A solar generator is a very practical and adaptable power source.

You may use one to get electricity on the move or as a backup energy source for your house.

You may be wondering, “What size solar generator do I need?” before purchasing one.

This is definitely a crucial issue.

Purchasing the appropriate size solar generator can guarantee that you have a reliable supply of electricity without spending more than necessary.

But arguably the most important issue is: what big power station do I need for my solar generator?

Because a “solar generator” may theoretically refer to a solar solution with two (or more) components, this is the case.

A Jackery Solar Generator is made up of the following components:

1. Solar panels — solar panels gather solar energy from direct sunlight.

2. The power station — here is where the solar panels’ electrical energy is stored.

We’ll show you how to decide up what size power station is best for your solar generator aims in this post.

Continue reading to understand how to determine the proper power station size, as well as other solar generator facts, so you can make the best decision.

The Dimensions of Power Plants

Watts are the most common unit of measurement for power installations (W).

This is a power measurement that is used to determine the rate of energy transfer.

But the most important thing to remember is that the higher the wattage of a power station, the more power it can supply in a single charge.

When choosing a power station, keep in mind that various watt measures are important to consider.

#1. Constant Power

Continuous power is the name given to the initial measurement.

This is the maximum quantity of power that a power plant can provide on a regular basis.

#2. Maximum Power

Peak power is the term for the second measurement.

This is the highest quantity of electricity a power plant can provide in a short period of time.

#3. Peak Power vs. Continuous Power (An Example)

Here’s an illustration.

Consider what happens when you switch on your air conditioner.

To get started, it requires a burst of power.

That’s when you’re at your most powerful.

However, the amount of electricity required to operate the AC unit continually is often smaller.

That’s a never-ending supply of energy.

To start certain appliances, such as refrigerators, a burst of 3-7 times their typical power is required.

Keep in mind that your power station must be able to handle the appliance’s peak power need.

So, if you want to operate a refrigerator with a solar generator, merely fulfilling the continuous power needs won’t enough.

The figure that will have the most influence on you will most likely be continuous power.

It’s the number that indicates how much power you’ll obtain from a single charge of your power station under typical circumstances.

How to Calculate the Capacity of Your Optimal Power Station in 4 Easy Steps

Power stations are sold by Jackery to fulfill a broad range of power consumption requirements.

Our products are available in capacities ranging from 167Wh to 2,060Wh.

In A Solar Generator’s Power Station, How Many Watts Do I Need?

You’ll need to complete the following calculations to determine which Jackery product has the necessary power capability for you:

Step 1: Decide what you want to power with your power station and how long you want to power it for.

Understanding your demands is the first step in selecting the best power station for your needs.

This entails deciding which items you’d want to power with your solar generator and estimating how long it will take for its power station to produce that electricity.

Tip: Only choose gadgets that can be plugged into your Jackery Power Station.

Water heaters, for example, are often plugged into your house.

As a result, you’re unlikely to be able to power one using a power station.

(Unless you have that gadget hardwired into your house.)

Here are a few examples of gadgets that are often powered by solar generators:

  • PCs and laptops
  • Chargers for phones
  • Appliances for the kitchen
  • Hairdryers
  • Cooling systems
  • Video game consoles

Step 2: Determine how much energy each of your choices consumes.

Once you’ve decided what you want to power, you’ll need to figure out how much energy you’ll need.

Finding out how many watts your gadgets use is the first step in estimating this.

This number is often shown on the gadget itself.

If you just observe an amp measurement, you may convert it to watts by multiplying it by the voltage of the device.

The next step is to decide how long you want to be able to use each of your devices.

Then multiply the amount of hours you’ve chosen by each item’s wattage.

This will tell you the total number of watt-hours you’ll need to power each gadget.

Here’s an illustration:

Two 60-watt lightbulbs will be powered for two hours each.

To figure out how many watt-hours you’ll need, do the following:

  • Get the total hours: Multiply 2 hours of power by 2 light bulbs. (2 x 2) = 4
  • Get the total wattage: Multiply 2 light bulbs by their 60 watts. (2 x 60) = 120
  • Multiply them together to calculate the total watt-hours. (4 x 120) = 480

Then double your answer by 0.85 to allow for an 85 percent consistent energy consumption rate while the gadget is charged.

