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The “house” batteries power the interior lights, vent fans, water pump, and other 12-volt appliances while the “chassis” batteries start your RV’s engine.

The coffee machine, TVs, microwave, and other home appliances are likewise powered by an inverter, which converts 12-volts DC into 110-volts AC.

We treat our batteries with the same respect that we do the rest of our machinery.

However, after serving us for six years, we were ready for a new set.

We made the decision to change the house and chassis batteries simultaneously, as well as completely clean and paint the battery tray.

A set of Lifeline AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries was the indulgent purchase we made.

They are straightforward replacements for our previous bank of four series-parallel-wired 6-volt lead-acid deep cycle batteries.

However, they function better in every regard, are entirely sealed, and receive a charge more quickly.

Simply said, they are really pricey!

Since we finished the project in the Phoenix region, where golf carts are common, and all of our old batteries had some life left in them, we listed them for sale on Craigslist.

In less than an hour, they were gone.

We’ll be demonstrating the procedure without actually carrying out the work because it was four years ago, before we started making how-to RV videos.

However, you’ll clearly see how to complete this task, which isn’t too difficult for a skilled DIY RVer.

You can find an awesome (but very pricey) set of AGM batteries similar to the ones we purchased on Amazon by clicking the link provided below.

Before you look at the rates, just make sure you’re seated.

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