What Are The Best 12 Volt TVs For Your RV?

On This List, You Might Find The Best TV For Your RV.

Despite the fact that Jennifer and I do not watch much television, I have one in our RV.

There are two of them.

It simply happened to be that way.

On rainy days, it’s always wonderful to watch our favorite TV series.

That is why, if you are in the market for a new one, I believe it is critical to know what to look for!

The following is my checklist for selecting the greatest TV for a campervan.

In addition, I highlight my top five market selections!

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What Should You Look For In A 12V RV TV? (6 Points)

You know you’ll need a television in your campervan or RV, but what should you search for? When evaluating different TV models, I’ve identified numerous crucial variables to consider.

#1. Screen Dimensions

The majority of 12-volt TVs will have a screen size of 19 to 24 inches.

Larger variants are available, but you’ll need to make sure you have enough mounting space to handle them.

#2. Options for Input

Make a list of the TV accessories you’d want to utilize with your new RV television.

You’ll want to get a television that works with those accessories.

Do you, for example, have a DVD player that needs an HDMI connection? If that’s the case, make sure the TV has HDMI ports.

Most people will search for the following features in a campervan or RV television:

  • USB connector
  • RF
  • PC
  • VGA
  • Audio
  • CVBS
  • Left and right audio (to connect to an external speaker system)

#3. Electrical Requirements

When it comes to televisions, there are two typical power needs.

AC stands for “alternating current,” and it’s the first.

DC stands for “direct current” and is the alternative option.

In most cases, 12-volt DC outlets are utilized for RV TVs.

If this is the case with your RV, make sure to get a DC-compatible television.

Choose an AC TV if your RV has an AC plug.

#4. Installation

It’s no secret that RVs have limited storage space.

That is why you should get a TV with a variety of mounting choices.

Universal wall mounts may be used with most RV televisions.

However, certain installations may need the use of extra gear or equipment.

Some RV televisions come with their own television stand.

These may be used for a limited time, but they are not suggested for long-term usage.

You’ll have to secure the TV every time you move if you don’t mount it.

Part-time RVers may discover that storing their television while traveling is not difficult.

Full-time RVers, on the other hand, should hang the TV to prevent damage over time.

#5. Compatibility with Media

Do you watch shows on Amazon Prime or Dish Network? Maybe you have a Roku or an Amazon Firestick? When traveling, some individuals prefer to forego these and instead rely only on DVDs.

Pay attention to your TV’s media compatibility no matter what you watch or how you view it.

You’ll want to make sure your cable box and other gadgets can connect to your new TV.

If you like to watch over-the-air or satellite television, be sure your new television can receive them.

You may only be able to obtain digital streaming services if this is the case.

Having many alternatives for various media sources helps you to take advantage of new multimedia in the future.

You may not be watching Netflix right now, but you could be in the future.

It would be ideal if your new TV was compatible with whatever new equipment you wanted to purchase.

A smart TV isn’t that much more costly than a conventional TV these days.

If you have off-grid internet, smart TVs may be preferable than traditional TVs.

#6. Cost

There is some positive news in terms of pricing! The majority of 12-volt televisions are reasonably priced.

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The 5 Best 12 Volt TVs for RVs 2024

Now that you know what to look for in a campervan or RV TV, here are my top five recommendations!

#1. Supersonic 1080p 22-inch LED HDTV for RV

The Supersonic 22-inch LED 1080p HDTV, in my opinion, is the ideal TV for a campervan.

It gives you the most bang for your cash! It boasts the most functions and is the most versatile of the televisions on my list.

This RV TV not only has USB and HDMI connectivity, but also RF, PC Audio, CVBS, VGA, and Audio Left and Right inputs.

You may utilize digital streaming services and plug-in game consoles with all of these functions.

External speakers may be plugged in for better sound quality and a surround sound experience!

The 1080p resolution provides excellent image quality!

This TV may be mounted on the wall or supported by the provided legs.

Finally, you do not need to be concerned about your RV’s power consumption.

It works with both AC and DC outlets, so you don’t have to be concerned about your power supply.

You may, however, need a 12-volt power cable.

#2. Jensen JTV19DC 19-inch HDTV (ATSC) Tuner TV

My top lightweight option for best TV for campervan is this Jensen TV.

It only weights 5.5 pounds! This is an excellent TV for anybody worried with the weight of their setup.

It’s also a terrific alternative for RV owners who want to keep their TV instead of mounting it on the wall.

It’s a snap to move the TV around now.

This television has a 16:9 aspect ratio and can show more than 16.7 million colors.

That it offers excellent viewing quality!

HDMI, USB, VGA, RF, as well as video and sound inputs, are all available on the Jensen RV TV.

You’ll need a power converter to connect this to 120V AC since it’s a 12V DC device.

#3. Supersonic 19-inch 12-volt LED TV with Built-In DVD

Are you looking for the greatest 12-volt television and DVD player? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place!

This TV combines simplicity and storage capacity in one package! This two-in-one package includes a TV with a built-in DVD player that can play a range of various formats.

It works with DVD, DVD +/- R, DVD +/- RW, CD, CDR, CDRW, VCD, SVCD, and DVD +/- RW.

The TV has HDMI, USB, and AC connectors in addition to the built-in DVD players.

As a result, you may use it with a range of streaming devices, game consoles, and other gadgets.

This TV also includes adaptors for both AC and DC power sources.

#4. Free Signal 32-Inch 12-volt Flat LED HDTV for RV

If you’re looking for a huge flat screen TV, this might be the greatest campervan TV you’ll find! This 32-inch television is shock and vibration resistant, and it has a lot of cool features!

This TV may be placed on the wall or on a table, and it has three HDMI connections for connecting to a variety of devices.

It offers a broad field of vision, which is ideal for viewing sports.

One disadvantage is that it may only be used with a DC outlet.

You may, however, buy the CHD 1260 Power Brick Adapter separately to make it AC-compatible.

#5. Free Signal TV Transit 40″ 12v 1080p LED

If you believe that larger is better, this 40-inch TV is the way to go.

This TV, which is also created by Transit, is designed for RV and mobile usage.

Despite its big screen size, the TV is lightweight thanks to innovative innovation.

With the accompanying stand, it may be wall-mounted or set on a tabletop.

It is shock and vibration resistant, and it comes with a 1-year free replacement program as a Transit TV.

You may want to check out How to Install a Flat Screen TV in an RV right now.

What Shows Do You Like to Watch on Your 12-Volt TV?

Jennifer and I are constantly on the lookout for new shows to watch.

Share your all-time favorites, and let us know whether you’re satisfied with the TV you have in your system.

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