Nobody wants to live in cramped confines, yet there are instances when we have little control over the size of our bedroom.

We can decide how to decorate it, however! The good news is that with a little clever decorating and inventive storage, your little home will seem cozy, cool, and as opulent as you can without a king-sized bed.

No of its size, the greatest interior designers know how to style a tiny bedroom so that it looks and feels like a much larger refuge at the end of a hard day.

Apply these designers’ tips in advance, and you’ll see that size is irrelevant.

To explore 45 examples and make a list of your favorite tiny bedroom design ideas, continue reading.

#1. Book In A Pile On The Ground.


As a narrow side table, stack several coffee table books.

As shown in this compact bedroom designed by Nicholas Obeid, all you need to add is a chic nightlight and mood-enhancing candle.

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#2. Select a Trundle

Ngoc Minh Ngo

This studio apartment with one bedroom was converted into a family home by designer David Kaihoi.

When not in use, this little trundle bed tucks neatly back beneath the mattress, according to Kaihoi, who adds, “first thing in the morning.” They also utilize the windowsill as a nightstand.

#3. Turn Around Corners


Any bedroom, particularly one that is small, would benefit from having a cozy corner sitting area for relaxing, reading, and conversing.

Designer Andrew Flesher added a delightful dash of color by recovering a pair of 1910 Ward Bennett Scissor chairs in a Marimekko fabric.

They are ideal for a corner with a slanted ceiling because of their modest profile.

#4. Practice Self-Control.


Sometimes all it takes to make a tiny bedroom ideal is a contemporary light fixture and an unconventional paint color.

By Fiona Lynch, an ancient bedside table, jute rug, and color-blocked linen bedding transform this bedroom into a gloomy, natural haven.

#5. Employ Lucite


In tiny areas, lucite is your best buddy.

Another stunning example of basic yet effective decorating is seen in Kristin Fine’s Connecticut farmhouse bedroom.

For a touch of modernism that doesn’t make the space seem too crowded, Fine chose a lucite side table.

#6. Create Limited Custom Storage


Maintain order and style with bespoke wall built-ins that conceal everything if you don’t have a closet but do have a collection of clothes.

The built-ins in this bedroom design by Corinne Mathern provide a lot of storage and make space for the uneven ceiling construction.

Additionally, they are shallower than the conventional dresser and armoire, which is great for compact bedrooms.

#7. Cram Into A Desk


There is no extra wall space in a compact bedroom, so don’t be scared to position your bed next to the window.

For style and sleep-ins, Vern Vip chose striking drapes.

A Cambria quartz desktop complements the opulent atmosphere and, according to Yip, “never requires resealing, reconditioning, or polishing.” Additionally, it expands the bedroom’s potential usage as a home office.

#8. Be Mindful Of Scale

Heidi Caillier Design

Note how the large windows and tall ceilings in this Heidi Caillier-designed bedroom are maximized by hanging the long drapes all the way up.

Play around with color, form, and prints in a tiny bedroom, but be mindful of size.

#9. Use an Unexpected “Room” in a New Way

Leanne Ford Interiors

Look no farther than this bedroom design by Leanne Ford Interiors for unconventional suggestions on how to create a little guest room out of almost nothing.

This little sleeping alcove seems like it was originally a sunroom.

Modern striped linens complement the beige-painted walls, and the paper chandelier gives just a hint of mystery.

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#10. Make Some Matches (Playfully)


The vibrant hues in this little space by Atelier ND are just stunning.

The idea was to utilize a lovely flowery wallpaper while dressing it up with accessories that made it seem aggressive and contemporary rather than sweet and girly.

The edgy midcentury aesthetic provided by the electric orange shades, dark green carpet, yellow side table, and purple checkered blanket serves its purpose.

#11. Or, Get Matched Up (Seriously)

For Ashe Leandro, Stephen Kent Johnson

The use of the same pattern by Ashe Leandro for the wallpaper, drapes, bedding, and even the lampshade is one of the coolest high-impact decorating ideas for tiny bedrooms there is.

#12. White Paint Exposed Materials

Johnson Stephen Kent

In this little but ideal NYC bedroom, designer Shawn Henderson covered over a gorgeous fireplace to center a headboard on the wall.

The exposed brick wall looks and feels much lighter after being painted with a layer of white paint.

#13. Select Colors with Strong Contrast

Brie Williams

Make it a colorful, pattern-filled jewel box.

As designer Ariene Bethea shows above, this eye-catching red nailhead bed frame can be tamed down and matched with traditional neutrals or it can be spiced up with exciting accessories and contrasting painting colors.

#14. Make Use of All Surface Area


Finding locations for all of your belongings in a tiny bedroom is one of the greatest issues since the bed takes up the majority of the space.

Be creative! When there isn’t place for an additional table, even a windowsill might provide extra storage for accessories, illumination, and other necessities.

#15. Install Sconces.


This little bedroom was created by J. P. Horton is showing off some sneaky interior design techniques.

First, the wall-mounted sconces, which don’t need any tabletop space, and second, the side chair, which can be raised to serve as a bedside table when necessary.

#16. Utilize A Day Bed.

House Beautiful

Watch your bedroom double in size by adding a daybed.

This can be useful if you don’t have a separate guest room and your family room or home office doubles as a guest room when visitors come to town.

#17. Leaning a Mirror

Hecker Guthrie

This bedroom really knows how to create a vibe.

