Your captain’s chair in your RV may eventually get soiled or torn, and you’ll want to reupholster it.

Additionally, you can just wish to update an old fashion.

In any case, if you are comfortable stitching and working with basic equipment, you should be able to complete the task yourself.

Additionally, it will save you a ton of money since hiring a professional is always expensive.

In order to utilize them for the design, it is a good idea to attempt to keep the original cloth pieces as intact as you can.

Keep reading below.

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Equipment & Supplies Required:

  • Fresh upholstery material
  • A marker
  • Clothes ripper
  • Bobby pins
  • A stapler
  • Textile thread
  • Sewing device
  • Remover of staples
  • Scissors

Step 1: Remove the Old Fabric

The captain’s chair’s old fabric has to be removed first.

It will probably be zipped up in a way that makes it reasonably simple to remove for cleaning or to make replacement simpler.

If there is no zip, it will probably be sewed all the way around the chair.

If so, you’ll need to open it up with a seam ripper before lifting the old fabric out.

Use a staple remover to get rid of any staples that are holding the cloth down.

If required, pull up the fabric and continue to tear the seam apart to separate the cloth into separate pieces.

Step 2: Cut the New Fabric

Draw the new parts’ shapes on the upholstery cloth using the marker pen.

Refer to the original upholstery pieces as a reference.

Cutting the new parts to the appropriate size and form will be considerably simpler in this manner.

Your particular form will differ since every chair has a slightly distinct shape.

If you want to draw a pattern on the fabric, mark it on the inside of the seam just in case the marker pen leaks through to the other side of the cloth.

Be sure to mark all of the new pieces in the same way as the previous ones.

Step 3: Pinning the New Sections Together

The parts should be pinned together correctly.

Sew the new upholstery parts together using a heavy-duty sewing machine.

This can also be done by hand, but it will take considerably longer and need more work.

If the original cloth had a zipper, you could also wish to add one.

Once again, this will make it simpler to remove it in the future for cleaning or replacement.

Step 4: Place the New Upholstery

Lastly, cover the captain’s chair with the new fabric.

If required, staple the remaining seams to the chair after sewing them together.

Before tying any seams or stapling anything down, be sure to drag the cloth down so that it fits snugly over the chair.

If the new upholstery is a zip-up style, all you need to do is slide it over the new chair and zip it up, being care to pull it tight over the seat.

The cloth may still require staples on the bottom to be held firmly in place.

The best approach to install the new upholstery is to use the same procedure as the existing upholstery.

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