We all like using solar energy to provide our RVs with electricity.

Once the system is in place, we pay nothing for the electricity itself since it is clean and efficient.

However, a solar RV awning is the new kid in town, and we think it’s really exciting, so today we’re sharing our enthusiasm with you and looking at this cutting-edge new product.

Move along!

A Solar RV Awning: What Is It?

A retractable awning consisting of high-efficiency solar panels is known as a solar RV awning.

When the awning is opened, the solar panels are exposed to the sun, generating electricity that is captured and stored in the battery bank of the RV by the electrical system.

As we did when we first learned about it, we assume you have a ton of questions, so let’s start addressing them!

The Xpanse Solar Rv Awning Is Produced By Who?

The Fremont, California-based renewable energy firm Xponent Power is the manufacturer of the Xpanse solar RV awning.

The team at the firm has extensive knowledge of both the solar and RV sectors.

The Xpanse Solar Awning’s Construction Method

To guarantee longevity and efficiency, the glass-based solar panels are built using the same components that are often used to build solar panels for homes and businesses.

“The ultra-compact form factor of the Xpanse solar panel, which allows seamless integration with the mechanical components in the awning and a very tiny footprint when the awning is closed, is what makes it special.”

Xponent Power

The system was even created by the corporation so that, in the event that an awning part were to sustain damage, it could be quickly changed without affecting the functioning of the whole system.

How Much Solar Power Can the Xpanse Awning Produce?

Three different variants of the Xpanse solar RV awning will be offered: 1,200W, 1,000W, and 800W.

This indicates that the system would be effective for RVers with a variety of power requirements.

While a lot of RVers may be able to get by with 800W, travelers who live and work in their RVs full-time, as we do, would benefit from a bigger capacity system.

Is the Solar Awning Subject to Wind Damage Like Regular Awnings?

The solution to the query we both had seems to be rather smart.

The 45 mph wind resistance of the Xpanse solar awning has been tested and engineered to withstand.

The Xpanse solar RV awning held up well when exposed to persistent winds ranging from 25 to 45 mph.

Even better, under windy situations the awning is intended to retract just a little bit, allowing the wind to flow between the solar panels and preventing the awning from being blown about.

There’s more, too! If the wind speed reaches a certain threshold, the Xpanse solar awning is set up to fully retract automatically.

Do I Need to Remove My RV’s Awning Before Installing a Solar Awning?

No, you don’t have to take the canvas awning off your RV.

The other side of the RV may have the Xpanse solar awning fitted.

In fact, it’s even doable to put two Xpanse awnings on a single RV, one on each side, which would double the quantity of solar power offered!

Of course, you would need to remove the current awning from your RV and replace it with the Solar RV awning if you just wanted one awning and it was already installed.

How Long and How Far Does the Xpanse Solar RV Awning Extend?

When completely extended, the solar RV awning is around 16 feet in length and protrudes roughly 7 feet from the RV’s side.

To suit smaller RVs, the length of the awning may be adjusted down in 3-foot increments.

How Many Cycles Of Extension And Contraction Can The Support Arms Tolerate?

Over 2,000 extend/retract cycles, the support arms were tested with larger weights than the weight of the whole solar awning.

This testing provided assurance of the product’s longevity and maintained efficient functioning under heavy usage.

How Do I Install a Solar RV Awning and What Does Hiring an Installer Cost?

The pricing already includes the cost of installation, so you won’t have to spend anything more to hire an installer.

All Xpanse solar RV awning installations are carried out by qualified experts at Xponent Power.

The business intends to provide a number of sites around the nation so that installations may be performed wherever is most convenient for the consumer.

How Can a Solar RV Awning Be Extended and Retracted?

You depress a key.

I’m not joking.

It’s that easy.

What If The Roof Of My Rv Already Has Solar Panels?

Not an issue.

The Xpanse awning may be integrated with your rooftop solar and added to your existing solar system, connecting both to the same electrical system (it’s not obvious from the literature whether the Xpanse Solar RV awning has a solar charge controller or if it must be installed or bought separately).

Can My RV Fit the Solar RV Awning?

The Xpanse awning is “intended to be compatible with most RV brands and models,” according to Xponent.

When you pre-order your system, they will certify compatibility with your RV once they get information on it.

Does Xponent Provide a System Warranty?

Yes, according to the company’s policy, labor is covered by a 1-year guarantee and the solar awning itself by a 10-year warranty.

When Will an Xpanse Solar Awning Be Installed? How Do I Order One?

Your chosen system must be pre-ordered.

Before completing your final purchase, you should be able to view the merchandise up close and personal at trade exhibitions or RV shops.

Visit this page to learn more about the procedure and to check the prices for each of the three Xpanse solar RV awning models.

On Xponent Power’s YouTube account, you can also see some footage of the Xpanse solar RV awning in action.

How Do You Feel About This New, Innovative Product?

What do you think of this novel product, please? Please share your ideas in the comments area; we’d love to hear them! On your RV, would you install one?

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