When it comes to camping in an RV, the one thing I’ve learned for certain is that there is never enough hot water.

Whether you are traveling with a large group of people who want frequent showers or you are continuously washing dishes, you will find that hot water is in very high demand.

This is the primary reason why so many campers choose to outfit their recreational vehicles with tankless propane water heaters.

Tankless water heaters are a relatively recent development in the RV industry, but they have revolutionized how we think about the availability of hot water when traveling in an RV.

How do tankless water heaters operate when fuelled by propane? And before you make your final purchase, what characteristics should you look for in the one you choose? Learn how to choose the most suitable tankless water heater for your recreational vehicle by reading our buying guide.

How Does A Tankless Water Heater That Runs On Propane Work?

The flowing water that travels through a tankless water heater that runs on propane heats up as it goes through the device.

In contrast to conventional hot water heaters, it does not maintain a full tank of hot water at a predetermined temperature throughout the day.

Instead, it functions most effectively when there is a good flow of water going through the machine and into your faucets on a consistent basis.

The moment you flip the knob for hot water on the sink in your RV’s kitchen, your tankless water heater that runs on propane begins to work.

When using a tankless water heater powered by propane, all that is required of you is to make sure that the device is connected to a source of electrical current and that the pilot light is lighted.

When you want hot water but have not yet adjusted the temperature on your water heater to the appropriate level, the pilot light will illuminate automatically and heat the water as it travels through the system.

Because there is no tank that has to be kept heated throughout the day, propane tankless water heaters may often reduce the amount of money spent on propane gas.

As long as there is a consistent supply of water coming into your RV, this also indicates that you have an unlimited supply of hot water to satisfy all of your needs.

Whether you have a Class C motorhome that is designed for boondocking or a fifth wheel that is permanently connected up at an RV site, these water heaters will work for you.

Tankless water heaters powered by propane can function just as efficiently with freshwater systems as they do with connections to municipal water supplies.

In order to get your tankless propane water heater to heat the water supply in your RV, all you need to do is connect it with some existing propane lines, adjust the temperature of the water to where you want it, and then go to work washing dishes.

But apart from the water heater’s ability to effectively heat water, what else should you look for in a tankless water heater that runs on propane? Before we go into some of the greatest items that are currently available on the market, let’s go over some of the most crucial factors that you should take into mind.

What Features Should You Look for in a Tankless Propane Water Heater?

A propane tankless water heater is similar to a modern and energy-efficient RV air conditioning unit in that there are many factors to take into consideration while purchasing one.

Before you make your final investment decision, here are some of the most important items for you to consider about.

#1. Capability of Propane

When searching for a trustworthy propane tankless water heater for your RV, it is important to take into consideration the total propane capacity of your RV.

In spite of the fact that tankless water heaters that run on propane are, on average, more efficient, you need still make sure that you have sufficient propane capacity.

It is essential that you make sure you have sufficient propane not just for your tankless water heater but also for any and all of your essential cooking or heating requirements.

In addition to this, you need to check that the regulator for your propane tank is in good working order and has been serviced within the last several months.

If you are boondocking or camping in an area with limited resources, the size of your propane tank is something you should give some thought to.

Refilling your propane tanks is a required and common activity for most RV owners.

#2. Budget

The cost of tankless water heaters is the most significant disadvantage of these systems.

When compared to conventional water heaters with tanks, tankless water heaters for propane may be quite a bit more costly.

If you are in the market for one, you might be taken aback by the difference in price.

The price range varies greatly.

When purchasing a brand new recreational vehicle (RV) that already has a tankless water heater installed, the cost of the water heater is almost always included in the overall cost of the RV.

Even while purchasing a portable propane tankless water heater may help you save some money on your overall expenses, it’s important to keep in mind that these smaller units often aren’t equipped to meet the demand for hot water generated by a family of five or even the typical home cook.

Nevertheless, it is an important factor to take into account!

#3. Measurements of the Unit

The absence of a storage tank is one of the most significant advantages offered by a propane-powered tankless water heater.

