Trip preparation for RV owners entails more than merely calculating our route on a map.

We understand the necessity of having the greatest technological gear, especially as large rig RV owners, to assist us safely traverse our country’s highways.

We use the Rand McNally OverDryve 7 RV GPS for this reason.

Low clearances, narrow and winding roads, and road impediments must be considered by RVers towing huge fifth wheels or driving high-profile RVs.

If we aren’t prepared, any one of them, or a combination of them, might mean tragedy.

Our Colossal Rookie Blunder!

We overlooked some crucial recommendations from seasoned RVers when we purchased our first RV, a 44′ fifth wheel toy hauler, in 2014.

We did not purchase a GPS for our RV (Global Positioning System).

We were under the impression that Google Maps could transport us anyplace we wanted to go.

You can probably guess where I’m heading with this.

If you own and operate a large rig RV, you already know what a major mistake it was.

We just had to do it twice before we realized we should never do it again.

Fortunately, none of us were harmed.

Yes, we acknowledge that we, too, may be dunderheads at times.

And we’re thankful we didn’t end up on the first page of some social networking site!

So off we went to that large camping shop! Several distinct versions were on show.

We chose the more simpler prior model Rand McNally RV GPS after reviewing the differences in functionality.

Let’s simply say it was a ‘good’ GPS with the essential features.

We needed something straightforward and straightforward to use.

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It’s Past Time For Us To Update Our RV GPS.

Through TechnoRV, we upgraded to the Rand McNally OverDryve 7 RV.

Several sites have said that this RV GPS is the finest on the market right now.

And, believe me, those sources were correct! When compared to our older GPS, it’s a significant upgrade.

The Rand McNally OverDryve GPS comes with a long list of essential functions.

We’ve gathered enough data to offer our product an appraisal after testing it for two months and 2000 miles.

But first, let’s have a look at all of the fascinating features packed within this fantastic GPS.

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Features of the Rand McNally OverDryve 7 RV Include:

  • Award-Winning Navigation onboard
  • Lifetime Maps are available for free.
  • Junction Views and Advanced Lane Guidance
  • Exit Ahead Lookup
  • Views from the Tour
  • Rand McNally Trips that have been hand-picked
  • Auxiliary Audio Input
  • Overlay of Live Traffic, Fuel Prices, and Weather
  • Maker of Journeys
  • Road Atlas in Digital Form
  • Updates on WiFi
  • Apps (Amazon/APK Pure App Store) may be downloaded.
  • Dash Cam (Built-In)
  • Music and content may be streamed through WiFi or Bluetooth.
  • GPS Boosted Smart Magnetic Mount
  • Extended 3-Watt Speaker is included with the mount.
  • FM Transmitter is included in the mount.
  • Hands-Free Calling and Texting with Bluetooth
  • Siri and Google Now are both voice assistants.
  • Output HDMI

Dash Cam with Built-In Function:

  • In continuous loop mode, records
  • While utilizing other programs, the background recording continues.
  • Internal storage (picture gallery) can hold up to 6 hours of data, or external storage can hold up to the available space (SD card or micro USB drive)
  • The segment option enables you to record segments of any duration between 1 and 150 minutes.

Review of the Product:

What We Adore About It Is…

1) When switched up, locking onto a satellite is lightning quick.

2) The Rand McNally OverDryve 7 RV GPS offers a gorgeous, vibrant color display.

3) The GPS head is magnetically attached to a highly strong suction cup that fixes to the windshield, allowing for fast dismounting and remounting.

4) It can connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth, enabling you to monitor traffic and weather conditions along your trip. You may also use it to locate gas stations and nearby eateries.

5) Just like a smartphone or tablet, it can play music and connect with a useful internet search feature. This requires the usage of a blue tooth device.

6) It comes with a built-in dash camera, removing the need for an additional dash cam.

7) It has an altimeter and compass built in. Both are really useful and precise.

8) It may be configured to your RV’s exact requirements.

9) You can keep track of and document your RV’s trip, as well as calculate fuel expenses and usage.

10) You may use it to keep track of RV maintenance.

11) You may customize your itinerary by adding preferred sorts of roads and areas of interest.

There are a slew of additional features that make this RV GPS a strong contender.

What We Believe Needs To Be Improved…

There are a couple characteristics that we don’t care for.

1) There was no written operator’s manual included with the item. There is a simple setup card that does not describe all of the operations of the device in depth. We had to conduct some online study to understand more about the GPS and get used to it.

2) The summary of turns on the route is difficult to understand due to the tiny text size of the information.

3) Programming your chosen location into the device might be difficult at times. You’ll need the address of a certain street. The quickest approach to load our boondocking locations is to enter the latitude and longitude coordinates.

To conclusion, we adore the Rand McNally OverDryve 7 RV GPS, which has been much enhanced.

We are grateful for the chance to put it to the test and provide our honest opinion.

We like it more the more we use it.

Oh, and for less than thirty dollars, you can have a Rand McNally protective cover built for it.

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Final Thoughts

We have faith in the Rand McNally Overdryve’s capacity to securely guide us along our chosen path.

As responsible RV travelers, we still double-check our routes in our trucker atlas after using the Rand McNally OverDryve 7 RV GPS.

We never know when we’ll lose a signal, so redundancy might be the key to getting to our destination safely.

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