The unsightly mess of power wires and power strip beneath my desk was getting old to me.

So, after giving it some thought, I decided to attach as much as I could to the desk’s base.

To put it briefly, I found a standard wire basket, fastened it to the underside of my desk, and put the power strip inside, facing down so the outlets were still accessible, along with all the power bricks I could fit in there.

I’m happy with the outcomes, as you can see from the before and after photos below.

Just to be clear, the large box beneath my desk contains the subwoofer for my speakers.

Please read the disclaimer before using these instructions.

Fire, electric shock, injury, and hardware damage are all possible side effects.

Be very cautious.

Step 1: Purchase Parts

You just need a few relatively simple elements.

The Trough

  • Make sure the basket you choose is large enough to hold everything and have room to spare on both sides. Make a note of everything you wish to put in the basket (including measurements!).
  • Purchase a pretty open basket that is simple to adapt and through which wires may be easily passed.
  • I advise using a robust plastic basket that can be easily cut with a razor blade.
  • I chose this little paper tray from The Container Store because it was the perfect size. I do not, however, advise using a metal basket. An electric shock may occur if a plug made contact with the basket, which is much too likely to happen.

Mirror Hooks Or Hangers

  • Mirror hangers or hooks need to function really effectively for the most of folks, depending on the style of the basket. Both make taking the basket out a breeze. With mirror hangers, hooks may be removed and the mirror can simply be rotated out of the way.
  • I found that 4 mirror hangers were plenty, but 6 or 8 may be preferable if you choose a large basket. The mirror hangers are really simple to set up and make taking the basket out very simple.
  • Hooks are useful since they make hanging a basket simple. Check out Marc’s technique as well, which uses hooks and chains to allow the basket to hinge open. (Open Basket), Basket (closed).

Step 2: Cut the Basket

Make sure everything fits in the tray before placing the surge protector, cords, and power bricks.

Then, make a note on the basket indicating where to cut to expose all of the outlets.

Again, to lessen the risk of electric shock, I advise using a plastic basket.

The region to be cut off may be measured on the surge protector.

After that, gently cut the area with a razor after marking it with a marker.

Simply use a pair of pliers or wire cutters to cut the wires if you’re using a metal basket.

You may file down any sharp edges for additional points.

Step 3: Mount It

The basket should now be mounted to the base of your desk.

I decided to shift it toward the rear and install it directly in the middle.

It will be similarly far away from outlets no matter where they are in respect to my workstation, making it practically hard to view.

I just screwed the mirror hangers on after drilling the pilot holes.

And presto! The woven basket was fixed.


I didn’t make sure the basket had an available area before I noted where the hangers should go.

The hangers thus brushed up against a portion of the basket.

So, while determining the precise location of the hangers, keep this in mind.

The basket will be far less likely to slip out if it is banged if the hangers are positioned between the wires of the basket.

Step 4: Fill The Basket With Everything.

Putting everything in the basket is now the enjoyable part, which truly starts now.

Contrary to what you may think, this is much tougher.

To make it simple for the cables to flow through, you’ll need to disconnect everything.

Make sure that none of the plugs might come in touch with the metal basket by becoming displaced.

Be prepared to spend some time organizing all the wires; periodically, take a step back and check that none are protruding into your field of view.

If any wires are required to connect to an item on the floor (such as my sub), tuck them away below the desk’s legs.

You may also need an extension cable to bring your power strip to the closest outlet now that it is up off the ground.


I eventually noticed that the connection connecting the subwoofer and the power brick for my speakers wasn’t truly all that lengthy.

The speaker power brick couldn’t fit in the basket as a consequence.

Therefore, I advise measuring the wires to make sure they will reach.

Step 5: Have Fun! Any Inquiries?

Enjoy your newly organized workstation and be amazed at how little dust accumulates and how simple it is to sweep beneath your desk.

Please don’t be shy about asking questions.

I’d also want to see pictures of your own take on the project.

Here are some inquiries that I’ve already received frequently:

You don’t bang your knees on the basket, do you?

No, I wouldn’t bump it; it’s high enough and far enough back.

Most folks should experience this.

My chair’s arms don’t even get close to it.

Is connecting things more difficult?

Yes, to a degree.

Still, not much.

This may not be the ideal option for you if you often plug things in and out.

Almost everything is plugged in since I always carry an additional AC adapter for my laptop.

What are those two still-visible cables?

The speaker wire is located directly in the center of the other cable, which is the power line for the surge protector.

In the near future, I want to swap it out for a bluetooth audio gateway.

How could you damage that exquisite Aalto table with holes?

Yes, I am aware.

I reasoned that it was worthwhile for me.

Furthermore, removing all those cords makes the table seem much better.

Could this potentially harm my equipment or provide a fire risk?

There is a chance.

At your own risk, use this information.

Do not undertake this project if any of the parts you want to put in the basket are broken in any way or run excessively hot.

I’m not an electrician, and I don’t know much about the behavior and temperature needs of power transformers.

Because none of the items I was intending to put in the basket would become heated at all, and because all the pieces are in excellent shape, I was ready to give it a try.

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