However, you should still think about the size of the unit that you are going to buy and make sure that it will fit in the space where your old hot water heater was put before you make the purchase.

If you are not planning to convert your electric hot water heater into a tankless one that runs on propane, you may make the installation process considerably simpler by making use of the propane lines that are already connected to your older machine.

However, tankless water heaters must be mounted on the wall in a manner that is somewhat secure for them to function properly, and the majority of the units are rectangular rather than square.

It would be a terrible waste of time and money to bring a propane tankless water heater home only to find out that it won’t fit in the space where your current water heater is located.

If a tankless water heater does not fit where you first believed it would, there is very little that can be done to make it work in that location.

The installation position of propane tankless water heaters is more important than you would believe, therefore this isn’t really the spot to muck about with it.

#4. Ease of Setup and Assembly

When we talk about simpler installations, we should mention that installing a tankless water heater that runs on propane might be more difficult than you would expect.

This is particularly relevant in the event that you do not already own propane lines that may be connected to the tankless water heater.

The typical camper in a recreational vehicle is not equipped with the knowledge necessary to install new propane lines.

It is not advised that many individuals attempt to install their own gas lines.

If you want to install a propane tankless water heater where there are no existing propane line connections, you should first consult with a repair firm that specializes in RVs.

If, on the other hand, you are just replacing your regular propane water heater with a tankless alternative, you may be able to install your new water heater in a more simpler manner thanks to the propane lines that are already in place in your home.

Propane is not a substance that should be played with.

Always perform cautious installation of propane equipment, but this is particularly important when you are considering purchasing a new RV oven.

This may have an impact on your purchase, both in terms of simplicity of installation and use over the long term.

#5. Location of the Installation

Not only does the location of where you place your propane tankless water heater crucial so that it can be installed conveniently and correctly, but it also matters because it is important.

It is important in order to make it simpler for you to access the control panel.

The digital control panel of a propane tankless water heater gives you the ability to alter the temperature of the incoming water, which in turn affects the temperature of the water that is dispensed from your taps.

It might be quite helpful to have permanent access to this control panel so that you can make adjustments whenever you need to.

If you are washing a baby or require water that is closer to room temperature for doing laundry, you may find it more comfortable to lower the temperature of the water.

It’s possible that the installation site you choose and the product you end up buying will be affected by the fact that your control panel is simple to use.

#6. Effectiveness Across the Board

You should give some thought to the overall efficiency of your tankless propane water heater if it is something that concerns you.

It is a good idea to read product reviews written by customers before making a decision on the effectiveness of a new home equipment, and tankless water heaters are no exception.

Not only does efficiency speak to your total consumption of propane when heating hot water, but it may also be relevant when you consider how well your tankless propane water heater operates at varying levels of water pressure.

When used in an RV, tankless water heaters are able to function normally despite changes in the water pressure, which is one of the major advantages and disadvantages of these heaters.

When the water pressure is low, tankless water heaters, according to a number of customer testimonials, might be problematic.

It is essential to keep this in mind since the water pressure might have an effect on the capacity of your tankless water heater to heat the water in your home.

A tankless water heater that does not heat water effectively is obviously something that might be considered a bit of a letdown!

If you know you will be camping often in areas with low water pressure or if you already have a water pressure regulator that is required to safeguard the pipes in your RV, you may want to consider purchasing a tankless water heater that functions well even when subjected to low water pressure.

#7. Taking Away the Currently Used Water Heater

If you are installing your propane tankless water heater in a location that does not require you to remove your existing water heater tank, you may think about removing the old appliance or you may think about leaving it where it is.

If you are installing your propane tankless water heater in a location that does require you to remove your existing water heater tank, see the previous sentence.

Renovating is a chore that nobody enjoys doing, particularly when it’s on something as fragile as an RV.

Listen to it from someone who is always finding new ways to customize his 1976 Terry travel trailer! Renovations are an unavoidable burden for any RV that is more than a few years old; nevertheless, this does not imply that you should give yourself more chores.

