This straightforward article will teach you how to clean a Berkey water filter.

A Berkey water filter can serve your family well for many years with the right upkeep.

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The Benefits Of The Berkey Water Filter

In this piece, I covered all there is to know about the Berkey water filter and why we’ve loved using it for more than 8 years.

Review of a Berkey water filter

Recapitulating the top three factors that led us to choose this system:

  1. Price: I didn’t want to always have to change filters. Although some of the systems were initially a bit less expensive, they needed filter replacement every few months. The Brita water filter is one example. Berkey calculated the price per gallon and put it on their website. They discovered this. The price of a Berkey filter is around 1.6 cents per gallon. Most other significant brands had an average price between 6 and 8 cents. When you drink a lot of water over the period of 10 years, that’s a significant cost savings!
  2. Filter Quality: The first factor in our decision to even consider water filters was the presence of contaminants in the tap water we were previously drinking, which no human being should consume. The Berkey exceeded all expectations in terms of compliance. It even filters out germs and viruses, unlike other systems. In fact, you could use it to filter pond water and still drink it! That made me happy.
  3. Testing: You may test the filters using the Berkey system to make sure they are functioning correctly. (In the FAQ below, I describe the test.) My second daughter accidentally knocked the whole system off the counter once. To be sure they didn’t have any hairline cracks that might affect the filters, it was suggested that I do the “food coloring test.” I like that the Berkey makes this possible. With other filters available on the market, you simply have to hope that they are filtering well since it might be difficult to tell when they are no longer working.

To learn more about the reasons we selected the Berkey and its advantages, see the original post: Review of Berkey water filters

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For our seven-person family, we have the Royal Berkey.

Let’s start cleaning up now!

Tips For Maintaining A Berkey Water Filter

  1. Take it apart by removing the screws holding the fluoride filters to the black carbon filters’ base. From the black carbon filters’ base, remove the wing nuts. Discard the filters.
  2. Use all-natural dish soap, such as my homemade lemon foamy soap, to cleanse the stainless steel Berkey’s top and bottom chambers.
  3. Under COLD running water, carefully cleanse the black carbon filters using a Scotch Brite scrub sponge or walnut scrubbers like the ones included in our free Grove cleaning kit.
  4. If you’ve had the fluoride and arsenic filters for more than six months, replace them.
  5. To get rid of smudges and marks, use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe the outside.

How Can You Tell When Your Berkey Water Filter Needs To Be Cleaned?

It’s time to start cleaning if you observe water gathering in the top chamber of the Berkey and water is very slowly beginning to filter out of the black carbon filters.

You can find some film on the filters while disassembling the Berkey.

The filters must be cleaned to get rid of this film and any other hard water residue.

The buildup may be removed using something a bit rougher, like a Scotch Brite pad, allowing the water to flow more freely.

The filters are designed to last a very long time with regular maintenance and cleaning!

Video Instructions For Cleaning The Berkey Water Filter

How to Clean a Berkey Water Filter – Farmhouse on Boone

How Often Should Your Berkey Water Filter Be Cleaned?

The Berkey water filter should be cleaned about every six months or as soon as you detect it operating more slowly.

The volume of water purified each day will determine this.

We don’t have to clean the Berkey very frequently with our family of seven.

I only decide to do it once the water starts to very slowly filter out.

Buy Berkey Water Filters Online.

Right now, Berkey is offering discounts on packages that include the Berkey system, black carbon filters, stainless steel spigots, and a few other accessories.

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We have the 3.25 gallon Royal Berkey for our family of 7, and we adore it.

It has been really helpful to us for a very long time!

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