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Whether you’re living the RV lifestyle or just utilizing your rig as a mobile hotel, there are certain aspects of your home life that you won’t want to give up, and most people’s favorite television programs are towards the top of the list.

Even if you’re in the most gorgeous wilderness on the planet, when Thursday night comes around, you want to relax and watch your favorite TV show.

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Unfortunately, if your antenna is poor, you may miss out on a major cliffhanger.

An RV antenna booster may assist prevent the issue from arising in the first place.

It boosts the signal strength that reaches your RV antenna, boosting the amount of channels available and the image quality on whatever you’re viewing.

With just a few basic tools, you’ll learn how to install an RV antenna booster on your current RV antenna in this video.

You’ll effectively enhance your signal strength in just a few seconds with a task that even a complete beginner can perform without difficulty.

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In addition, you’ll learn how to check the coax connection, what to do if the boots protecting the connection are starting to break, and how to check the watertight barrier between the RV roof and the antenna pole while working on the antenna.

You’ll have a safer setup in minutes, as well as an RV antenna booster that will make everyone in your family pleased with the improved television coverage you’ll enjoy.

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