However, if your current water heater includes a tank, eliminating it will allow you to create a significant amount of additional storage space in your home.

This is something to keep in mind, particularly if your water heater is situated in the kitchen or a storage closet section of your home.

Before you make any moves, you need to give some thought to what it entails to get rid of your water heater.

You may need to cap or otherwise remove propane lines, check that any electric wiring is taken care of, and confirm that the floor of your RV was not harmed in any way by water.

All of these things should be done as soon as possible.

If you have an older RV, you should watch this video to learn how to remove a typical RV water heater.

If you don’t have an older RV, you may skip this recommendation.

Even while it guides you through the process of installing a water heater that has a tank, it may also provide you with useful knowledge that can be used to the installation of a tankless water heater.

What is the Difference Between a Tankless Water Heater that Runs on Propane and One that Runs on Electricity?

If you are in the market for a tankless water heater, you will quickly become aware that there are two distinct designs available to choose from right from the outset.

You will come across electric tankless water heaters in addition to propane tankless water heaters throughout your time here.

However, what really is the difference?

The fuel source is the primary and practically the only factor that differentiates the two different kinds of tankless water heaters.

One style of tankless water heater heats the water with propane, while the other heats the water with electricity.

Campers who travel in recreational vehicles often have strong preferences regarding the type of fuel they use.

You undoubtedly have your own thoughts and ideas, and you probably even have a pretty solid concept of what it is that you think would be best for your setup to have at this point in time.

If you always have access to Shore power connections and don’t want to be concerned about having to often replenish your propane tanks, investing in an electric tankless water heater may be a good choice for your recreational vehicle.

Tankless water heaters powered by propane are an excellent choice for dry camping or boondocking because of their versatility.

Both of these fuel alternatives will be around the same size, which is far more compact than conventional water heaters.

They will operate in a manner that is comparable, and the costs will be comparable, for the most part.

On the other hand, if you are certain that you would rather use gas than electricity, a tankless water heater that operates on propane would be the best option for you.

The 7 Most Effective Tankless Propane Water Heaters for Recreational Vehicles

You have arrived to the correct location if you are seeking for some of the greatest alternatives for tankless propane water heaters now available on the market.

Let’s take a look at our top 7 recommendations for tankless propane water heaters that may be used in RVs.

#1. Best Overall: Furrion 2.4GPM Tankless RV Gas Water Heater

Furrion 2.4GPM Tankless RV Gas Water Heater with White 16.14” x 16.14” Door – FWH09A-1-A

  • Designed for recreational vehicles, so the dimensions are ideal for them.
  • Packed with cutting-edge tools and precautionary measures for your peace of mind.
  • Included in the purchase price are an LED panel as well as a warranty.
  • It’s possible that premium pricing won’t satisfy the requirements of everyone.

Because it is designed to be a drop-in replacement for your existing propane water heater, this tankless water heater that runs on propane earns our top rank among all of our picks for the finest products overall.

In the world of recreational vehicles (RVs), Furrion is a reputable brand that can be precisely what you have been searching for.

This tankless water heater has dimensions of 12.81 by 12.62 by 20.75 inches, so it should be able to be installed in the same spot as your previous water heater, or in a neighboring location.

This water heater comes in a pristine white color and is constructed out of high-quality materials; as a result, it should outlast your rig in its entirety.

This device is able to rapidly provide your rig with 60,000 BTUs of hot water anytime you want it because to its instantaneous heating capability.

It does this by using the one-of-a-kind Vortex technology that Furrion has developed.

This keeps your machine from overheating, which may possibly damage your pipes.

The fact that this tankless water heater can keep the same temperature all the time is one of the most attractive features it has.

The innovative innovations that Furrion has created specifically for RVers will guarantee that the water that comes out of your faucet will be at the precise temperature that you want.

When we talk about hot water, we should mention that this device has the potential to provide your RV with about two and a half gallons of hot water per minute.

