The ability to use solar electricity in your RV might open up whole new camping possibilities.

However, you shouldn’t let just anybody handle the installation of your RV’s solar system.

If you type “RV solar installation near me,” you’ll probably get a list of competent and unqualified businesses and people who claim to be experts.

To help you go through them and choose the best installation for you, we wish to provide you some suggestions.

Who Do You Dial for RV Solar Panel Installation?

It’s likely that if you hire someone to install RV solar panels, they will drill through the roof of the vehicle.

You don’t want to give this work to just any random individual who claims to be knowledgeable.

You will save a lot of time, money, and worry by doing your research here.

Start sorting through the results from your search for “RV solar installation near me,” as we previously stated.

You’ll start to acquire a feel of people who can perform the work successfully when you read reviews or ask for recommendations.

Another option is to locate a handyman with experience installing panels, but proceed with caution.

Getting references and reviews for specific people is more difficult.

The Best RV Solar Installers

Every day, scores of individuals call Battle Born Batteries seeking assistance with the installation of their solar and electrical systems.

Here are a few installers that we suggest:

#1. Off Grid Solar Specialists in Colorado Springs, CO


Phone: (719) 271-9957

#2. Sin City Overland in Las Vegas, NV


Phone: (702) 580-2349

#3. Southwest RV in Glendale, AZ


Phone: (623) 486-3452

#4. AM Solar in Springfield, OR


Phone: (541) 726-1091

#5. Inverter Service Center in White House, TN


Phone: (615) 285-0611

#6. Auer’s RV in Georgetown, TX


Phone: (512) 863-2030

#7. The Dry Campers (Leanna and Mike Purdue)


View Availability: View Calendar

#8. Off The Grid Camper (Cameron Belscher)


Get In Touch: View Schedule and Contact

#9. Panels Up Solar in Gulfport, MS (Justin Ford)


Phone: 228-363-9121

Solar power is used by RV Love when boondocking

How to Locate Local RV Solar Installation

Searching online is one of the greatest methods to discover a nearby RV solar installation.

Some businesses that focus on residential installations will install solar panels on your RV.

Finding the finest RV solar installation around may be made easy by contacting these businesses.

You may also discover a few Facebook groups for RV solar and check if anybody there has utilized installers in your neighborhood.

You may use the impartial opinions of other RVers to choose an installation.

Even if you have no prior experience installing a solar system in an RV, viewing photos of a neat installation might be a strong indicator that the installer is skilled.

It’s recommended moving on to the next installation if you see a rat’s nest of wire.

You may also connect with local experts via applications like Thumbtack, Angi (formerly Angie’s List), Pro Referral, and HomeAdvisor powered by Angi.

Do your research to prevent employing a loser once again.

Is Installing Solar on an RV Expensive?

The price might vary significantly depending on the size of your RV solar system.

A simple system installation could just take a few hours to complete.

But building a more complicated system may easily take ten to fifteen hours or more.

Please be aware that setting up an RV solar system requires more than simply mounting a few panels on the roof and running some wiring.

A solar charge controller, an inverter, and significant changes to the cabling leading to and from the different components will probably be required.

RV solar is a great addition for many RVers, despite the costs.

Is It Possible To Install Mobile Rv Solar Power?

Some experts may go to you for a charge if you can’t locate an RV solar installation nearby.

If you’re at a campsite or RV park, just make sure you acquire the hosts’ permission before working on your RV.

There are skilled mobile RV solar installers that traverse the nation installing solar panels in RVs.

Many of them have certificates from the NRVTA, so you can be sure they are knowledgeable.

The fact that it could be challenging to address problems after the setup if you choose a mobile RV installation is a drawback.

When you need them most, you can be on one side of the nation and they might be on the other, resulting in phone tag or feeling abandoned.

Are RV Solar Panels Self-Installable?

Solar panels have been installed independently by several RVers.

It’s conceivable, but you need do your homework first.

For a setup to be effective and function well, it is crucial to choose the appropriate panels, arrange them in the appropriate locations, and link them properly.

Investigate every aspect of the procedure.

Making mistakes may be expensive, including choosing the wrong components, wiring your system incorrectly, and other errors.

If you try to correct your mistakes on your own, you can wind up paying more money than if you had hired a specialist right away.

In addition, you run the danger of not taking safety precautions or using the incorrect fuses.

Is it Worth It to Hire a Professional to Install Solar on Your RV?

If you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable working with electrical components, it may be worthwhile to have your RV solar installed by a professional.

If you aren’t sure you can do it, don’t attempt it yourself.

It’s crucial to complete any adjustments or upgrades to your electrical system correctly.

Electrical fires are all too prevalent in poorly executed renovation initiatives.

By installing your system improperly, you run the danger of harming yourself or your RV.

Professionals with extensive installation experience will be far more knowledgeable and capable of quickly and accurately installing your system.

Finding the finest RV solar installer can help you have a positive installation experience and ensuring that your system operates as needed if you decide to choose this path.

You may benefit from keeping your batteries charged by the sun if you choose the correct installation for your system.

Would you handle the installation of an RV solar system? Do you have any suggestions for a reputable solar installation in your area?

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