A fantastic technique to help the air in your RV circulate is to add a fan.

If you are able to open the windows to let fresh air from outside in, this keeps the air in your RV smelling nicer.

Additionally, it aids in better heating or cooling of your RV, avoiding hot or cold air pockets.

Our top picks for the best fan for an RV bedroom are listed below.

The Best Rv Bedroom Fan Is A 12V Movable Rv Fan.

#1. Schumacher Turbo Fan

The Schumacher Turbo Fan is a fantastic fan for campers because to its heavy-duty clamp, which provides a variety of mounting choices.

It is simple to install in your bedroom and transfer to other areas of your RV as necessary.

It is a strong 12v fan with a directional variable speed controller that can move a lot of air.

The finest fan for an RV bedroom may be moved to suit your requirements, which is a very pleasant feature.

You may position it to a window if you wish to circulate air from the outside.

As you drive your RV along the road, you may transfer it to the driver’s seat.

A portable fan may be quite useful and versatile.


  • Strong clamp offers mounting possibilities
  • Strong 12 volt fan
  • Long-lasting construction


  • Loud
  • There have been reports of speed control systems breaking over time.

#2. HueLiv 12V Car Fan

This 12V car fan can be positioned on a variety of surfaces thanks to its 360-degree spinning and powerful suction cup.

It may be positioned flat on a nightstand or dashboard or on your windows.

A 6-inch fan is used.

These discreet RV fans connect into a 12 volt cigarette lighter socket and may be used on a variety of surfaces.

One of the greatest fans for an RV bedroom is this one because of how versatile it is; you can quickly add some airflow to your bedroom without drilling holes or changing any wiring.


  • Variable speeds
  • Powerful suction cup


  • Extreme temperatures may impair the effectiveness of the suction cup.

#3. Keynice USB Desk Fan

Smaller applications benefit greatly from the Keynice USB Desk Fan.

The fan may be hooked into a PC or laptop and is smaller with a robust clip to install on various surfaces.

It has a 360-degree rotation and is quite silent.

Keep in mind that the fan is just four inches, which is rather modest, while thinking about it.

You will need to buy a USB AC adapter separately in order to use this with a 12V cigarette lighter outlet.


  • Compact structure
  • Compatible with USB-enabled battery packs and computers
  • Portable and peaceful
  • Powerful for their size
  • Highly regarded by numerous customers


  • Reduced size

#4. Alagoo 6” Car Cooling Fan

The 6-inch fan with a clip is called the Alagoo 12V 6″ Car Cooling Fan.

It produces a powerful breeze and is highly regarded.

If you are worried about noise, the fan is quite quiet.

The adjustable clip on the fan makes it extremely simple to move and highly adaptable.


  • Produces a powerful wind
  • Quiet


  • Clip is not as strong as others

Best RV Bedroom Fan – RV Fans Mounted to the Ceiling

#5. LaSalle Bristol Light Ceiling Fan

RVs are advised to use the 12V ceiling fan, the LaSalle Bristol 36′′ Fan.

You have a lot of control over the amount of airflow you desire in your RV thanks to its four distinct settings.

When you are in an RV, which has shorter ceilings, it is very crucial that the fan sit just six inches from the ceiling.

It is a fairly excellent size for a kitchen island or a bedroom in an RV.

It is a rather quiet fan and comes with a wired switch to adjust the fan’s settings.


  • Quiet
  • Four-speed choices


  • Is missing a remote

#6. Global Electric Ceiling Fan

The 42-inch DC 12V Fan from Global Electric has up to 6 speeds, a very excellent brushless motor, and reversible blades.

The 12V motor has a low noise level, is very energy-efficient, and does not obstruct TV signals.

It is a lovely fan with light cherry blades and a brushed nickel core.

This fan would look lovely if your RV is a lighter shade.


  • Six speeds
  • Low volume
  • Reversible blades
  • Energy effective


  • No remote

#7. RecPro 36” Ceiling Fan

The RecPro ceiling fan has four settings, and it can even reverse direction.

When transitioning from winter to summer, this is useful.

Some individuals like RecPro ceiling fans over LaSalle Bristol fans.

It has a powerful, silent, heavy-duty engine that pushes a lot of air.

It is simpler to match to the inside of your RV since it has a cherry and wood finish.

This fan has a reduced profile since it was created especially for RVs.

As a result, there is more space beneath the RV fan since it doesn’t hang down as much.