You won’t have to be concerned about showering for an excessively extended period of time anymore!

In addition, this tankless water heater comes with a modern LED temperature display panel that can be mounted on the wall of your RV.

It includes the temperature, the pressure level, and even an alert for the pressure level so that you can determine whether or not you have sufficient water pressure for your tankless water heater to function effectively.

VibrationSmart technology is another one of Furrion’s own innovations that can be found in this high-performance hot water heater.

This tankless hot water heater is equipped with a one-of-a-kind feature that allows it to endure the vibrations and rattling that are created while driving your RV through rugged and uneven terrain.

The advantages do not stop there, though.

In addition, Furrion backs the tankless water heaters they manufacture with a limited guarantee that is valid for two years.

This allows you to make the investment in this product with the confidence you need.

In addition to that, their support for customers is excellent!

By clicking on this link, you will be able to read the customer reviews and investigate this highly rated product that is sold on Amazon.

#2. Best Outdoor Shower Choice: Marey GA5PORT Portable Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater

199 Reviews

Marey GA5PORT Portable Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater, Small, White

  • Because of its space-saving and lightweight design, this water heater can be moved easily.
  • In order to function, it needs just two batteries and a connection to a propane tank.
  • Because of this, tankless water heaters cannot be used indoors, thus you will need to find another solution.

Did you know that they manufacture portable tankless water heaters that run on propane gas? Check out this alternative from Marey that is not only portable but also quite light.

In addition to that, it has a detachable showerhead as well as a carrying handle.

Although you shouldn’t put this tankless water heater inside of your RV, it is an excellent choice for an outdoor shower and would be a good choice if you’ve been seeking for an alternative.

You will get immediate hot water in a very short amount of time thanks to its simple and quick connection to either an existing outdoor grill gas hookup or a garden hose.

You have control over not just the temperature but also the flow of the water that activates the system.

It may be used either as a shower or as a straightforward hand washing station depending on the user’s preference.

You will have an easier time washing your tow car, your dog, and your rig if you have a tankless water heater shower that is installed on the outside of your RV.

This item weighs just 12 pounds and measures 4.7 feet, one inch, and seventeen inches.

Its compactness and lightness contribute to its portability.

In certain geographic regions and climatic conditions, it is still capable of producing hot water at a rate of up to 2 gallons per minute.

The fact that it is not compatible with all settings is the most significant disadvantage of this portable tankless hot water heater.

You may be astonished to learn that it has trouble functioning in regions with a chilly air base water temperature, but this is the case.

On the other hand, I’m going to presume that the vast majority of you have no desire to take a steamy shower in the open air when it’s thirty degrees below zero.

This portable hot water heater is ideal for hot showers on a budget in addition to being ideal for camping in the summers.

In addition to providing its customers with friendly and knowledgeable customer support care lines, Marey provides its clients with a product guarantee that is valid for a period of five years on this item.

It has a capacity of 35,000 BTUs and calls for the use of two D cell batteries to run its interface, but other than that, it operates completely independently from the grid!

Given that it is designed only for installation in an outdoor setting, this tankless water heater may not be the greatest option for you given the aforementioned fact.

However, if you have been searching for an outdoor shower that you can install in your RV, a propane tankless alternative is the best choice for you to make.

Simply clicking this link will take you to the product listing on Amazon, where you can make your own judgment and learn more about it.

#3. Easiest to Install: GIRARD 2GWHAM Tankless Water Heater

1,091 Reviews

GIRARD 2GWHAM Tankless Water Heater

  • The fact that it is compact and simple to set up makes it an ideal choice to replace your existing water heater.
  • It can produce hot water in as short as five seconds, allowing you to take a fast shower whenever you choose.
  • Does not include a door or a thermostat in the package.

Highly regarded, effective even in chilly conditions, and simple to put in place.

What more could you possibly want out of a tankless water heater that runs on propane? If you are looking to upgrade the water heater that uses propane in your RV, the Girard appliance that you are considering purchasing is a fantastic option.

