If you’re getting ready to install a TV in your RV, you may be wondering what size TV backer plate you’ll need.

The size of your TV backer may vary, but it will normally be 12′′ x 12′′, or it may be a bit larger, such as 18′′ or 24′′.

With several magnets, you can determine the approximate size of your TV backer plate.

Because a TV backer is normally composed of extremely thin steel, you may use magnets to trace the contour of the plate over the wall.

You might also try using a stud finder to find your supporter.

If you contact your RV’s manufacturer, they may be able to provide you with information on where yours is situated.

Before drilling any holes or putting your TV, make sure you check for the backer.

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It’s critical to have a strong, dependable surfer for your TV to cling to.

Your TV will be subjected to a lot of friction and motion when traveling in your RV.

This is why thin metal backer plates are fitted behind the walls of recreational vehicles.

DO NOT place the TV into merely the drywall if you haven’t been able to find the TV backer plate or if you don’t have one.

A firm surface, such as a backer or a stud in the wall, is required for mounting your TV.

Continue reading to learn how to track down your TV backer:

What’s The Best Way To Find The TV Backer In My RV?

A TV backer might be difficult to find since it is hidden behind a wall.

Here are some pointers and options for locating the TV backer in your RV:

  • Magnets. You may simply accomplish this with a few cheap magnets, as previously mentioned. Simply run your magnets gently over the wall to detect a magnetic attraction. Because your backer is comprised of a thin metal, generally steel, it should be visible when you come across it. Then, using a pencil, make a mark on the wall to determine the size of the backer.
  • An electronic stud finder is a device that detects the presence of studs Metal may be detected by newer stud finders. You can simply locate your TV backer by running a stud finder over the wall housing it. If your RV doesn’t have a TV backer, you may use a stud finder to find a safe place to mount your TV to instead.
  • Sticker for a TV supporter Some RVs feature a label on the interior wall that indicates where the backer is situated. Keep in mind that, although this is a great feature, the sticker may not always be in the center of the backing. Try utilizing the magnet concept to acquire the right dimensions for your TV installation.
  • If you knock on the wall, you’ll get a response. Knocking on your interior and external walls might help you find your backer. You should be able to see where a stud is due to the thin walls. Because a TV backer is often found between two studs, you should be able to find it with some trial and error.

Continue reading to learn about some useful resources for locating your TV backer:

Strong Disc Magnets

These tiny magnets are ideal for identifying your television’s backing.

These tiny magnets have a strong magnetic field that can readily find any metal surface hidden behind your walls.

Check out these little magnets, which come with an adhesive backing in case you wish to place them on the wall.

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Wood & Metal Stud Finder Wall Sensor

Everyone should have a stud finder, particularly if they undertake a lot of DIY projects.

Because it can detect both wood and metal surfaces within your wall, this stud finger can quickly discover your TV backer.

Check out this cool stud finder with an LED display that lets you see in the dark.

Mounting a TV in an RV

You can install a TV backer yourself if your RV doesn’t already have one.

If you’re upgrading your RV or repairing some walls, this is a great option.

This should not be installed directly on dry wall, but rather between two studs within a wall.

Take a look at this fantastic low-cost TV supporter.

Measurement Tape with Laser Light

When mounting your television to a backer, make sure your dimensions are accurate.

This tape measure has a lot of fascinating features that are useful for tasks like this.

Check out this cool tape measure with a laser light for pinpoint accuracy.

This article should have assisted you in determining the size and position of your TV backer.

Sharing challenges and solutions may make RVing a lot more enjoyable.

So, if we missed anything, please leave a comment below and tell us about it so that we may share it with others.

Until then, have fun, stay careful, and enjoy your RVing!

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