If you operate an RV, you are surely aware that the battery is the only potent and dependable source of energy available to you when driving.

While the battery is intended to provide a steady DC current to power the RV’s internal components, you may connect it to an RV inverter to convert that current to AC electricity.

Simply said, you will be able to use the same battery to power much more than just your vehicle, such as a refrigerator, backup power source, entertainment system, and more.

The RV inverters are a pretty unique piece of technology.

Therefore, before purchasing one, you should be aware of the following.

  • Type of Inverter: Square wave, modified sine wave, and sine wave inverters are the three basic kinds of inverters. Since they are versatile and have a large power capacity, sine wave inverters are the most well-liked of them.
  • Wattage: An RV inverter’s output must be more than the sum of the inputs from all connected devices. While camping for three to four days, a high wattage choice generally comes in very handy.
  • Input and Output Voltage: You must choose an RV inverter with standard output voltage that is compatible with the majority of electrical devices. Regarding the input, you should make sure that your battery can provide the inverter enough power.

As you may already be aware, RV inverters are among the most costly equipment available for recreational vehicles.

Because of this, you need carefully choose the finest RV inverter that will work effectively for you for a long period.

We are presenting to you today the top RV inverters currently available on the market.

These options were carefully chosen to ensure good performance and the return on your investment.

[Year]’s Top Rv Inverter Charger

Best RV Inverter ChargerPeak Current OutputPower CapacityWarranty
Victron Energy  Inverter Charger120 Amps3000 Watts5 Years
AIMS  Inverter Charger100 Amps3000 Watts1 Year
AIMS Power Inverter Charger50 Amps6000 Watts1 Year
Renogy Inverter Charger24 Amps2000 Watts2 Years
AMPINVT Inverter Charger60 Amps3000 Watts1 Year
SUNGOLDPOWER Inverter Charger90 Amps6000 Watts1½ Year

Reviews Of The Top Rv Inverter Chargers For [Year]

#1. Victron Energy 3000 watts Inverter Charger

For a sizable portion of customers, reliable solutions are their first pick.

As a result, we are ranking the most trustworthy brand first.

The Victron Energy MultiPlus RV inverter took first prize.

With a maximum power capacity of 3000 watts and a current output of 120 amps, it is a powerful but small RV inverter.

Additionally, it offers a conventional 120-volt pure sine wave AC current output that may be used as an input for the majority of electrical products.

This inverter has a special power assistance mechanism that guards against overloading the device.

You may not even realize when the power goes off since the Victron Energy MultiPlus will be linked to your system in only 20 milliseconds.

Up to 6 Victron Energy MultiPlus devices may be connected in parallel to meet your power needs and maintain a manageable power demand.

To allow you to choose the option that works best for you, these inverters offer both three-phase and split phase operations.

The Victron Energy MultiPlus comes with a 5-year guarantee since it is the most dependable item on our list.

Best Qualities:

  • Peak current output of 120 amps
  • 3000 watts of power output
  • Inverter for pure sine waves
  • Special power-assist function
  • Connects in 20 milliseconds
  • Most trustworthy RV inverter
  • 5 years of warranty


  • Allows for usage with up to 6 units in parallel.
  • Extensive warranty period
  • Supports operation in split and three phases.


  • Costly for the available power capacity

#2. AIMS 3000 watts Inverter Charger

The brand that appears the most often when we search for electrical gadgets is definitely AIMS.

The excellent RV inverter they have is described below.

Compared to other alternatives on our list, the RV inverter in second place offers greater value for the money.

The AIMS PICOGLF30W12V120VR is more affordable than most alternatives with a constant power output of 3000 watts and a surge power capability of up to 9000 watts.

Based on pure sine wave technology, this 120 volts AC RV inverter offers clean power production with a low-frequency range.

On the gadget, there is also an automatic transfer switch.

In order to charge your inverter, AIMS includes a unique 100 amp smart battery charger that enables you to connect up to 8 different kinds of batteries.

The RV inverter has overload protection, high voltage, low voltage, and short circuit protection, all of which are activated by an internal alarm system.

There is also a specific power-saving mode that you may utilize at night to save the battery under the best circumstances.

AIMS offers a one-year guarantee on it.

Best Qualities:

  • Peak current output of 100 amps
  • 3000 watts of power output
  • A good deal for the money an RV inverter
  • 9000 watts of surge power
  • Production of low-frequency power
  • Inverter for pure sine waves
  • One year of warranty


  • There are several safety mechanisms in place.
  • An exclusive power-saving mode
  • Perfect for RVs, boats, and residences.


  • There should have been a longer warranty term.

#3. AIMS Power 6000 watts Inverter Charger

We are highlighting another another RV inverter made by AIMS since the company often has a product that works for all budgets.