This water heater is perfect for RV plumbing since it has a huge 42,000 BTU capacity.

It will never become so hot that it will cause your pipes to melt, but it is able to provide you with water that is both even and warm, regardless of whether the water is coming directly from the source or from your holding tank.

The fact that it fulfills your needs despite its unattractive appearance is more important.

This high-quality aluminum tank may be installed almost anyplace in your home where your previous hot water heater was.

It has a weight of roughly 20 pounds and has dimensions of 14.5 inches by 17.8 inches by 14.6 inches, making it a powerful but portable device.

Although this product is not very dissimilar from our top pick for Furrion, it was not able to take the top rank due to the amount of BTUs it produced and its general design.

Despite this, this tankless water heater continues to perform very well, as seen by its numerous five-star ratings.

There are a lot of people who attribute their extensive usage of their RV to the tankless water heater they have installed in it.

They no longer need to fear the two-minute shower that is typical of the water heaters found in RVs since they no longer have to!

Since it includes a 12 volt ignitor, the only reason you will need to connect it to the electricity of your battery is so that it can function.

It may be controlled by the thermostat you normally use, but it does not come with a stylish door.

This is probably only in case you still have one linked to the outside of your RV, but it might also be for safety reasons.

The fact that this tankless water heater can be installed with almost any problems at all definitely sticks out to me as a positive feature.

Customers who claim to have very little knowledge with electric or plumbing can connect this man up and get it operating without assistance.

Those of you who are undertaking do-it-yourself tasks for the very first time may find this line of reasoning to be quite comforting.

It is recommended that you install this tankless water heater for propane in the same location as your current water heater; nevertheless, it is possible that you will have some leeway in the matter.

This particular brand is able to operate at any altitude or temperature, and the installation process need to be quick and uncomplicated.

What more could you possibly want in addition to a never-ending supply of hot water?

Simply clicking this link will take you to Amazon, where you can read the reviews for yourself!

#4. Most Efficient: Fogatti Tankless RV Water Heater

390 Reviews

RV Tankless Water Heater, FOGATTI 2.9 GPM, 55000 BTU Hot Water Heater with 15 x 15 Inches Black…

  • Your RV vacation will be more joyful if the heating process is quick.
  • Can deliver a large amount of hot water in a very short amount of time
  • Premium pricing

The majority of RV manufacturers in today’s market choose for the Fogatti brand.

I’m beginning to see why their tankless water heaters are more popular than those of any other manufacturer on the market.

Let’s take a look at all this tankless water heater has to offer so we can make an informed decision.

This tankless water heater has dimensions of 16.93 inches by 16.15 inches by 16.15 inches, and it is intended to take the place of your already-installed gas water heater.

In addition, it has a door, which can be purchased in either black or white, just in case your previous water heater left the door behind when it was removed.

There are advantages to being a well-known player in the RV industry.

This water heater was developed using Fogatti’s proprietary technology and components that were specially created, making it possible to guarantee unrivaled performance and the utmost level of comfort for mobile life.

In addition to that, our tankless water heater for propane is risk-free.

It offers more safety features than the bulk of the goods on this list, including precautions against flameout, anti-freeze, overheat, and overpressure, as well as troubleshooting diagnostic codes.

These features are included with the product.

Even carbon dioxide and odors may be avoided with its help.

This tankless water heater is capable of producing hot water at a rate of up to 55,000 BTUs and can provide you with more than two gallons of water per minute.

This should be plenty hot water for your RV and the whole of your family to take showers, wash dishes, and even do laundry simultaneously.

This tankless water heater also has a digital remote control display panel, which enables you to simply regulate the temperature using the LED display that is installed on the wall.

It does not take a lot of time to connect up, and it is simple and appealing to use.

This water heater’s design is superior to any other option available for use in an RV.

In the event that your water pressure ever drops to an unsafe level for the water heater to operate, it is equipped with a low pressure monitoring system.

