The diverse and unknowable quality of the water that is available might be a drawback to relocating your property to so many different places.

Many RVs feature a charcoal (carbon) filter at the sink and/or ice maker in addition to a rust, scale, and sediment filter for all incoming water.

All of these need to be replaced on sometimes.

It is a good idea to filter the main incoming water line for rust and silt, but only a charcoal filter will enhance the flavor.

It’s probable that a charcoal filter is in the supply line if your sink has a water dispenser or an ice maker.

Since charcoal filters also remove chlorine, we avoid installing one on the main water input since we want a base level of chlorine in our fresh water tank to help safeguard the water in the tank (the same amount as in a normal city water system is good).

Watch this video to learn more about routinely cleaning the fresh water system.

The residential element used by the whole-house filter, which can be found at home improvement shops, is intended to last 4-6 months under normal usage.

We typically replace the filter just once a year since we use far less water than a regular “stick” home does.

We seldom ever use the water from the sink dispenser, therefore we only change out the charcoal filter there twice a decade.

The same is true of our second charcoal filter, which is located beneath the refrigerator and handles the ice maker.

With the exception of a crescent wrench to check the tightness of the connections on Flow-Pur filters before installation, filter replacement is a simple job that requires no special instruments (they tend to be a bit loose when you buy them).

No matter where you live, the drinking water filters will assist enhance the flavor of your water after flushing off the first dose of water with black charcoal in it.

They aren’t magic, of course, and we’ve gone to locations where drinking bottled water is the norm. :))

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