This little gadget is designed to keep your automobile free of other people’s or your own farts!

We’ve looked at a fluid transfer pump that’s essential for fluid changes in some vehicles, a magnetic drain plug remover that keeps you from getting covered in stinky gear oil while changing fluids, and a silicone tray that saves you time (and a few swear words) by keeping your tools easily accessible.

An ozone generator is this week’s amazing item, and it’s claimed to help remove foul odours out of a vehicle.

Several readers suggested using them to get rid of scents in automobiles and even homes.

Smells have the power to make or ruin a vehicle.

You may locate the ideal automobile in terms of color, engine, and gearbox, only to sit inside and want to back out because it smells like someone else’s farts.

It’s also possible that the automobile has been smoked in.

When you have kids and dogs, your daily vehicle might become a little smelly, leaving all kinds of aromas behind.

If you go off-roading, it seems that certain odors will never leave your car, no matter how well you clean it.

Whatever we did, the inside of this Dodge Dakota smelled like a farm.

An ozone generator might help you save your nose in this situation.

These devices are used for the last phase in cleaning an automobile after you’ve gotten all of the nooks and crannies.

Put the ozone generator in the vehicle, shut the doors and windows, and start driving.

After a few hours, you should return to a vehicle that smells much better.

What is the purpose of an ozone generator?

These devices split oxygen molecules into single atoms using an electrical discharge, which subsequently mix with other oxygen molecules to form ozone.

The ozone then interacts with impurities in an automobile, oxidizing them and breaking them down.

In theory, this implies that your car will no longer stink.

It seems that our readers aren’t alone, as several YouTubers have had luck with these.

Here’s milanmastracci’s review and how-to:
How to Eliminate ALL ODORS with an Ozone Machine – milanmastracci

Use care while using these generators.

When utilizing the generator, keep yourself, other people, and pets out of the vehicle or room.

After you’ve done using the car, be sure to let it air out.

Because they may be harmful, always follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions.

The EPA has said that ozone is dangerous and that promises about “managing indoor air pollution” have been debunked by health experts for “almost a century.” Furthermore, according to the EPA, ozone does not eliminate odor-causing compounds at acceptable concentrations:

There is evidence that ozone is ineffective in removing several odor-causing compounds at concentrations that do not exceed public health requirements.

1. Ozone had little impact in lowering formaldehyde concentrations in an experiment meant to simulate formaldehyde concentrations in an embalming studio, where formaldehyde is the principal odor generator (Esswein and Boeniger, 1994).

Other research suggests that although the scent of ozone might conceal body odor, it cannot erase it (Witheridge and Yaglou, 1939).

In building ventilation systems, ozone is not thought to be beneficial for odor elimination (ASHRAE, 1989).

2. While there are few scientific studies to back up the assumption that ozone successfully eliminates scents, it is possible that ozone will react with certain odorous compounds.

Ozone, for example, seemed to react quickly with specific molecules in several trials, including those that contribute to the scent of new carpet (Weschler, 1992b; Zhang and Lioy, 1994).

Acrolein, one of the numerous odorous and unpleasant compounds present in secondhand tobacco smoke, is thought to react with ozone (US EPA, 1995).

Finally, some companies make outlandish promises, such as they can literally clean your vehicle or house for you and erase 50 years of odor from all surfaces.

They aren’t made of magic.

Maintain a reasonable level of anticipation.

Ozone generators are available for purchase online in a number of pricing ranges and types.

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