When dealing with electric equipment outdoors or next to water, use GFCI grounded outlets.

Utilize these easy techniques to defrost your water hose.

A frozen water pipe may cause problems.

If the temperature drops low enough, water trapped in a hose can freeze, resulting in an icy blockage in your water line.

A water hose, however, is simple to defrost.

The same techniques may be used to defrost water pipes connected by hoses, but you must proceed with care since the higher temperatures used to defrost metal pipes can sometimes cause water hose rubber to melt.

Step 1

In order to unfreeze the hose, turn off the water supply.

For instance, if it’s a garden hose outdoors, turn the faucet bib where the hose is hooked off by turning the knob in a clockwise direction.

Step 2

Identify the frozen section of the water pipe.

When you feel a section of the line that won’t bend back and feels cold to the touch, squeeze the hose until you feel it.

The hose’s frozen section is seen here.

Step 3

In order to defrost the hose, use a hair dryer.

For electricity, connect the hair dryer to a nearby outlet or use an extension cord.

beginning with the low setting.

Maintain a distance of 2 to 3 inches between the hair dryer and the hose.

Cross the frozen hose with the dryer by moving it back and forth.

As you work, go up and down the hose.

Step 4

Use electric pipe heat tape to wrap the hose.

As the name suggests, you wrap this tape clockwise around the hose.

Wrap the frozen hose with the tape, then run an extension cable or plug the tape into a nearby outlet.

Step 5

If at all feasible, remove the frozen hose and relocate it to a warmer area.

There, let it thaw.

Smaller hoses, like the supply pipe from a freezing washing machine, are better for this.

As the hose thaws, you may put it in a sink or washing tub.

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