Parking near enough electrical connections isn’t always a possibility.

Rvers need to always have a 50-amp extension cable on hand for just this reason.

Which cable is the best, though? Join us as we discover more about these extension cables and a few of the top choices available right now.

A 50-Amp Extension Cord: What Is It?

A 50-amp extension cord is a lengthy wire that connects your RV’s power connection to an electrical hookup.

Its normal length is 20 to 50 feet.

The most popular sizes for RV power cables are 20, 30, and 50 amps.

A 30 or 50 amp wire is standard for RVs.

These two cable gauges do vary somewhat from one another, however.

First, the 30-amp plug carries a single 30-amp circuit and has three pins.

Two 50 amp circuits are carried by a 50 amp plug, which has four pins.

A 50-amp connection takes in two 120V wires for a total of 240V, therefore that additional pin is required.

There is just one hot 120V pin on a 30-amp.

As a result, a 30-amp connector can only handle 3,600W of electricity whereas a 50-amp plug can take up to 12,000W.

The 50-amp chord, which is the biggest available, can often provide energy to the bigger or extra equipment you’ll normally find in large RVs.

Pro Tip: Using a robust surge protector with automatic shutdown is a fantastic approach to safeguard your RV in addition to having a high-quality power connection, as discussed in our article.

When Would a 50-Amp Extension Cord Be Needed?

Simply stated, when the RV power supply line cannot reach the electrical connectors, 50-amp RV extension cords are required.

If your power line isn’t long enough to reach your electrical hookup, for instance, you’ll need a 50-amp extension cord.

Just be mindful of the extension cord safety regulations.

They shouldn’t be a constant fix; you should only utilize them when required.

Additionally, make sure that all of the connectors and power supply are connected securely.

Check to make sure your plug connections are never left on the ground or in other moist areas.

To preserve your plugs, you may always buy or manufacture simple boxes.

A 50-Amp Extension Cord: Pros and Cons

It is feasible to utilize extension cables with lower amperages, but doing so will reduce the amount of power your RV can consume.

Can You Hook a 30 Amp RV to 50 Amp Power? explains how to use shorter cables in greater detail.

A 50 Amp Size Extension Cable Has Many Of Advantages.

They are more effective and secure because to the reduced wire gauge, which also results in lower resistance since lower wire gauges lose less electricity.

Additionally, a reduced resistance means a lesser chance of electrical fires.

Another advantage is that they are normally 15 to 25 feet long.

Because longer cable lengths result in voltage dips, this is the ideal length for an extension cord.

This size cable also coils up neatly, making it simple to travel and store.

Additionally, connecting and disconnecting your power source is made simple and secure by user-friendly handles.

Remember that even a big 6 gauge 50 amp extension cable will experience a voltage drop when used with high loads.

Numerous problems with your RV’s equipment might result from a power decrease.

If you want to consume a lot of electricity, using 100 feet of 50 amp RV line is still not a good choice.

When utilizing lengthy connections, keep in mind that you should minimize your power use.

Pro Tip: Since understanding your RV’s electrical system may be challenging, we created a guide called Helpful RV Electrical Basics for Beginners.

Can an Extension Cord from the Home Be Used in an RV?

The lack of the right wire gauge makes it conceivable but not a good idea.

Home extension cables utilize a 14 or 12-gauge wire, which is thinner than 50-amp extension cords, which use a ground wire that is 6/3 gauge and 8/3 gauge.

A smaller gauge wire would be damaged if a domestic extension cable were used because too much power would pass through it.

It may potentially cause a fire and harm the electrical system of your RV.

Therefore, choose a wire with the proper gauge for your RV.

Use an inline breaker on the extension cable for safety if you decide to do this, and be careful to use as little power as possible.

Electriduct GFCI Inline with 18″ Single Outlet…

  • Class A GFCI | Automatic Reset | 15 Amp
  • 12/3 SJTW cord and NEMA 5-15 P&R connections
  • OSHA-compliant and UL and CUL-designated as waterproof for outdoor usage

The Top 7 Extension Cords for 50 Amps for RVs

It might be challenging to choose a good cable for your RV.

Here are seven of the top choices that will perhaps aid in your quest.

#1. Camco 30’ PowerGrip Heavy-Duty Outdoor Extension Cord

The Camco 50-amp extension cable is constructed of 100% copper wire and has a robust, heat- and flame-resistant PVC coating.

It transmits 120V and 12,500W and is constructed of 50-amp rated 6/3 and 8/1 gauge wire.

Additionally, a carrying strap and adjustable cord for organization and storage of the cable are included.

