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Mattress toppers are a popular and low-cost solution to increase a mattress’s comfort.

Mattress toppers are susceptible to spills, body oils, perspiration, and other impurities since they are placed on top of the bed, just under the sheets.

This article will show you how to clean mattress toppers without causing damage to its internal components.

Memory foam, polyfoam, and latex are prominent materials for mattress toppers, although natural materials like feathers and wool are also popular.

Because these materials absorb moisture and cleaning agents, they need extra caution while cleaning.

We’ll show you how to completely and safely clean a memory foam mattress topper – and other kinds of toppers.

Cleaning a Mattress Topper

The best way to clean mattress toppers is to assess how unclean they are.

A basic baking soda cleaning would sufficient if you merely need to freshen and deodorize.

If a liquid spill occurs, a mild cleaning product such as white vinegar or an enzyme cleanser may be required.

In any event, aggressive cleaning solutions should be avoided since they may discolor and even harm the fragile foams and other fill materials included in mattress toppers.

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Cleaning a Mattress Topper

Here’s how to clean a mattress topper on a regular basis:

  1. Bedding should be stripped and washed.
  2. Carefully take the topper from the mattress and place it on the floor or a level surface (you’ll probably need two people to do this – be cautious, as thinner foam material is easily broken).
  3. Using your vacuum’s handheld attachment, suction the topping completely.
  4. Apply a thin coating of baking soda over the topper’s whole surface.
  5. Allow the topping to rest for at least 8 hours, covered in baking soda.
  6. To remove the baking soda, vacuum the topping well.
  7. Flip the topper over and repeat steps 3-6 on the other side if desired.

This procedure is easy to follow and just requires baking soda and a vacuum cleaner.

Baking soda’s particular ability to neutralize smells and take moisture out makes it useful.

To keep the topping fresh, we suggest repeating this step two to three times every year, or as required.

Simply vacuum the topper to eliminate dust particles every time you wash your sheets for an even faster clean.

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Deep Cleaning of Mattress Toppers

In rare circumstances, a thorough cleaning of your mattress topper is required.

In the event of a spill or an accident, soak up as much liquid as possible before using a mild cleanser to remove smells and decrease the risk of lasting stains.

How to thoroughly clean a filthy mattress topper is as follows:

  1. Bedding should be stripped and washed.
  2. If the topper has a lot of liquid on it, gently soak it up with a towel or paper towels. To absorb moisture, gently blot. Rubing the topper may cause the liquid to seep further into the topper.
  3. Remove the mattress topper gently and set it on the floor.
  4. Examine the mattress to determine whether any liquid has seeped through (if so, blot dry and spread baking soda on the mattress, then follow the steps outlined in our mattress cleaning guide).
  5. In a spray bottle, combine equal parts chilly water and distilled white vinegar.
  6. Spray the mattress topper’s affected regions.
  7. Using a cloth, gently wipe off any excess moisture.
  8. Allow for at least 8 hours of relaxation after sprinkling a thick coating of baking soda over the mattress topper.
  9. Baking soda should be vacuumed up.
  10. Examine the area for stains and/or smells. Steps 6–9 may need to be repeated if required.
  11. Allow for complete drying of the topping. This process may be accelerated by opening windows to enhance ventilation, putting on a fan, or increasing the heat.

In many circumstances, a simple mix of water and white vinegar works well as a natural mattress topper cleanser.

Although vinegar has a strong stench, it is a powerful cleaning agent that also helps to neutralize other scents.

Applying baking soda after using the cleaning will also assist to neutralize the vinegar odor.

A professional enzyme cleaning may be more effective than a vinegar and water solution for biological spills and stains.

If you choose this method, be sure you read the directions on the product box and use the cleanser cautiously.

Cleaning agents may cause discoloration or damage to mattress toppers in rare situations.

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Stains on a Mattress Topper and How to Remove Them

If your topper has already developed stains, you may need to use a different cleaning method.

Here’s how you can get rid of stains:

  1. Select a cleaning agent (see below).
  2. Using a clean cloth, apply a tiny quantity of the solution.
  3. Using the solution-soaked cloth, gently blot the discolored area.
  4. Blot the discolored spot with a different cloth soaked in cold water.
  5. As required, repeat the process.
  6. To pull out moisture, sprinkle baking soda over the area and let it to rest for at least 8 hours.
  7. Vacuum and air-dry the mattress surface.

To remove stains from mattress covers, use one of the following cleaning solutions:

Commercial enzyme cleaners are especially efficient for biological stains such as those produced by blood, sweat, and urine.

Enzyme cleansers may be purchased beside the laundry detergent in most supermarkets.

Dish Soap – You may also use a tiny quantity of dish soap mixed with water.

To clean the topper, make the mixture sudsy and just utilize the foam that develops on top.

White vinegar, diluted 1:1 with water, may also be used to remove certain stains.

Hydrogen Peroxide – For really stubborn stains, such as blood, a diluted combination of hydrogen peroxide and water may be more effective (1:1).

Keep in mind, though, that peroxide might bleach or harm memory foam, so use it only after all other methods have failed.

In order to remove difficult stains, you may need to try a few different cleaning solutions.

Ideally, you should use a tiny quantity of cleanser and blot instead of soaking.

If the stain is really stubborn, you may need to apply extra cleanser and let it to soak for a time.

If you choose this approach, make sure to follow up with lots of baking soda and give enough time for the mattress topper to dry completely.

We suggest using a mattress cover to avoid additional spills and stains.

Waterproof mattress coverings are recommended for those who have pets or young children.

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