You shouldn’t pass on this premium product, which is one of its best ones.

One of the most potent RV inverters now available on the market is in third place.

The AIMS Power PICOGLF60W24V240VS inverter has a maximum surge capability of up to 180000 watts for up to 20 seconds and can provide a constant power supply of 6000 watts, which is difficult to find in an inverter.

It is a split-phase pure sine wave inverter that may provide output voltages of 120 or 240 volts depending on the needs of the customer.

This inverter’s charger can accommodate 8 different battery types and has an 85 amp capacity.

The PICOGLF60W24V240VS has a respectable array of safety features, including overload, high voltage, low voltage, and overheating protection, much like our AIMS RV inverter from earlier.

The inverter’s inbuilt alarm mechanism will promptly notify you if anything goes wrong.

The gadget comes with an AC current terminal block and a specific control dial that the user may use to adjust the output as needed.

Additionally, a one-year warranty is included.

Best Qualities:

  • Peak current output of 50 amps
  • 6000 watts of power output
  • 18000 watts of surge power
  • Inverter for pure sine waves
  • Enables output at 120 or 240 volts
  • Includes a smart charger
  • One year of warranty


  • A select few choices that permits high voltage output
  • Appropriate for demanding applications
  • There are several safety measures implemented.


  • For the price, the warranty duration is too short.

#4. Renogy 2000 watts Inverter Charger

After seeing the premium selections, let’s examine some of the most cost-effective solutions now available on the market.

One such company that offers less expensive alternatives is Renogy.

If your needs are modest, there is no need in investing in a high-end RV inverter since the majority of its power would be lost nevertheless.

A less expensive choice would be the Renogy Pure Sine Wave Inverter, which can provide up to 6000 watts of surge power if required and 2000 watts of continuous power.

For the best results, manually adjust the input voltage range and the charging current for the battery in accordance with the requirements of your RV battery.

The charger works with voltages between 90 and 138 volts.

The battery charger features four charging phases that are already planned out to guarantee the safety of your battery while it is being charged.

Additionally, it supports eight different types of standard batteries, including the most widely used lithium batteries.

The inverter makes less noise and offers dependable, silent performance since it runs at a reduced capacity.

This solar-powered RV inverter comes with a two-year guarantee from Renogy.

Best Qualities:

  • Peak current output of 24 amps
  • 2000 watts of power output
  • Input voltage and battery charging current are adjustable
  • Charge a battery in four stages
  • RV inverter powered by solar
  • Charge a battery from 90 to 138 volts
  • Two years of warranty


  • Solar panels may be used to charge it
  • LCD screen for simple comprehension
  • Adaptive performance


  • Heavy-duty applications are not appropriate.

#5. AMPINVT 3000 watts Inverter Charger

Next, we are introducing an AMPINVT RV inverter.

As noted below, it is the most reasonably priced brand among our options and offers a respectable quality product.

If you’ve been looking for an inexpensive solution, our next choice for the best RV inverter will be a fantastic fit for you.

With a constant power output of 3000 watts and a surge power capability of up to 9000 watts, the AMPINVT RV inverter is very affordable.

It is feasible since this inverter is a pure sine wave inverter that, if required, may also be powered by a solar grid.

Because the charger supports five different charging phases, you may manually regulate the charging current from 0 to 100 percent.

The RC inverter comes with 5 operating modes that are appropriate for a variety of applications.

There is also an environmental mode, which is really helpful if your battery is getting low.

On the top of the inverter, there is also an LCD display that shows you all of the real-time monitoring data and all significant metrics.

Once the electricity is cut off, the inverter is able to switch on in 10 milliseconds.

The AMPINVT RV inverter has a one-year guarantee offered.

Best Qualities:

  • Peak current output of 60 amps
  • 3000 watts of power output
  • Most cost-effective RV inverter
  • Capability for surge power of up to 9000 watts
  • 5 active does
  • Adjustable charging voltage and duration
  • One year of warranty


  • Switching happens quickly.
  • Strong surge capacity for the price offered
  • Dedicated LCD display for comprehension


  • Heavy-duty applications are not appropriate.

#6. SUNGOLDPOWER 6000 watts Inverter Charger

Finally, we’re adding yet another top-notch RV inverter to our list of recommendations.

This RV inverter is made by SUNGOLDPOWER, a relatively unknown company.

Our last selection for the finest RV inverters is the SUNGOLDPOWER.

But since it is a pure sine wave inverter, which also functions as a combination of an inverter and a solar battery, it is still among the most powerful solutions on our list at the moment.

It has a separate remote control for simple setting and low-frequency output with less idle current.

Utilizing the linear switch on the device, you may manually change the charging current from 0% to 100%.