Camco 55195 30′ PowerGrip Heavy-Duty Outdoor…

  • Extended Length: A 30 foot extension wire is included, allowing…
  • Flexible, Safe and Durable Construction: An extension cord
  • High Conductivity: Includes a typical 50-amp male (NEMA 14-50P)…

#2. Leisure Cords 25’ Extension Cord

The waterproof 50-amp male and 50-amp twist-lock female ends on the Leisure 50-amp extension cable promote safety and comfort.

Additionally, it is built to transmit 125V using common 6/3 and 8/1 gauge wires.

A one-year warranty is also included.

Leisure Cords 25′ Power/Extension Cord with 50 AMP…

  • You can connect the…with the help of this 25 foot, 50 Amp locking power wire.
  • The cordset is made with the following specifications: plug: 14-50P, receptacle: SS2-50R.
  • Molded plug and connection ends that are watertight for security and…

#3. Conntek 15’ UL Listed RV Extension Cord

The ergonomic heavy-duty molded plugs on the Conntek 50-amp extension wire with LED indication lights.

100% copper wire in gauges 6/3 and 8/1 that has received UL certification makes up the internal wiring.

One may trust a product with UL Certification because Underwriter Laboratories (UL) “has the tightest metrics in product safety and production procedures.”

Conntek 15304 15-Feet, 50-Amp RV Extension Cord…

  • Plug (Male): NEMA 14-50P
  • Connector (Female): NEMA 14-50R
  • Jacket: STW, outdoor, and hard-service cord jacket Rated

#4. Kohree 50’ RV Power Extension Cord with Grip Handle

The waterproof, molded connector on the Kohree 50-amp extension wire includes a twist lock female end and an LED indication light.

The inner wiring is made of 100% copper in gauges 6/3 and 8/1, and it is covered in PVC to increase flexibility, conductivity, and water resistance.

When required, the 50 feet should be more than long enough to connect to electricity connections.

Kohree 50′ RV Power Extension Cord 50 Amp with…

  • 【Heavy Duty Extension Cord 50FT】: STW wire in 6/3+8/1 gauge
  • 【 Twist lock & LED Power Indicator 】: 50 A male to 50 A female
  • 【Power Grip Plug & 90°Heads】: You may use a finger grip plug…

#5. RVGUARD 50’ RV Power Extension Cord

The standard 6/3 and 8/1 gauge wire with a STW jacket is used in the RVGUARD 50-amp extension cable.

Additionally, the plug incorporates an LED indication light and a disconnect lever.

With the bag and carrying strap, it’s also simple to arrange and store.

RVGUARD 50 Amp 50 Feet RV Power Extension Cord,…

  • Electrical Rating: Locking power cable 50A 125/250V 50FT enables…
  • Perfect Design: The RVGUARD extension cable is made of…
  • Easy To Organize: The cable is created by the bag and the plastic strap.

#6. CircleCord UL Listed 30’ RV/EV Extension Cord

A heavy-duty flame retardant, heat-resistant, UV-resistant PVC coating protects the pure copper wire used in the CircleCord 50-amp extension cable from the elements.

The ergonomic grips on the male and female plugs make attaching and unplugging quick and secure.

A printed storage bag is also included.

CircleCord UL Listed 50 Amp 30 Feet RV/EV…

  • 【ELECTRICAL RATING】 6250 Watts (125V) at a maximum rate of 50A, 30 feet
  • 【UL LISTED】 Higher requirements for quality. Purely copper
  • 【GRIP HANDLE】The ergonomic design of the cord’s two ends…

#7. GoWISE Power 15’ 50 Amp RV Extension Cord

Despite having a lower price than some of the other cables on our list, this cable is still a high-quality item.

It is far shorter than the ones we listed, however.

The 15-foot GoWISE 50-amp extension cable contains molded male and female connections as well as grips.

A strap for transporting and storing it is also included.

GoWISE Power RVC3007 15-Feet 50 Amp RV Extension…

  • 50 Amp, 15 feet of heavy-duty RV extension cable
  • Includes a handle and molded connection.
  • A secure connection is ensured by twisting locks.

Pro Tip: Unsure of which extension cable will serve you best? What Kind of RV Extension Cord Do You Need for Your Camper? may be found by reading more.

Do 50 Amp Extension Cords Pay Off?

A 50-amp extension cable may not be necessary in some circumstances.

For instance, a 50-amp extension cable won’t be very useful for an RV with 30-amp supply cords or a power pedestal with 30-amp connectors.

However, the majority of scenarios and the many advantages of a 50-amp extension cable have shown that investing in and always having one on hand is worthwhile.

You’ll have a high-quality cable in storage if you purchase one of these 7 cables.

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