  • A four-speed motor
  • Powerful motor
  • Quiet


  • No remote

#8. Senreal Portable Ceiling Fan

The Senreal 19.7″ tiny ceiling fan is a terrific choice if you’re seeking for a portable fan that can be used both indoors and outside.

It may connect to your solar panels and is very quiet thanks to its silent construction.

This fan is quite flexible since you can use it both indoors and outside.

You may put this portable fan inside the camper or on your awning (you might want to match it with a string of RV awning lights).

To power this fan, you may buy a separate 12v 7ah rechargeable sealed batteries.

Both mosquitoes and flies may be effectively avoided with the use of outdoor fans.


  • It’s portable
  • Can be powered by solar panels
  • Quiet


  • Less airflow from the overhead fans (depends on power source)
  • Only on/off switches available

#9. Unbeaten Rechargeable Ceiling Fan

The smallest of the ceiling fans for RVs, this rechargeable model has four fan settings and can be easily transported.

The remote control enables on/off and speed adjustments.

This lightweight fan works well for tents.

It may be powered by a computer or other power source through a USB connector.

The best ceiling fan for everywhere is this one.


  • A lightweight
  • Controlled via remote
  • It’s portable
  • Battery that can be recharged


  • Small in size
  • Does not move as much air as bigger ceiling fans

Fan Mounts for RVs

#10. Maichis 8” 12V Heavy Duty Fan

The 8″ metal-built Maichis 12V Heavy Duty Fan is a strong fan.

There is a 12-month warranty included.

You may get in touch with the manufacturer for a prospective replacement if there are any problems within that period.

It is also incredibly amazing since you can choose the speed of the airflow using a speed switch that is included.


  • A 12-month guarantee
  • Long-lasting construction
  • 2-speed fans
  • Correct installed items
  • Less noise


  • Does not revolve

#11. Schumacher Chrome Fan

The Schumacher Chrome Fan 12v is one of the finest fans for a bedroom in an RV.

It is a simple, reliable metal fan.

There are two power settings: high and low.

This fan’s 10 x 5.4 x 9.2 inch size belies its powerful performance.

This product offers excellent value for the money thanks to its solid structure and strong 12v fan.


  • Research constructing
  • Metal frame only
  • 12v with high- and low-speed options


  • Loud

These excellent RV wall mount fans may also be used as camper fans.

Since these are 120V fans, you would need to run your generator or connect in to shore power for them to operate, unless you have an inverter.

#12. Ken Brown 20 Inch Wall Mount Fan

The Ken Brown Wall Mount Oscillating Fan is a fantastic fan that mounts firmly to your bedroom wall, comes with a control, and is a strong contender for the best bedroom fan for an RV.

The oscillation is vertically 60 degrees and at 90 degrees.

The fan is quite quiet and changing fan speeds is a pleasure using the remote.

You may choose whatever pace you want the air to flow at from three options.

On the variable increment timer, you may optionally choose a time range of 30 minutes to 7.5 hours.

To support the fan head, you may tighten the screw on the support bracket.


  • Simple to set up
  • Plug into outlet and get set up.
  • Quiet performance
  • Various fan speeds


  • For certain applications, a bit extra power could be useful.
  • Needs 120V electricity

#13. Comfort Zone 16-Inch RV Wall Mount Fan

With excellent reviews, this Comfort Zone wall mount fan comes highly recommended.

Powerful and very simple to install, the fan.

Three distinct oscillation speeds exist.

Moreover, it is incredibly user-friendly.

The timer may be set to end automatically after a certain amount of time.

Both a front panel and a remote are available for controlling the settings.

You may adjust fan modes, speed settings, and timings with the remote.

The fan’s head tilts and oscillates at a 90-degree angle to assist you optimum ventilation in your RV bedroom.


  • Very strong
  • Simple setup
  • Outstanding RV bedroom fan


  • A brief power cable
  • A bit too loud

#14. VIVI RV Wall Mount Swivel Fan

This 8-inch swivel fan by VIVI is highly fashionable.

This is an excellent option if you want something more aesthetically pleasing than the typical fan.

Its availability in black, brown, and white makes it simple to coordinate with the decor of your RV bedroom.

The head has a simple design and can spin and swivel.

It has an 18-month manufacturer’s limited guarantee and is rather small for a wall mount fan.

The fan is a wonderful match for your RV bedroom thanks to its excellent folding design.


