All campers are well aware of how urgently the campervan needs a heater.

You need the finest 12V heater to keep you warm and comfortable, especially on windy days or during snowstorms.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 12v heaters for campervans at competitive rates to make it easier for you to get your hands on one.

Product NameImagePros
TSEIPOAOI 12v Diesel Air HeaterSimple installation

Has a remote control and LCD.

Provides quick heating and even heat dispersion.

A small design with excellent performance.
TuningsWorld 12V Diesel Air HeaterLow sound.

Suitable for a variety of applications.


It includes a standalone heating system.
Wayska Diesel Air Heater 12VHas a small design.

Has lightness.

Simple to install

Very energy and fuel efficient.

Review of the Best 12-Volt Heater for RV

#1. TSEIPOAOI 12v 5KW Diesel Air Heater

The LCD display for this diesel heater has a remote control.

A 10L tank with a silencer is included.

This diesel heater has an aluminum body and all the essential attachments, so you’ll enjoy it.

You’ll appreciate this unique heater since it has a remote control that lets you manage the temperature, wind speed, oil amount, and preheating to prevent window frost.

This heater is a wonderful option since it also has a protective coating on the LCD controller screen.

The Tseipoaoi heater has a small design and is simple to install.

It includes warmed engine coolant to reduce engine wear and tear during periods of low temperature.

Choose between manual and automated temperature control options.

Additionally, it has an on/off timer.

The heater’s great operating performance and minimal noise levels are its main qualities.

Low pollutants and little fuel use are characteristics of its energy-saving nature.

Get your hands on this heater, which is simple to install and effective in a variety of settings.


  • Simple installation
  • Has a remote control and LCD.
  • Provides quick heating and even heat dispersion.
  • A small design with excellent performance.


  • For boats, fuel may not appear to be enough.

#2. TuningsWorld 12V 5KW Diesel Air Parking Heater

The fact that diesel heaters are quite loud is well known, however this heater is completely quiet.

Through the adjustment of the blower speed, a silent fan, and a silent oil pump, a quiet heater reduces noise.

This heater’s quiet fan makes it easy for you to use it effectively and without any bother.

This diesel heater’s ability to effectively heat vehicles—including RVs, trucks, buses, motorhomes, yachts, electric tricycles, fifth-wheel trailers, cars, engineering vehicles, and more—will win you over.

This heater comes with a mounting kit that includes screws.

Additionally, it includes an installation kit with comprehensive instructions to make things simple for you.

It is a heater with a muffler that is simple to install and operate.

The nicest thing about this heater is that it has an energy-saving function with an improved frequency converter ECU that regulates the oil pump’s injection frequency.

Additionally, it can precisely manage the speed of the airflow, increasing the life of the heater.

Additionally, it has an aluminum body, which increases its durability and resistance.

It has components that have been sandblasted to evenly disperse heat.

Last but not least, it has an LCD with a thermostat so you can easily adjust the heater’s temperature.

This heater, which has an advanced overheating sensor to prevent the heater from drying out, allows you to maintain a steady temperature.


  • Low sound.
  • Suitable for a variety of applications.
  • Energy-saving.
  • It has a separate heating mechanism.


  • Professional installation is required.

#3. Wayska Diesel Air Heater 12V

The Wayska diesel air heater with the muffler is the next item on our list.

This fantastic diesel parking warmer has LCD thermostats that are remote-controlled.

You’ll like that this heater works well for a variety of vehicles, including trucks, trailers, RVs, and boats.

This heater’s fuel consumption ranges from 0.20 to 0.50.

Additionally, this heater has a temperature range of around -40 to +50 degrees Celsius.

Since it adapts well to gasoline and diesel at certain temperatures, that is how this heater operates.

Additionally, it has a small design, is lightweight, and has a good thermal efficiency.

You’ll like this diesel air heater since it has volatile technology, which warms the fuel and causes it to evaporate into gas, which then swiftly ignites and burns.

This technology is provided by a ceramic spark plug.

Additionally, it is an energy-efficient heater with low fuel and emission levels, making it an excellent option for long-term use.