In addition to this, it has a built-in durability that can withstand any bumps or pebbles that may be on the road.

The high cost of this item is the primary disadvantage it has.

As is the case with many RV equipment, it is not the most cost-effective option.

If the exact water heater you want to purchase is outside of your price range, I won’t blame you.

However, before you write it, you should go ahead and read the reviews first.

It’s possible that you’ll end up changing your mind on this!

If you click this link, you’ll be sent to Amazon, where you may read those reviews along with further product information.

#5. Best on a Budget: Marey GA10LP Power 10L 3.1 GPM Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater

MAREY GA10LP Power 10L 3.1 GPM Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater, Liquid, White

  • 3 gallon per minute When it comes to RVs, a lot of hot water means a lot of hot water.
  • Unlike the other items on this list, it does not need to be connected to an electrical outlet.
  • Ideal for more limited financial resources, yet without compromising on overall effectiveness
  • Because it is not the standard size for a hot water heater, you may need assistance while installing it.
  • In order for this one to operate, you will need to buy an additional venting kit.

Now is the moment for those of you who are interested in purchasing an affordable tankless propane water heater.

We have previously looked at one of Marey’s products, but here is another one that you should take into consideration since it can be set up indoors.

This tankless water heater is not only the smallest of its kind compared to the others, but it also has the capability of functioning in situations with possibly low pressure.

It simply may need some patience and some more time.

It is possible that you will need to modify the amount of water that is being added, and it is also possible that this machine may have more difficulty removing water from your holding tank than it would with removing water from a connection.

Let’s dive into the specifics now, keeping everything said above in mind.

It is a small and rectangular device as opposed to a square one, weighing little over 20 pounds and measures 6.9 by 13.6 by 23.6 inches.

Its dimensions are in inches.

Because of this, you may need to install it in a manner that is distinct from how you installed your previous water heater.

This tankless water heater for propane does not need any kind of electrical connection in order to function properly.

It turns on dependent on the water pressure in your home and, of course, the connection to your propane tank.

It has the capacity to produce an astounding 3 gallons per minute, which is more than sufficient for the atmosphere of an RV.

This business gives its clients the opportunity to provide comments and get service at any time of the day or night.

They provide you with a manual and urge you to install the unit on your own, which will save you further money and provide you with the sense of accomplishment that comes from doing a job well done.

However, due to the fact that it isn’t the standard size for an RV water heater, you may want to get some assistance installing it if you discover that you need to make modifications to your RV in order to create room for it.

It’s possible that a van conversion or a major RV makeover would be the ideal setting for this specific item.

If you want to connect up this water heater indoors, you will need to buy an extra venting kit, which you can get from the manufacturer.

This is something you can do if you install this unit on your own.

This set might be within your price range, but it could also come as a surprise buy.

This tankless water heater is an economical choice that is also simple to use and very effective.

It’s a good option to go with if you know how to install it correctly.

Simply clicking on this link will take you to other reviews, where you may also try it out for yourself.

#6. Compact and Sleek: Camplux Constant Propane Water Heater

434 Reviews

Tankless Water Heater, Camplux Constant Propane Water Heater, 3.18 GPM On Demand Water Heater,…

  • This water heater has an attractive tempered glass display, which gives it a sleek and modern appearance.
  • This water heater has a lot of different safety measures, so you won’t have to worry about using it.
  • The price is not unreasonable considering all of the features that are included.
  • Because of its unusual dimensions and specific requirements for installation, this one might be challenging to set up.

You are going to fall in love with the way this Camplux product appears and functions if you like the size and shape of the last propane tankless water heater that you purchased.

This tankless water heater provides continual hot water, and its small size, elegant design, and high efficiency make it an excellent option for your cutting-edge setup.

This hot water heater has dimensions of 14.37 by 4.72 by 25.39 inches, and it has a chic black design and interface.

Simply purely on appearance, this model is head and shoulders above the competition.

Additionally, it weighs close to 30 pounds, making it a lightweight alternative that is also available.

