A battery box’s functions include keeping the battery from moving, containing any potential leaks (however unlikely they may be), and shielding any foreign objects from making contact with the positive terminal.

You could be looking for a twin battery box if you have a large home battery arrangement and are running two batteries (in series or parallel) in order to save space, stay safe, and keep things organized.

The issue is that there aren’t many ready-made options for twin battery boxes, and internet buying often makes it difficult to gauge internal measurements.

In order to assist you choose the best battery box for your requirements, this page has organized several of the top battery box choices and their features.

Note: The “group” size of the batteries that fit inside several of these boxes is noted.

Use this table to establish the group size of your battery.

Dual Battery Boxes On The Market

#1. Quickcable Dual 27, 31 Commericial Battery Box

This Quickcable dual box is our top choice, provided that it can accommodate your batteries (sizes 27 or 31 would both work).

It is very robust, quite small, and we believe the thumb screws are the most user-friendly and well-made of the bunch.

The 3-way cable channels are broad and well-designed, and massive entrance ports are ideal for heavy duty (or many) connections, which may be appealing if your electrical setup isn’t the neatest.

Make sure you carefully verify the battery category size.

Some sizes, such as a large 200ah battery, won’t fit.

Outside dimensions: 20″(L) x 21″(W) x 12.5″(H)

Inside dimensions: 14″(L) x 15″(W) x 10.5″(H)

#2. NOCO HM485 Dual 8D Commercial Grade Battery Box

The NOCO double box, another premium alternative, with great ventilation and strong fasteners on all four sides.

The fact that the screw knobs don’t have much space around them (they are covered by a ridge to avoid inadvertent loosening) is one of our little pet peeves.

The NOCO box will work fine for two 8D (regular) 12V batteries as long as you don’t mind this.

Outside measurements: 26″(L) x 24″(W) x 12.5″(H)

Interior measurements: 23″(L) x 21″(W) x 10.5″(H)

#3. Quickcable end-to-end 8D Battery Box

There are several interior design options if you are constructing or modifying your own campervan.

In essence, it’s one giant riddle.

The Quickcable end-to-end box can save your life, just like one of those “long and straight” Tetris pieces.

It works well for pressing up against a wall below a bed, or you could enclose it in lower shelf.

A bit more expensive, but you may not have an option if your home design demands it.

Outside dimensions: 49.5″(L) x 18.25″(W) x 12.25″(H)

Inside dimensions: 42.5″(L) x 12″(W) x 10.75″(H)

#4. Moeller Roto-Molded Marine Battery Box

This Dual Marine Battery Box is well-made and reasonably priced, and it was mainly created for marine uses.

This box features basic wing nuts instead of the more ergonomic screw knobs seen on the other boxes on this list, but they still function.

Outside dimensions: 27.6″(L) x 24.6″(W) x 14″(H)

Inside dimensions: 24.25″(L) x 21.25″(W) x 9.5″(H)

#5. TORK LIFT Secure Aluminum Battery Box

You may not want your battery box inside your cabin at all, depending on your circumstances.

Some people choose for an outside alternative, such as this TORK safe lockbox, which can be attached to the back trailer hitch if you buy extra mounting options (the box comes with basic mounting hardware, but not for a hitch).

With the higher price tag comes more versatility and application possibilities since this is more of a generic lockable box that can also accommodate two 12V batteries.

Outside dimensions: 30″(L) x 11″(W) x 13.5″(H)

Inside dimensions: 23.8″(L) x 8.2″(W) x 13″(H)

#6. Tray With Two Battery Holders

Maybe you’re starting to see that a twin battery box may not be the best option for you.

You may not need those additional safety measures or have the room, money, or need for them.

You may have a look at one of these affordable twin battery trays if all you want to do is keep your campervan’s dual battery system connected and tidy.

The batteries will remain securely placed next one another as a result, reducing stress on the connections and terminals.

Dimensions: 14.5″(L) x 13.2″(W) x 1.2″(H)

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