last a little bit longer than your other filters.

In light of this, it’s crucial to have spare water filters close at hand at all times.

Although you should be aware of when to repair your RV’s water filter, emergencies may still happen.

The last thing you want is to be away from civilization on vacation and have a broken water filter with no replacement.

It is preferable to be ready and take extra water filters on all of your journeys.

In this manner, a malfunctioning RV water filter won’t spoil your whole trip.

Can an RV Water Filter Be Cleaned?

The majority of the time, you will need to change your water filter since it will get very dusty and blocked.

You do not absolutely need to install a new one and toss the old one away.

Instead, you may clean and reuse the RV water filter.

Although it is a possibility, cleaning an RV water filter might be risky.

Although cleaning an RV water filter is not very difficult, there are a number of potential problems.

The worst mistake you might do is to harm your water filter.

Since RV water filters are quite delicate, you must be extremely cautious while cleaning them.

Otherwise, you can find yourself using a water filter that is broken.

It might be challenging to determine when your water filter needs to be replaced.

Be cautious since not all fractures will be evident to you.

Instead, your RV water filter may have tiny rips that are difficult to notice but have a big impact on the way your water is filtered.

Furthermore, it’s probable that you won’t perform a flawless job cleaning your water filter.

If this is the case, you could find yourself needing to change your RV water filter more often than usual.

As you can see, there are a number of potential problems that might arise while cleaning your RV water filter.

This does not exclude you from doing it, but it does indicate that you must clean well.

If not, it would be better if you replaced it.

Because of this, many individuals choose to completely replace their water filters as opposed to just cleaning them.

RV Water Filter Types

You may choose from a variety of water filters.

Some succeed in several areas while lasting longer than others.

We will examine each sort of water filter here so that you will know what to look for moving forward.

#1. Deposition Filter

Particulate matter, such as dirt and debris, is captured and removed from water using a sediment filter.

Any non-liquid material in your water is referred to as sediment.

One of the most important water filters you may have in your RV is this one.

It is in charge of removing all the salt, sand, and debris that can contaminate your water.

They are particularly crucial because silt, clay, soil, and sand may all be carried by precipitation.

It is quite possible that these items will end up in your water if a well serves as one of your primary water sources.

In order to be sure that your water is pure and safe to drink, you need a water filter.

#2. Cartridge Filter

A carbon water filter uses absorption to get rid of impurities from the water.

Like a piece of Velcro, the filter pulls particles to the surface for absorption.

Organic substances will then bind with or adhere to the water filter’s surface, where they will be drawn out of the water itself.

Large carbon filters are excellent at minimizing unpleasant tastes and smells that might occur when certain particles enter your water.

It is particularly good at eliminating organic pollutants that might contaminate your water due to its vast surface area.

#3. Pottery Filter

To eliminate microorganisms from your drinking water, a ceramic water filter employs microscopic holes on a thin ceramic surface.

It may be put in any home, RV, or trailer and is a highly cost-effective choice.

Additionally, it functions as a portable filtering system.

The most important component of a ceramic water filter’s filtering system is a natural ceramic medium.

In this step, contaminants are removed from the water and the water is treated.

Ceramic filters have a wide range of applications and may remove impurities using a number of techniques.

For instance, they may be gravity-fed, installed beneath a sink, on a countertop, or perhaps even utilized throughout a whole home.

#4. Osmosis in Reverse

An alternative technique for purifying the water used in your RV is reverse osmosis.

Water passes through a RO membrane from the more concentrated side, or the side containing impurities, to the less concentrated side.

The toxins should be eliminated as the water passes through the membrane, leaving you with pure drinking water.

Which RV Water Filter Is Best?

Here, we’ll examine a couple of your alternatives for water filters.

Some of them will be expensive selections, while others will be more affordable choices that you may make if you don’t have any additional cash to spare.

Whatever the case, they ought to all be efficient and productive.

#1. The Very Best

This Clearsource filter is a water filter for RVs that has won awards.

It was highlighted in the “Essential Equipment For RV Camping” Gear Guide from the 2018 issue of TrailerLife Magazine.

Additionally, it garnered a number of additional honors during the remainder of 2018 and 2019.

For an RV owner, this water filter was designed from the bottom up.

It features a stainless steel fitting and a powder-coated chassis.

To provide you the most water flow possible, it also includes bigger canisters.

Filter components used in the construction of the filter are NSF approved.

Its first stage five micron filter efficiently filters out sediments from water.

Chlorine, volatile chemical compounds, cysts, giardia, and any other impurities still present in your water are eliminated by its second stage’s 0.5 micron filtering process.

The filter also uses coconut shell carbon block technology, which guarantees that the water you drink will taste fantastic.

Price check on Amazon

#2. The Center of the Pack

Another excellent choice for you is this water filter from the Beech Lane Store.

To stop leaks from your system, it employs fittings made of lead-free brass.

This will guarantee that no contaminated water enters your system.

They employ a dual water filter that has filters with a 5 micron and 0.5 micron pore size.

You should have the highest level of purity as a result.

This filter has a highly solid structure, making it made to endure.

Additionally, it enhances the flavor of your water and lessens any smells that can develop as a consequence of impurities entering into your water.

Our water quality has greatly improved since we just upgraded to the Beech LaneWater filter.

Spend your money on this filter or the Clearsource rather than the inexpensive filter.

Finally, a lifetime guarantee is included on this water filter.

Therefore, you may get the filter changed if it breaks or does not fit as you would want.

Price check on Amazon

#3. Better Than Nothing

We’ll look at a Camco water filter as our last RV water filter.

Although it is not the finest choice, it will suffice in an emergency.

Your water’s sediment and chlorine levels will be significantly reduced.

It will help lessen any unpleasant tastes or smells that your water may have.

Remember that everything here is only a reduction.

Contaminants won’t be entirely removed by this water filter.

This water filter has the advantage of lasting six months, which is twice as long as a regular water filter.

You may attach a water filter to a common garden hose in addition to the usual locations to supply you with cleaner drinking water.

It will filter out particles larger than 20 microns since the filter features a 20-micron sediment filter.

Additionally, it ought to prevent any bacterial development while the water filter is in operation.

A heavy-duty flexible hose protection is also included in the RV water filter, which should lessen pressure on connections without kinking.

Additionally, the water filter complies with all national and state low lead regulations.

Price check on Amazon

Use The Best RV Water Filter For You To Ensure That Your Water Is Clean.

We believe you now have all the knowledge you want about RV water filters after reading this article.

Even though there is a lot of information to take in, you need to know it all to make sure that you have access to clean water on your next vacation.

The most crucial item to carry with you on an RV vacation is clean water.

You cannot exist without clean water, therefore your journey must be shortened.

You may choose from a variety of RV water filter kinds, and your decision will mostly be influenced by your circumstances.

You must choose if a heavy-duty filter is necessary or whether a less expensive kind would suffice.

The number of people in your traveling group will be a significant deciding factor.

You will require more water if you are traveling with a bigger party.

You will thus want a more robust RV water filter.

We wish we could advise you on the best kind of RV water filter for your needs.

Unfortunately, everyone has distinct requirements, and it would be reckless of us to presume that we understood what they were.

However, you may decide on any of the aforementioned possibilities and be content.

It’s also OK if you don’t choose any of the aforementioned alternatives.

Just make sure you do your homework in advance and choose a high-quality RV water filter before making your purchase.

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