  • Stylish and fantastic-looking
  • good construction
  • Excellent size for a fan in a camper.
  • Large power


  • A lot of money
  • Just two speeds

Battery Type: Rechargeable or Disposable: Best Fan for RV Bedroom

When it comes to battery-operated fans for campers, there are a few distinct possibilities.

Both fans that utilize replaceable batteries and rechargeable fans are available for campers.

When campers run out of electricity, they need to be recharged, which requires power.

You need to have extra batteries on hand for replacement batteries for fans in case the batteries deplete.

Both operate efficiently and for extended periods of time.

The key factor is preference.

#15. Portable Rechargeable Fan

The lightweight rechargeable fan is strong and features a front-mounted LED light that is quite helpful.

Depending on the speed setting, it has a capacity of 10400mAh and can operate for up to 36 hours.

The fan is lightweight and quite strong.

Batteries for this fan are rechargeable.

Using a Type-C USB charging connector, the batteries are topped up.

The batteries need to be charged for roughly 4 hours.

The indicator lights make it simple to keep an eye on the battery life.

When staying in an RV, having a portable fan is really helpful since you can move it from place to place very effortlessly.

It may be placed beside a window to draw in cooler nighttime air from the outside or by your RV’s heat vents to assist distribute heat.

You may carry out this action while the air conditioner is running.


  • A lightweight
  • Resilient
  • LED light is integrated


  • Battery might be made better
  • Could blast a bit more forcefully

#16. Hanging Camping Fan with LED Lantern

This hanging rechargeable fan is incredibly portable and contains a 7800 mAh battery.

Although it is intended to hang, it may also be laid flat.

It features a remote and can be recharged through USB.

The charging time for the batteries is between six and eight hours.

This camping fan also has the amazing capability of supporting reverse charging, so if necessary, it can charge your phone.

Depending on the speeds being utilized, the fan may operate for up to 25 hours.

It is very lightweight and has a low noise level.

Additionally, it features a head that can rotate 180 degrees, which is quite helpful in a camper.


  • Includes a remote control
  • Easy to hang
  • Battery life is excellent.
  • Powerful for its small


  • Seems a little hefty

#17. Battery Operated Gazeled Fan

It is not possible to recharge this Gazeled fan.

It requires four D-size batteries, which must be bought individually.

The USB cord that comes with the fan may be used to connect it in and operate the fan on battery power.

It may be powered by a power bank, vehicle charger, computer, or 5V wall USB charger thanks to the USB cord.

The fan can run at low speeds for more than 200 hours and at high speeds for up to 14 hours.

Additionally, it has a special timer that can be set for 1, 3, or 5 hours.

The fan rotates 180 degrees to assist in distributing air throughout your RV.


  • Outstanding client service
  • Long running time
  • Effective fan


  • Durability might be made stronger
  • Battery replacement cost

#18. Geek Aire Fan

A bigger 12-inch rechargeable fan is called the Geek Aire Fan.

It can be recharged in two to three hours and is a highly steady fan.

The fan has metal fan blades and can operate for up to 20 hours.

A 12000 mAh battery powers it.

Compared to other outdoor battery fans, this battery has a higher capacity.

It is a cordless fan, so you have a lot of freedom in how you position it in your RV and how simple it is to move.


  • Very robust
  • Effective fan
  • Many individuals suggest


  • Battery life could be improved.
  • Noisy

#19. Portable, rechargeable fan

This 8-inch, 10000mAh rechargeable clip fan has a long battery life of up to 24 hours.

It may be attached to several services thanks to its 3-inch clip.

It is a fantastic fan for camping since it can be placed on the nightstand in your RV bedroom.

The fan can provide a strong breeze in your RV despite its modest size and power.

This fan is excellent for using while you sleep because of how quiet it is.

The batteries may be charged using USB charging connections in roughly 6 hours.


  • Quiet
  • Strong for its size
  • Numerous positive reviews
  • The ability to be versatile


  • Clip could be made a bit more robust.

#20. Ryobi Portable Fan

We are major admirers of Ryobi’s goods.

Every product that Ryobi produces is of excellent quality and is highly dependable.

A distinctive and robust fan is this Ryobi 18V hybrid model.

The Ryobi fan includes a battery and charger and is compatible with all Ryobi batteries.

It is special because you can use a rechargeable battery with it or a 120v shore power outlet by plugging an extension cable into it.

It is strong and simple to use.


  • Long-lasting construction
  • Use a 120V outlet or a battery.
  • For extended run times, larger batteries may be obtained.


