A profession as a solar installer, also known as a photovoltaic (PV) installer, is one of the most interesting and rapidly expanding in the skilled trades sector.

PV installer employment is expected to increase by a staggering 105 percent between 2016 and 2026, according to data from the U.S.

Bureau of Labor Statistics from 2017, which is far faster than the average for all professions.

In eight different US states, including California, Hawaii, New Mexico, Florida, North Carolina, Missouri, Minnesota, and New Jersey, it is the occupation with the quickest rate of growth.

As the globe transitions to utilizing more green energy, solar is an increasingly popular renewable energy source.

The cost of solar panels has substantially decreased in recent years, making solar panel installation much more affordable and driving up demand for PV installers.

PV installation employment may be for you if you want to start a profession with plenty of opportunities for advancement and hands-on experience.

Here are 4 doable suggestions for beginning a career in the solar sector.

#1. Establish a Business Network

In every profession, networking with people in the field is the greatest method to discover educational options and employment chances.

They most likely contain useful information that you won’t discover in a book, professional journal, or educational context.

Around the nation, there are several Solar Power trade exhibits, conferences, and events like the Solar Power Events Series.

You could meet people from nearby local solar villages at certain events.

#2. Look For Training Possibilities

The technical aspects of solar are now taught at many trade schools and community colleges via solar programs.

Some of these courses may qualify toward a certificate even though they are not entirely authorized.

On a federal or state level, certification is not presently necessary to work as a solar technician, however some businesses could.

For individuals interested in a career in solar, on-the-job training is another common path.

Programs for field training might span for a month to a year.

Some producers of solar components also provide training for their own products.

You may now take measures to become knowledgeable about PV Installer theory from the comfort of your own home thanks to today’s quickly developing educational technology trends, like as online learning.

Make sure you do your study before starting any training programs to ensure you have the knowledge and qualifications necessary to advance in your solar profession.

Solar Snack – Rail Regions for Mapping – Interplay Learning Interactive Training

#3. Acquire Real-World Experience

The next stage is to obtain additional practical experience once you have finished your course and maybe earned your certification.

It may be challenging to get your first job in any industry since many companies choose candidates with prior work-related experience.

Today, though, getting that first experience doesn’t necessary need scaling roofs.

You may now obtain practical solar installation experience via 3D simulations and virtual reality training thanks to today’s cutting-edge online learning systems.

You may master difficult topics, such as how to accomplish Array Assembly Installations, using 3D sim training.

Because of today’s advanced simulation technology, many simulation training programs accurately reflect the actual world.

When applying for positions with prospective companies, these new technological advancements may absolutely be used as industry experience.

Due to the strong need for PV installers, there are also many volunteer opportunities available for persons without expertise (particularly in states that support solar energy).

You may get professional experience in addition to online training by working with charities like SunWork and GRID Alternatives.

#4. Keep Current

Things change all the time in a sector like solar power.

Spend some time staying up to date on solar energy news, rules, and code changes.

Employers appreciate initiative, but you’ll also be ready for the solar industry’s ongoing changes if you ever manage projects or start your own business.

The Solar Builder Magazine and Greentech Media are two excellent locations to start.

It’s time to start if you’re thinking about working as a solar installation.

You will already be well on your way to becoming an expert technician as the solar business expands and technology develops.

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