Popular security and cam brands include Ring.

The solar panel that charges the cameras, nevertheless, has been the subject of several doubts.

Continue reading as we walk you through several troubleshooting methods to find out how to determine if your Ring solar panel is functioning.

Is the Ring solar panel malfunctioning? If so, it could be intentional and simple to repair.

In this blog, we talk about:

  • Why does the Ring App indicate that the solar panel is not connected?
  • Several causes of your Ring Solar Panel’s failure to charge your device
  • The Ring Device to Protect the Battery has safety features.
  • Problems that might prevent the solar panel from charging the battery
  • Issues in comparing Ring Solar Panels to Ring Devices.

#1. “Not Connected” Is Displayed in Your Ring App

When the battery is dead, the Ring App may display Not Connected.

Consider shading as well, which would mean that the solar panel is not exposed to the sun for long enough for the electrolyte process to stop working (not making electricity).

In that case, the Ring App will indicate that it is not connected.

To verify this:

  • Check your solar panel to make sure it is exposed to the sun. If not, it is probably not generating solar power.
  • Check each connection to make sure the panel and camera are connected properly if the solar panel is exposed to the sun.
  • Wait for about 20 minutes and check the app again if the solar panel is in the sun but still shows as disconnected. The solar panel may be warming up now because it may have already gone through a shading event.

#2. The Device Is Not Charging With Your Ring Solar Panel

If the device is connected to the Ring Solar Panel and the panel is exposed to the sun but the device is not charging, there may be a straightforward explanation.

Ring claims that the device won’t start charging until the battery level falls below 90%.

The lithium-ion battery’s lifecycle is significantly shortened when overcharging takes place, which is the cause of this.

In order to prevent overcharging, the built-in panel regulator will not permit the device to charge until the battery level drops below 90%.

#3. What Is Overcharging?

When a battery receives too much electricity, the process is referred to as overcharging.

A 6-volt battery, for instance, can store a little bit more than 7 volts of power.

However, when it hits 6 volts, it is fully charged.

The gadget or battery would become worthless if the battery were to keep charging since the heat from the additional voltage would ruin the electrolyte chemistry.

The heat within the battery might become so high that it explodes or catches fire if the overcharging continues after the electrolytes have burnt.

Overcharging is quite risky.

How Might You Stop Overcharging?

A gadget typically has an integrated solar regulator or charge regulator that cuts off the power flow when the battery’s voltage is getting close to its maximum capacity.

Because the charge from the solar panel won’t start until the battery is less than 90% charged in the case of the Ring Solar Panel, we may conclude that it contains an internal regulator.

You may connect a solar regulator if the gadget does not already have one.

#4. What Goes Wrong If the Battery Is Under 90% Charged and the Solar Panel Is in the Sun?

When it comes to solar-powered electronics, the solar panel or battery is often not the issue.

Instead, the components between the panel and the battery are flawed.

Fortunately, there are a few things you may do if the solar panel is operating but the battery is not charging.

  • Reconnect the solar panel’s connector to the battery by unplugging it first.
  • Inspect the solar power to battery connection cable for damage. Sometimes the covering cracks, damaging the wires. Electricity cannot reach the battery if such is the case. The cord will need to be changed.

#5. What’s Wrong If My Solar Panel Is Not Able to Keep My Ring Battery Charged?

According to Ring, using the solar panel to recharge the battery is never intended.

Instead, it has design elements that let you go longer between charges.

The solar panel needs 4-5 hours of direct sunshine to completely charge a ring battery, which takes roughly five hours.

Overactivity is another issue that you could have.

The battery depletes more quickly the more often the doorbell rings.

The Ring Battery has a relatively small range between full and dead.

The solar panel’s purpose is to provide additional energy, not to take the place of battery charging.

Examine how often the doorbell is used if you notice that the battery is often running out of power.

There are three variants of the Ring Solar Panel available, and you may want to upgrade to a solar panel with a higher capacity.

#6. How Many Different Kinds Of Solar Panels Does Ring Produce?

They produce two distinct solar panels for their Doorbell Cam and Spotlight Cam.

Which are:

  • A 2 Watt Solar Panel – May generate 5-6.4 kWh per square meter of panel per day with 3–4 hours of direct sunshine and doorbell activity of less than 10 rings per day. A 2 Watt Ring Solar Panel can handle around 30 doorbell events each day if you have more direct sunshine and the panel generates more than 6.5kWh per day.
  • A 5 Watt Super Solar Panel – In low light, you’ll need the 5 Watt Super Solar Panel. Compared to the 2 watt Ring Solar Panel, it generates twice as much electricity. The 5 watt Super Solar Panel is required for heavy use in situations where there is regular sunlight and for excessive use in conditions where there is more than 5 hours of direct sunlight per day.

You might require the 5 watt Super Solar Panel if the solar panel is having trouble keeping up with doorbell activity.

There may be an issue with excessive usage.

The battery drains more quickly the more the device is activated.

The battery empties if there is too much consumption since the solar panel cannot keep up.

#7. Is The Solar Panel Currently Unable To Meet Demand?

If the solar panel was functioning well but is now falling short of battery consumption, you could be going through a seasonal transition.

  • The brightest seasons of the year are from late spring through summer and early autumn. The darkest parts of the year are late fall through early winter and early spring.
  • The solar panel may not be getting enough direct sunlight if there has been a seasonal change in your location.
  • The Sun must be shining directly on the Ring Solar Panel. The panels will thus not function in natural light.

Stormy conditions and overcast days are two additional prevalent problems associated with insufficient illumination.

There may not be enough direct sunlight for the solar panel to operate if the doorbell or door camera is not functioning.

This is particularly true if you use a regular ring solar panel as opposed to a super solar panel.

#8. Does Your Ring Solar Panel Fit Your Device?

Not all Ring Devices are compatible with all Ring Solar Panels.

It may not be the proper Ring Panel for your device if your solar panel is operating but not recharging your gadget.

The Doorbell Cam and the Spotlight Cam each used a separate solar panel from the Ring Stickup Cam.

You may purchase an adaptor from Ring by visiting their website.

If troubleshooting does not solve the issue, Ring provides a number of options to get in touch with them.

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