Due to dirt particles stuck on the filter, your PUR water filter is still blinking red even after you replaced the filter.

Your PUR water filter will light red after it has finished purifying 100 gallons of water.

The blink is a false warning if you recently changed the filter unit in the system.

Does this concern you? No, it shouldn’t since the filter was recently changed.

You’ll be able to solve the issue using a few tricks.

Continue reading because we’ll go into more detail about why that’s occurring and how to remedy it.

You may learn more about your PUR filter’s operation as you read on in this article and get the answers to some common queries concerning PUR water filters.

We need to walk you through how your PUR water filter works and the many lights that appear on your machine so you can better understand why it is flashing red after changing filters.

What Is The PUR Water Filter Light’s Mechanism?

First of all, a PUR water filter is designed to remove dangerous impurities from your drinking water, making it safe.

Lead, chlorides, mercury, iron, insecticides, iron, arsenic, and even scents are examples of such substances.

The sole indication that your PUR water filter is working properly is a light indicator.

Additionally, the filter will let you know when it can no longer remove contaminants from the water.

That raises the issue of what the various LED indications on a PUR water filter are.

Green, yellow, and red are the three colors most likely to flash on your PUR water filter.

Let’s examine each of them in turn.


This signal lets you know if your filter is operating flawlessly.


The hue serves as a warning light to let you know when it’s time to replace your PUR water filter.

It will soon lose its ability to filter your water.

Only a few liters will make the system functional before it begins to flash red.


Red is a color that denotes danger or dysfunction.

In this essay, we are taught that.

To learn why your PUR water filters are flashing red after a filter replacement, continue reading this page.

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Why Is The Red Blinking PUR Faucet Filter Still On?

The significance of the various colors on your PUR faucet filter is now clear to you.

We shall now focus mostly on the red indication.

You are already aware that red signals a warning when used by equipment and other appliances.

Your PUR faucet filter red blinks are informing you of this.

It is a sign that the filter didn’t successfully remove dangerous impurities from your drinking water.

100 gallons should be plenty for the system to wear out.

However, because you just changed the filter, you anticipate seeing a green hue.

Sadly, it is flashing red and hasn’t even operated on a single gallon.

What’s the cause?

Your PUR faucet filter is still glowing red for three reasons:

Because of the residual particles on your filter, it is emitting an incorrect alert.

Removing the particles, giving the filter a good hand-clean, and rinsing it will solve this problem quickly.

You must routinely scrub the outside of the device with a sponge and a light dishwashing detergent for hygienic reasons.

Electric circuit malfunction: When an electric circuit is damaged, replacement is the only option.

To fix the issue, get a new one at a nearby PUR retail outlet.

You just need a specialist and a few cents to fix the problem.

The filter’s failure to reset is another factor.

Although it’s also a simple repair, let’s go through the specifics since there are two different mount types for faucet filters: vertical and horizontal faucet mounts.

The technical jargon is not anything to be concerned about.

You can reset your faucet to fix the issue with only a few simple steps and open hands!

Mounts For Vertical Filters

  • Remove the faucet filter, then reinstall it in the system.
  • You may manually reset the button within the canister by using your index finger.

System With Horizontal Filter Mounting.

  • Remove the filter.
  • Wipe the cap and system with a dry cloth.
  • Reinstall the filter in the system.

In order for all the lights to flash on certain models, you must press the reset button for three seconds.

Make sure the reset button is not stuck in place.

In such case, raise it to its normal position.

Where Is A PUR Water Filter’s Reset Button?

You probably don’t know where to go for the reset button now that we’ve stated it in order to manually get the PUR lights functioning regularly.

The button is located within the chamber on the other side from where the water escapes.

It is just half an inch long and simply pushes out to reset the lights.

How Much Time Should Water Be Run Through A New PUR Filter?

It will take you three months to replace a new PUR filter.

About 100 gallons of water will have gone through the filter.

Your system will let you know with a yellow light when it is close at the maximum contamination level and that it is time to change your old filter.

You have one or two liters left when the yellow light appears.

Act up!

Why Isn’t The Light On My PUR Water Filter Working?

This is a troubleshooting mistake, as we previously stated.

The indication is in idle mode, which is why your PUR water filter light is not functioning.

It’s Simple! Simply push and hold the button for a few seconds.

The light ought to blink once you release the button.

PUR water purifiers are reliable and simple to use.

They just need a few troubleshooting techniques, such as those we looked at for you.

You could discover that sometimes none of the suggestions are effective.

The wisest course of action is to speak with a PUR technician.

They will quickly resolve your situation.

If it has to do with a unit failure, they will provide you the appropriate advice.

Maybe it’s time to overhaul the whole system.

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