The main feature of this heater is that it has a plateau version thermostat that can be used with ease at elevations as high as 5500 feet.

Additionally, this heater is appropriate for a variety of vehicles, including trailers, boats, caravans, and more.


  • Has a small design.
  • Has lightness.
  • Simple to install
  • Very energy and fuel efficient.


  • The gasoline line and the exhaust pipe are rather close together.

#4. Happybuy Diesel Heater All-in-One 12V

This powerful gas-powered heater has a tiny dimension and a compact construction.

As a result, it works effectively in compact places.

You’ll like this heater since it offers exceptional performance and produces a sizable quantity of heat with a 3kw rating.

This compact, lightweight air heater has a control knob that lets you change the settings to suit your requirements.

When the temperature is low, this heater instantly heats the coolants within the engines.

Additionally, this heater has simple installation and upkeep.

Additionally, it has diagnostic tools that facilitate less troubleshooting and need less upkeep.

Additionally, this heater has a quiet fan, a controllable blower speed, and low noise levels.

It is also a wonderful option for automobiles, construction vehicles, trucks, recreational vehicles, and more.

This heater’s metal body offers resistance, durability, and even heat dispersion.

Additionally, it has an energy-saving frequency converter ECU that enables correct air management and lengthens the lifespan of the heater.

Last but not least, it has a superb HMI LCD controller display (human-machine interface).


  • Low fuel usage is included.
  • Simple to install
  • LCD controller display is present.
  • Design that saves energy.


  • It is rather pricey.

#5. Bestauto 8KW Diesel Air Heater

This 12v diesel air heater is a great option for buses, boats, vehicles, and campers since it has an LCD switch.

This diesel heater’s high quality assures optimal heat conduction.

The heater has excellent nylon and aluminum components to provide the longest possible lifespan.

It is an energy-efficient heater that precisely adjusts the quantity of air intake and the frequency of injection for oil pumps, hence increasing the heater’s lifespan.

With a quiet oil pump and silent fan that comfortably enable you to sleep, this fantastic heater will win your heart as it decreases noise due to the blower speed.

It has a full mounting accessory kit with instructions that makes installation simple.

This heater is suitable for a variety of functions, including those in engineering vehicles, buses, automobiles, trucks, and RVs.

It has a stainless steel casting base with temperature-resistant exhaust and intake openings.

It has a plastic fuel tank with a rotating seal that allows air to enter.


  • Has excellent quality.
  • Has an energy-saving component.
  • Produces little noise.
  • Includes an 8kw heater.


  • The directions are not very clear.

#6. Fiberfly Diesel Heater 5KW

This Fiber Fly diesel heater has a muffler, an LCD thermostat that monitors the plateau setting, and a 15L tank capacity.

Also included with this heater is a remote control for temperature adjustment.

This heater is also a fantastic option for boats, buses, campers, and other vehicles.

It has a 5kw power output and uses between 0.2 and 0.5 liters of gasoline per hour.

The greatest thing about this heater is that it has a small footprint and has features that are simple to set up and use, making it a fantastic option.

This heater uses less fuel and emits less pollutants than other products, making it ecologically friendly.

Use this automated control heater, which has dependable functioning conditions, to indulge.

It also has ceramic ignition plugs and volatile technology.

Enjoy using this diesel heater, which is suitable for use in buses, trucks, automobiles, vans, recreational vehicles, commercial vehicles, and other vehicles.

While utilizing this heater, all window frost will be eliminated.

Warm up the engine coolant with this heater to prevent any engine damage from low temperatures.


  • Has a small design.
  • Simple to install
  • Features adjustable wind, temperature, and oil levels.
  • Environmentally friendly, low-emission, and fuel-efficient.


  • The directions are not very obvious.

#7. Superfastracing 12V Knob Switch Air Diesel

Super-fast racing switch air diesel heater is useful for trucks, buses, automobiles, RVs, and other vehicles.

The 12v heat power of this 8kw diesel heater is available.

It is small and features an easy-to-install design.

This heater fits nicely in small places since it is simple to install.

