After replacing your water filter, you must reset your PUR water filter lights.

It’s not difficult to reset a PUR water filter, in case you were wondering.

Simply pressing the PUR water filter reset button will do the task.

For a pitcher filter and a faucet filter, this page goes into great detail on where the button is and how to push it.

There are additional solutions offered if the red filter light on your faucet won’t go out.

Resetting A Pur Water Filter

#1. Reset The Lights On The PUR Pitcher Water Filter


Along with changing the filter, a PUR filter light reset is necessary for pitcher water filters made by PUR that include indication lights.

After replacing your water filter, you should double check that your filter lights have been reset since they would otherwise keep track of how long your filter has been in operation.

Resetting the filter lights is just a simple extra activity that even a youngster can do.

You just need to press the reset button to turn the PUR water filter light for a pitcher filter back on.

It is next to the LEDs at the top of the pitcher.

You would then need to release it after holding it down for five seconds.

The green light will blink after you’ve completed those easy tasks.

Your pitcher filter lights have been reset, so that’s good news.

#2. Reset The Lights On The PUR Faucet Water Filter


The benefit of having water filter lights on your faucet filter requires that you reset the lights whenever you change your filter.

This would make it easier to guarantee the quality of your water supply every time you turn on the faucet.

Follow these instructions to reset the PUR filter light for the faucet filter:

  • Remove the faucet’s filter system by unscrewing it.
  • Unscrew the rear cover to reveal the housing.
  • From the housing, remove the filter.
  • In the housing in the bottom corner, repeatedly press the reset button until it eventually pops up.
  • Reinstall the filter in the housing, then cover the housing.
  • Reinstall the filter unit on the faucet.

The aforementioned actions will cause the green light to begin flashing.

Your faucet filter has finally been reset by that point.

Meanings of PUR Water Filter Lights

Green, yellow, and red PUR water filter lights are available.

You can be confident that your water supply is clean and safe to drink when the indicator is green since it shows that the filter is operating as it should.

When a filter is used often over an extended length of time, you can notice the light becoming yellow, which indicates that the filter’s life is about to expire.

The lifespan of PUR filters varies depending on the kind of filter used, with faucet filters typically screening 100 gallons for up to three months while pitcher and dispenser filters typically filter up to 40 gallons for one to two months.

But sometimes we are unable to remember when we initially applied our filter.

Filter lights are thus quite useful since they make it possible for you to more precisely predict when to update your filter.

The filter has attained its maximum efficiency when the light turns red.

When that happens, the filter is already full of impurities and is unable to purify your water.

This would need replacing the filter right away.

How to Fix the Red Blinking PUR Faucet Water Filter Issue

There are two possibilities if you’re having difficulties resetting your PUR faucet water filter.

These justifications are listed below, along with how to address them:

Remaining Pollutants

It’s conceivable that the system still contains impurities that are setting off an incorrect alert.

This would need you to:

  • Remove the faucet’s filter system by unscrewing it.
  • Take the filter off.
  • Wash the housing and filter with water after using your hand to scrub them clean.
  • Dry everything completely.
  • Place the filter back into the housing after they are completely dry.
  • Reinstall the filter unit on the faucet.

Faulty Circuit

You will need to replace your filter if the circuit has been harmed.

To purchase a replacement circuit to solve the issue, visit any PUR retail location.

You would also need a technician’s assistance.


Our need for water filtering is made easier by the PUR water filter lights, which also significantly aid in getting clean water for consumption.

Therefore, after replacing your filter, it’s crucial to know how to reset a clean water filter light.

The filter light reset is not too difficult.

They might be ready in no time if they just followed the simple instructions in this essay.

It’s also not that difficult to remedy a faucet filter issue if you ever run across one.

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