The fact that this tankless propane water heater features an LED display that is made of tempered glass is undoubtedly the highlight of the product.

This display not only informs you of the water pressure and the amount of water that is being used each minute, but it also tells you the temperature of the water and gives you the option to modify it according to your preferences.

For this machine to work, you will need to connect it to a supply of normal 120 volts.

This is because it incorporates safety precautions, such as a vent fan, which keeps everything cool and ensures that it continues to function well.

It’s possible that some campers won’t be thrilled about the fact that this device requires electric power, but in the end, it will be well worth it.

Because you have this fan, you won’t need to bother about venting your RV or cutting another hole in it.

However, because to the one-of-a-kind proportions of this product, it’s possible that you’ll still need to make some modifications to your RV in order to accommodate it.

The use of this water heater’s electric requirements is quite effective, which is the excellent news.

While it is operating, it uses less than one amp, and the remainder of your hot water comes from the fuel provided by propane tanks.

Let’s discuss some more about what you may anticipate from this device in terms of the temperature of the water in your home’s hot water system.

This water heater has a maximum output that is more than 80,000 BTUs, making it the most powerful one on this list of ours.

This gadget is not only fashionable, but it can also create roughly four gallons of water per minute, making it a very efficient option.

When you consider that you are receiving a kid safety lock for the LED display in addition to all of the other features, the price point is not terrible.

The installation of this water heater is going to be the primary source of difficulty for you.

You might try asking a buddy who is handy for some assistance with this matter.

Simply clicking on this link will take you to Amazon, where you will be able to read the reviews for yourself and investigate this product further.

#7. Best Water Heater Replacement: RecPro RV Tankless Water Heater

260 Reviews

RecPro RV Tankless Water Heater

  • Because RVs are built to standard sizes, finding a replacement is simple.
  • Tankless water heaters are known for their speed and efficiency, ensuring that you never run out of hot water.
  • Low pressure protection keeps your unit safe
  • Could be more difficult to set up than you first anticipated.

Check out this option from RecPro RV if you don’t need a difficult installation for your tankless propane water heater and if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Because it comes from a well-known company in the RV industry, you can anticipate that this tankless water heater will be of a suitable size and perform effectively.

This device, which measures around 15 inches in practically every dimension, ought to be able to fit in the space occupied by your present hot water heater.

It has an appealing white finish that is designed to complement the outside of the majority of RVs as well.

This device also comes with a wall-mountable remote control that can be attached to the inside of your RV so that you are aware of its whereabouts at all times.

Although it does contain safety safeguards for use with low water pressure, this machine functions more effectively when the water pressure is increased.

When it comes to safety characteristics, you can anticipate that this device will do well on bumpy roads since it was designed specifically for recreational vehicles (RVs).

In addition to this, it is able to provide you with an infinite supply of hot water, which is useful both at high elevations and during periods of very cold weather.

If you are interested in learning more about this product, your best bet is to read the reviews that previous purchasers have left.

Despite the fact that this unit ought to fit where the majority of typical water heaters are in your RV, a significant number of evaluations note having trouble installing it.

It is up to you to determine whether or not you have the same results, but before you make your final purchase, it could be worthwhile to have a look at the device and carefully measure your RV.

If you’ve had an RV for any length of time, you’re well aware of how often trips to the hardware store are required for various do-it-yourself repairs.

RecPro is a trustworthy brand, and their customer care is able to provide assistance in a variety of situations.

Simply clicking this link will take you to a page where you can read reviews written by other customers on the product’s installation as well as see it in more detail.


It shouldn’t be difficult to find a propane tankless water heater that will work with your RV.

The pleasure of your RV and the happiness of everyone who comes with you may both be significantly improved if you choose to replace your RV’s outdated water heater with a newer one.

Think about getting a tankless water heater today, whether you go the electric or propane route.

An RVer’s goal is to have an unending supply of hot water, and you can make that dream come true for your rig by installing an unlimited hot water supply.

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Written by Bob Matsuoka
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