To prevent any wear and strain over the engine at low temperatures, you may pre-heat the coolant.

By utilizing this heater, any window frost will be eliminated.

This heater operates well in a range of -40 to -20 degrees Celsius.

It also has cutting-edge automated control technologies.

This heater is around 16.17 pounds in weight.

With this heater, you can feel the warmth inside your car.

The nicest thing about this heater is that, thanks to its quick heating capability, it is well suited for transportation vehicles.

Depending on its size, your car may be heated in as little as 5–15 minutes.

Due to its low fuel use, this heater heats up quickly.

So use this heater to keep your automobiles warm so you may sleep in them.


  • Reduced operating noise.
  • Simple to install
  • Rapid heating capability


  • Parts don’t meet standards.

How Do I Pick the Best 12-Volt Campervan Heater?

We have outlined the most important characteristics to think about when purchasing 12-volt heaters.

#1. Energy Source

Checking the heater’s heating source should be your first priority when choosing a 12 volt heater.

Depending on the kind of heater, the heating source for your campervan heaters may be either electric, gas, propane, or a wood burner.

Choose the gadget that best satisfies your requirements.

For instance, you shouldn’t choose an electric campervan if your van doesn’t have adequate electrical power.

Additionally, you shouldn’t use propane or gas heaters if your vehicle has enough ventilation since they produce an excessive amount of lethal heat.

#2. Heating Power

When purchasing a heater, it is crucial to determine its heating capability since the proper heater size for a campervan may appear handy.

Purchasing a little heater for a large space might make you feel cold or uneasy at night.

However, if you want to heat a large campervan, you should consider investing in a heater with a high heat output and even dissipation.

#3. Safety

This is yet another crucial aspect to take into account when purchasing a campervan heater.

We all place a high focus on safety.

Safety with overhead protection enables you to avoid fires and high emissions, both of which may be dangerous to those operating an RV or campervan.

#4. Size

The campervan’s needs may be met with a little heater and yet have plenty of movement.

These two characteristics make sure the equipment is portable and takes up less room within the vehicle.

#5. Durability

Choose heaters with aluminum bodies since they are strong, resistant to impacts, and scratch-resistant, making them a wonderful option for consumers.

Additionally, have a look at optional options like ECO mode, auto, timer, and more to make your heating experience practical and worthwhile!


Do Campervans Require a Diesel Heater?

The heaters within the campervan are powered by a variety of sources, as we’ve already mentioned.

However, a diesel heater is a fantastic option since it is cost-effective, safe, and simple to use.

How Does a Campervan’s Diesel Heater Operate?

Diesel heaters get their fuel from the vehicle’s primary diesel tank, recreational batteries, or the power unit’s electric supply.

Typically, a diesel heater requires 0.1 liters of fuel every hour.

A heat exchanger is used by diesel heaters to warm the air that is forced beneath the car by a 12 volt fan.

For combustion and exhaust, this air is essential.

Can you use a diesel heater while driving?

You may indeed drive when the diesel heater is running.

Using diesel heaters while operating the campervan is legal everywhere and is regarded as safe.

In a Van, Is It Safe to Sleep?

You may turn on the heating and go to sleep safely if your car is in good working order, has no exhaust leaks, and is parked properly.

Avoid parking the automobile where there is a significant probability of burning, such as on water, heavy snow, or other flammable materials.

When you sleep in a van after it becomes warm, keep the window open or it’s preferable to turn off the heater.

And you may turn it on when you start to feel chilly again.

Additionally, heated blankets are an option that may keep you warm and secure without putting you in danger from a fire.


Get hold of a heater that is simple to install, simple to use, and equipped with an LCD and automated functions to make sure it is reliable and portable.

Additionally, choose the correct heater to keep your campervan evenly heated without tipping over or starting a fire.

The TSEIPOAOI heater is the winner in this comparison.

It has a remote-controlled LCD display.

Window frost may be avoided by adjusting the oil amount, preheating, wind speed, and temperature.

This diesel heater’s aluminum body and compatibility with trucks, buses, lorries, vans, boats, and vehicles will win you over.

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