When you travel, you’ll almost certainly need an RV generator.

They come in handy whether you need to power your air conditioner, TV, or even your coffee maker…

However, they are not linked to a power source.

A decent RV generator may make the difference between a nice and comfortable vacation and a less pleasant and comfortable journey.

When contemplating an RV diesel generator for your rig, there are a few factors to keep in mind.

Fuel for RV Generators

RV generators rely on one of three fuel types: gasoline, diesel, or kerosene.

  • Diesel is a kind of fuel.
  • Propane in liquid form
  • Gasoline

Although liquid propane is roughly 10% less efficient than the other two, it has a very long shelf life and may be used after a year of inactivity with no difficulties.

Gasoline is convenient and cost-effective, but it burns rapidly.

Finally, if your RV operates on diesel, you’ll probably want a diesel RV generator as well, so you don’t have to store two types of fuel.

Diesel also provides more power than propane and burns cleaner than gasoline.

What Type of Generator Should You Purchase?

All portable generators are not created equal.

In reality, a tiny, portable generator designed for household usage isn’t always the greatest option for RV camping.

Look for a diesel RV generator that is designed exclusively for motorhomes or travel trailers.

With an RV-specific device, installation and setup will be a breeze.

When searching into portable RV diesel generators, another factor to consider is how much electricity you’ll need.

The size and type of your RV, as well as the draw rating of the appliances you intend to use, will determine this.

A smaller trailer with a lower BTU air conditioner will not need as large a diesel RV generator as a bigger rig.

The amount of gasoline an RV generator needs may vary depending on how much power you use and how long you run it, but a reasonable rule of thumb is to count on somewhat less than a gallon per hour while operating your air conditioner.

This means you should always remember to switch it off when not in use!

Which Diesel Generators Come Recommendation?

As previously said, you’ll want to think about factors like how much electricity you’ll need to operate your appliances and how much space you’ll need for your generator – but these models have excellent reviews:

  • The DuroStar DS7000Q Portable Diesel Generator
  • The Cummins Onan 6HDKAH-1044 120v Diesel RV Generator
  • The Kipor Power Systems KDE5000TA Powered Portable Generator
  • The ProSeries Portable Diesel Generator

What Is the Best Way to Start a Diesel RV Generator?

Although it depends depend on the generator you have, starting an RV diesel generator is typically very straightforward.

Nowadays, you usually simply have to press a button…

If you’re unsure about the procedure, check the owner’s handbook or contact a sales clerk ahead of time.

When you already have a diesel-powered RV, diesel RV generators may be quite useful…and they burn cleaner than conventional gas! You can be sure to get the generator that will best meet the demands of your RV or camper if you do some research ahead of time.

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