There is a battery type selection option on the inverter itself since the SUNGOLDPOWER RV inverter is designed to work with several kinds of batteries.

When charging the inverter with various chargers, the charging adjustment setting is useful.

The SUNGOLDPOWER RV inverter offers you a constant power capacity of 6000 watts and a maximum surge capacity of over 18000 watts, both of which are only found in comparably expensive choices.

A one and a half year warranty is also included.

Best Qualities:

  • Peak current output of 90 amps
  • 6000 watts of power output
  • High-end RV inverter
  • Inverter for pure sine waves
  • Output at a low frequency
  • Adjusting the charging current from 0% to 100%
  • 18000 watts or more in surge power
  • 1 1/2 years of warranty


  • Extremely high surge capacity
  • Power output is appropriate for demanding applications.
  • All required safety precautions are put in place.


  • The warranty’s duration is brief.

The Best RV Inverter Charger Buying Guide

There are many uses for a good RV inverter.

It may primarily be used as a backup power source to run your important electronic gadgets, such telephones, radios, power banks for emergencies, etc.

In addition, it may be utilized to effectively utilise solar energy to charge the battery in your automobile.

The RV inverters are very robust equipment that can provide an AC power supply to even high maintenance electrical items like TVs, DVD players, air conditioners, etc.

However, the use and effectiveness of the RV inverter varies greatly depending on a number of variables, including the inverter’s capacity, kind, power rating, and others.

In our purchasing guide, we’ll look more closely at these elements and make an effort to comprehend how crucial they are for everyday use.

As a result, we fervently urge you to go over our purchasing advice before making a decision.

#1. Output Voltage

Any inverter’s voltage output is crucial since it determines which electrical items may be powered by the inverter.

To be able to power all of your electronic equipment, your inverter must have a very high voltage output for heavy applications.

In the absence of it, you will notice that the gadgets are acting in a way that might endanger them.

A high voltage output inverter, however, will be completely worthless if you merely want to use it to power a few radios and power banks for emergencies.

In such cases, a low voltage alternative would serve your requirements better since it is more cost-effective and will be enough.

#2. Power Reserves

The watts unit, where the high signifies a larger power capacity, is used to describe an RV inverter’s power capability.

There are two separate power ratings—continuous and surge power capacity—in practically every RV inverter.

The inverter’s continuous power capacity is often what you need to pay close attention to since it determines the inverter’s overall ability to produce electricity.

On the other side, the inverter may provide a substantial burst of power known as surge power, but it is only usable for a very little period of time.

In most cases, the surge capacity is more than twice as large as the continuous capacity.

#3. Inverter Type

Square wave, modified sine wave, and pure sine wave inverters are the three main kinds of inverters, as we just explained.

The pure sine wave inverters are the most costly choice among them since they may provide a much higher output capacity and a steady performance for heavy-duty applications.

The main benefit of a pure sine wave inverter is that it works with many of the RV accessories that are now on the market.

As a result, all of our selections for the top RV inverter chargers on our list are chargers that use only pure sine waves.

#4. Warranty

The finest RV inverter chargers are among the most costly RV accessories accessible to you, as you may have observed by this point.

These devices are expensive and cannot be replaced often.

As a result, you must choose the most dependable solution you can inside your means.

Numerous aspects, including the construction quality of the RV inverter charger, the safety precautions, and the application, affect dependability.

In general, it is challenging to take into account all of these factors and choose the most dependable solution.

Therefore, you should only consider the manufacturer’s designated warranty duration.

In the event that your item unexpectedly falls, you will be entitled to request free service throughout the warranty term.


Today, we presented to you the top RV inverters currently available on the market.

You can learn all you need to know about RV inverters right here, so read up before making a purchase.

To assist you further in making your choice, we have also provided a shopping guide for the best RV inverter in our post.

Take a look at a few possibilities that we believe could be the best for you if you’re still unsure about which RV inverter is ideal for you.

  • If you’re searching for a less expensive solution, our top suggestion for you is the AMPINVT 3000W RV inverter. With a peak power capability of 9000 watts, this RV inverter can provide 3000 watts of continuous electricity. It has a year of guarantee and is a pure sine wave solar inverter, which is excellent for the price.
  • The best option today for you will be an AIMS Power RV inverter if you need a high power output. It has a continuous power output capacity of up to 6000 watts. For emergency applications, the peak capacity is excellent since it provides up to 20 seconds of use of roughly 18000 watts.
  • RV inverters are pricey equipment that might be challenging to repair if it breaks down too soon. Thus, the Victron Energy MultiPlus RV inverter is our last suggestion. It has a 3000 watt power output and a 120 amp inverter for RVs. It is protected by a five-year warranty.

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