  • Only available in green
  • Batteries are pricey.

#21. Honeywell Turbo Personal Fan

A more compact personal fan is the Honeywell Turbo Fan.

It’s quite portable.

Its air circulation range is three feet.

This indicates that it is designed to be within three feet of you.

The included USB cord or 4 AA batteries may be used to power the fan.

The size of the fan is comparable to a 12 oz pop can.


  • Portable and compact design
  • Powered by AA batteries
  • Effective airflow or size
  • Numerous positive reviews


  • At fast speeds, a battery may rapidly deplete.
  • Not strong enough to withstand high temperatures
  • Strictly controlled circulation

Best Fan For A Bedroom In An Rv

There are many various alternatives available when shopping for a fan for a camper bedroom.

We have provided a wide range of solutions for fans for camper bedrooms.

Some individuals may like adding a ceiling fan.

A wall-mounted fan, a battery-operated fan, a ceiling fan for campers, or a more compact portable fan for campers are further alternatives.

Quite a bit of this is simply a question of taste.

Avoid a ceiling or wall-mounted fan if you want something you can move about your RV.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that fans do not chill the air when buying them for campers.

The existing air is circulated by them.

You may need to consider what you are anticipating if you are purchasing a fan to replace your air conditioner.

RV fans operate similarly to stirring a big pot.

The bottom of the pot is considerably hotter than the top if it is not stirred.

A more balanced and pleasant RV experience may be achieved by swishing the air about or utilizing a fan to move the air.

What Is A Ceiling Fan For An RV?

A fan installed on the ceiling of an RV is known as an RV ceiling fan.

These 12V camper fans hang closer to the ceiling than standard ceiling fans used in homes.

Air circulation may be aided with RV ceiling fans.

As an RV lacks the same ceiling height as a regular house, they provide the same purpose as a ceiling fan in a home but are designed specifically for RVs.

Additionally, they often weigh less than 8 pounds.

Can A Ceiling Fan Be Installed In An RV?

A ceiling fan can be installed in an RV, yes.

RV ceiling fans are an excellent technique to help move the air around within an RV.

A ceiling fan for an RV may run on 12V or 120V electricity.

Selecting a 120V fan means that in order to use it, you will either need to install an inverter or be hooked into a power source.

A generator may also be used to power the 120V fan.

Installing a standard residential fan and using it as an RV fan is more difficult.

A typical fan will use far more energy and must be used when connected to shore power since it cannot be powered by your RV’s 12V battery without an inverter.

Another problem is that RV fans hang lower from the ceiling than conventional home fans do.

Because most RV ceilings are lower than those of a typical home, this might be problematic.

Installing an RV ceiling fan specifically designed for a camper or motorhome makes the process simpler all around.

Advantages Of RV Ceiling Fans

RV ceiling fans may aid with air circulation.

You may benefit from this by staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

By moving the air, RV ceiling fans may help your RV avoid hot and cold regions.

In a humid environment, air circulation provided by an RV ceiling fan may also aid in preventing the growth of mildew.

An RV dehumidifier and this may be used together.

Is A 12V Ceiling Fan Required For An RV?

No, an RV ceiling fan does not need to be 12V, but there are a few considerations to make before installing one.

Most 120V ceiling fans are designed for usage in homes.

They may be larger, heavier, and suspended from the ceiling at a lower height than 12v RV ceiling fans.

Because camper fans are manufactured differently, if you want to install a domestic ceiling fan, be ready to do some DIY changes.

Massive Ceiling Fan

Hugger ceiling fans are designed for usage in homes and are intended to hang near to the ceiling.

They are sometimes considered while looking for RV ceiling fans.

There are more possibilities for hugger ceiling fans than there are for RV ceiling fans.

These fans are designed for domestic usage, yet they often hang near to the ceiling.

They don’t, however, hang as low to the ceiling as RV ceiling fans.

They may weigh more than a 12V RV ceiling fan and need to be powered by 120V shore power.

These fans could have more powerful motors and circulate a lot more air, but they can also need some DIY effort to be properly fastened to an RV ceiling.

Conclusion: The Ideal Fan for an RV bedroom

It’s a terrific idea to install an RV fan anyplace in your RV since it will help circulate the air and bring in fresh air from the outside.

I hope you have a better understanding of the types of fans that are available after looking through the alternatives presented here.

Check out our recommended RV clothing hangers if you often find your clothes falling off the hooks in your vehicle.

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