When there is a demand for water, an RV water pump will typically turn on and pump water from the freshwater tank to the location where there is a draw.

If the water pump in your RV continues to run continuously, you will need to perform a diagnostic check.

#1. An Open Tap Or Valve

If the water pump in your RV continues running, it’s possible that a tap or valve is left open, which causes the pump to run continually.

Before proceeding with anything further, it is important to double check and make sure that all of the valves and taps are in their closed positions.

#2. The Switch That Controls The RV’s Water Supply Is In The Wrong Position.

There is a switch found in certain recreational vehicles (RVs) that allows the user to choose between the freshwater tank or the municipal water supply as the source of the RV’s water supply.

This switch for the freshwater tank may occasionally cause the pump to operate if it is placed to the “on” position when the city water connection is made.

If you own an RV that includes one of these switches, you need to double check to ensure that it is set to the appropriate position.

#3. A Leak In The Water Pipe Or The Connection

The most typical reason for an RV pump to continue operating is a leak in the water supply.

There are occasions when a connection is either too loose or too worn out.

Pipes may develop flaws such as cracks or pinholes over time.

Perform a thorough inspection of the water pipes and connections to look for leaks; if you find any, either fix them or replace them.

#4. The Filter For The RV Water Pump Is Now Clogged.

The water pump in your RV is equipped with a screen or filter that prevents debris from entering the pump.

It is possible for the water pump to operate continuously if the filter becomes blocked with particles.

This filter can typically be easily located and cleaned, and doing so on a regular basis is recommended to ensure that the water pump continues to function in an efficient manner.

The following video will demonstrate how simple it is to inspect and clean an RV pump filter.

Why is my RV water pump continuously running? – The R Pod Review

#5. There Is A Leak In The Water Pump.

As was just mentioned, the water pump in the RV is susceptible to springing a leak on occasion.

Be sure to give the water pump a thorough inspection for leaks.

Turn off the pump if you see that it is leaking.

Either the pump has to be replaced, or the connection or the seal around it needs to be fixed.

There are situations in which it is simpler to just replace the complete pump than it is to attempt to fix it.

#6. There Is A Problem With The Pressure Switch On The Water Pump.

The recreational vehicle (RV) water pump is equipped with a pressure switch that turns it off when the desired pressure is reached.

In the event that the pressure switch is not operating as it should, the RV pump will continue to operate continuously.

The pressure switch has to be replaced in order to fix the problem.

It is a straightforward procedure that involves little handyperson skills and a few tools that ought to already be in your RV toolbox; nevertheless, the process of changing a pressure switch is beyond the scope of this essay.

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