  • 480 watt-hours / 0.85 = 564 watt-hours

To achieve your aim of being able to power two 60 watt lightbulbs for two hours each, you’ll need a power station that can supply at least 564 watt-hours.

Step 3: Add All Of Your Watt-Hour Answers Together

For each item you wish to power with your Jackery Solar Generator, repeat the math from the previous step.

Then put all of the answers together to obtain the total number of watt-hours that the power station must supply in order to meet your objectives.

Assume you need 400 watt-hours to power your lights, 300 watt-hours to charge your phone, and 300 watt-hours to charge your laptop.

The total number of watt-hours you’ll need is 1,000 (400 + 300 + 300).

Step 4: Find out how many Watt-Hours the power station you want has.

You now have all of the information you want to choose the best portable power station.

Simply compare your answer from Step 3 to the wattage given by each power station you investigate.

Simply choose a power station with a greater wattage than the total watt-hour need you estimated in Step 3.

Is It Possible To Power A Home With A Solar Generator?

You won’t be able to power everything in your home for numerous hours with a solar powered generator unless you get a huge Jackery Solar Generator (such as the Solar Generator 1500 with a portable power station with 1,534Wh capacity).

If the figure you obtained in Step 3 is greater than almost every power station you look at, you may want to reconsider what you truly need to power with it.

If you can pare down your needs to the very minimum, you’ll be able to discover a solar generator that meets your needs without breaking the bank.

Buying a Portable Solar Generator Has Its Advantages

Solar generators are a flexible backup power source.

You may use them at home as well as when traveling.

To provide this versatility, they’re designed to be smaller than specialized home backup solar generators.

You simply connect the portable solar panels into the power station till it’s charged, since they have a power station that you charge using portable solar panels.

The power you’ve made may then be used on practically any appliance or electrical gadget you wish.

Many individuals buy portable solar generators to have access to clean electricity while they’re out enjoying nature.

They may then utilize the generator as a backup source of electricity for their houses anytime they need it as an extra bonus.

Portable solar generators are so popular because of their adaptability.


Is a Jackery Power Station able to charge any device?

Because they include USB connectors, a DC carport, and pure sine wave AC outlets, Jackery Power Stations can power a broad range of consumer products.

One of these ways must be used to power your device, and the power level must be compatible with the Jackery Power Station you choose.

Is it possible for a Jackery Power Station to jumpstart my car?

No, a Jackery Power Station cannot be used to restart an automobile.

A power station, on the other hand, may be used to charge a car’s battery.

So you may use your Jackery product to charge the battery enough to avoid having to kickstart it.

How Long Will a Jackery Power Station Keep My Device Running?

This is largely dependant on how much energy your gadget consumes.

You must calculate the watt-hours (as given above) and compare the result to the wattage of the Jackery Power Station model you choose.

This will provide you with the information you need.

Which Jackery Power Station Size Is Right for Me?

This will be determined by the amount of electricity you use from your portable solar generator.

If you want to get the most power out of your portable power station, choose between our Explorer 1,500 Portable Power Station and our Explorer 1,000 Portable Power Station.

Size Options for the Jackery Power Station

To make it simpler for you to locate a power station that meets your requirements, Jackery offers a broad range of options.

We’ve created a chart to assist you in determining which is best for you.

Check out this chart to see what kind of power you can anticipate from some of the most popular Jackery Power Stations:


Solar generators are a low-maintenance power source that provides clean, renewable energy wherever you need it.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s in the house, outside, or both.

They may be an excellent investment.

It is, nevertheless, prudent to get the appropriate size for your energy requirements.

That’s why Jackery provides solar generators with a variety of power stations to guarantee you discover the right one for your needs and budget.

Always bear in mind what gadgets you want to power and how long you want them to run.

If you’re not sure how much electricity you’ll need, we hope this article will assist you in determining the appropriate size power station and, as a result, the appropriate size solar generator.

Check out our solar generators* website for more information about Jackery Solar Generators and the different size power stations they come with.

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