What’s the weight of an RV battery?

Different sizes and weights of RV batteries are available.

Interstate Group 24M Enhanced Flooded Batteries weigh 45.7 pounds, whereas Group 31M, which is a bigger battery, weighs 59.7 pounds.

Standard and improved flooded batteries together make up the majority of an RV battery’s 50.5 pound weight.

Lead acid batteries of comparable size weigh twice as much as lithium Ion batteries.

The light weight of a Banshee Group 31M Lithium Ion battery is about 24.2 pounds.

RV batteries come in a range of weights based on their kind and group size.

#1. Common RV Battery Weights and Dimensions

These lead acid deep cycle RV batteries are the typical kind.

Interstate Group 24M46.3 lb9″11″6 7/8″
Interstate Group 27M50.3 lb9″12 3/4″6 7/8″
Diehard Group 29M59.7 lb9 1/2″13 1/2″6 4/5″
Interstate Group 31M59.7 lb9 5/8″13″6 3/4″

#2. Weights And Sizes For Enhanced Flooded RV Batteries

Standard flooded batteries may be replaced with enhanced flooded batteries.

These batteries were designed to withstand the hardships of current cars, which have more start/stop cycles than earlier models.

These batteries provide a mid-range alternative before you reach the more expensive AGM and Li-Ion batteries and add a little bit of durability above typical flooded batteries.

Interstate Group 24M EFB45.7 lb8 11/16″10 1/4″6 13/16″
Interstate Group 27M EFB50.7 lb9 1/2″12 3/4″6 3/4″

#3. Sizes And Weights Of AGM RV Batteries

Absorbed Glass Mat is referred to as AGM.

It is a more recent battery innovation that was created in the 1970s.

Compared to normal batteries, they are stronger and last longer.

Optima 27M53.8 lb8 3/4″12 1/5″6 4/5″
Optima 31M59.8 lb9 2/5″12 4/5″6 1/2″

#4. Weights and Dimensions of Lithium Ion RV Batteries

The best battery technology currently available is lithium ion.

They outperform all other types of batteries in terms of strength, weight, and power capacity.

Although they are expensive, they are the best option if you want to create a top-notch battery bank for boondocking.

Chargex Group 24M34 lb9 9/10″10 1/4″6 3/4″
Banshee Group 27M18.8 lb7 9/10″12″6 4/5″
Banshee Group 31M24.2 lb8 7/10″13″6 4/5″

Information About RV Batteries

The finer points of RV battery options are covered in this useful YouTube video.

It covers all aspects of RV batteries in great detail and is well worth watching.

RV Batteries What You Need To Know. – All About RV’s


RV batteries come in a broad range of weights depending on their size and makeup.

The average weight of a lead acid battery is 50.5 pounds, whereas that of a lithium ion battery is just 21 pounds.

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