This bedroom, created by Hecker Guthrie, is a lovely fusion of traditional and contemporary design with luxurious velvet chairs, dark wood paneled walls, and vintage landscape images.

Lean a contemporary mirror against the wall, as shown above, to make the space seem bigger.

#18. Get Rid of the Headboard

Kevin Scott

Particularly with a tiny bedroom, less is more.

This minimalist bedroom by Studio DIAA no conveys a strong feeling of personal style and ease of life despite its straightforward, gentle color palette and unadorned decoration style.

That is attributable to the well-kept materials and unified appearance.

#19. Make Your Home Cozy With Dark Wallpaper

Heidi Caillier Design

With dark grasscloth wallpaper, Heidi Caillier accepts the limited space.

Despite the fact that any dark paint hue might have a same effect, the striated wallpaper adds even more texture, making it ideal for a warm bedroom.

#20. Section It Off

Fantastic Frank

Make the most of a small room’s intimacy and coziness by draping a transparent curtain across the bed.

To add flair without taking up room, jazz up the walls with paint, paintings, or wallpaper.

#21. Comply with the Layout


Every piece was carefully selected to fit in this little area.

They made sure the two-tiered table on the opposite side of the bed supplied additional surface area since the narrow bedroom table is on the thinner side and fits into the little corner well.

Then, in order to bring the attention up, they went vertical with a gallery wall.

#22. Pick a Daring Bed

Bjorn Wallander

This bedroom, created by Balsamo Antiques and Interior Design, demonstrates how textures, unusual pairings, and sculptural forms can give character—and coziness—to a generally neutral environment.

This one is particularly fantastic for late sleep-ins since it’s melancholy and dark.

Additionally, don’t allow a tiny room prevent you from selecting bigger furnishings.

The fact that this statement four-poster bed occupies the most of the space is really a plus.

#23. Maintain Colorfulness

Alison Gootee

Maintain a customized, one-of-a-kind look with fewer, bolder items.

This bedroom designed by Anthony Baratta seems both tidy and intentional, yet there is also a ton of individuality packed in, from the vivid red bedding to the modern bedframe and graphic lamp.

Every item also makes reference to the stunning abstract picture that hangs over the bed.

#24. Tuck Your Bed

Fantastic Frank

Consider a DIY trundle bed or a sturdy platform with a retractable bed below if you live in a studio apartment or use your bedroom for purposes other than sleeping.

The wooden platform in this room creates space for a couch, which provides an alternative seating option to the bed.

Similar to a Murphy bed but simpler to build yourself

#25. Ship Channeling

Elizabeth Georgantas

Elizabeth Georgantas’ guest bedroom combines rustic style with the seaside beauty of New England with plenty of warm colors, antique furniture, and exposed beams painted white.

Use old luggage to enhance under-the-bed storage.

#26. Settle Down in a Corner


With lavish wallpaper, three-dimensional wall art, and correctly sized furniture, Brian Patrick Flynn transformed this little bedroom into a vast universe.

The red accents provide a pleasant surprise and nudge us to blend primary hues.

#27. Stack the Patterns Up

Simon Watson

This bedroom created by Kristin Hein and Philip Cozi shows that you don’t need a vast canvas for the ideal tiny nest since it is filled with patterns, from the golden damask-print coverlet and the warm pile of purple flower cushions to the detailed shutter design.

#28. Keep It Low

Nicole England

Keep the mattress low to the ground in a lofted bedroom, as designer McLaren.Excell done in this example.

The sconces are integrated directly into the portion of the wall behind the bed, and a vintage work stool serves as a side table.

#29. Personalize

House Beautiful

Get creative with curtains and throw blankets after personalizing your bedding with monograms and matching your lampshades to your headboard.

That will guarantee the ideal harmony between polished and enjoyable.

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#30. Combine The Nightstands And The Dresser

Shades Degges

Regarding the master bedroom of this Boston rowhouse, designer Jae Joo says, “I wanted to create a bedroom full of individuality.” She chose a piece that could serve as both a dresser and a nightstand since she didn’t have enough space for both.

Despite being traditional and simple, the space is brimming with personality owing to a scaled-down picture display, curved furniture, and bright accessories.

#31. Condense It

Romanek Design Studio

Try a stool if you don’t have enough space to pull up a bench to the end of your bed.

The required design polish will be added, and you will have a place to put on your shoes or stow a blanket, but it won’t seem bulky or occupy as much space in the overall design.

To contrast with the delicate pink bed frame, interior designer Brigette Romanek of Romanek Design Studio used a modern caramel leather stool.

#32. Use a Wild Wallpaper

Studio DB

A bold, vivid wallpaper may assist to enclose your room and give it a jewel-box appearance, even if it may seem a bit excessive for a tiny area.

To make a statement, you don’t have to cover the whole wall.

Select a smaller area to decorate with a lively print, like Studio DB audaciously did in this bedroom.

#33. Add Custom Built-Ins

Romanek Design Studio

Use a built-in bench to make the most of problematic niches, corners, nooks, and crannies as Romanek Design Studio did in this bedroom.

Even while it may not first seem to be a usable area, a simple bench, some cushions, and wall art can give it a whole new second life.

#34. Make A Phony Canopy.


Designer Peter Durham made a bespoke curtain wall and added bedside sconces since there was no room for exciting extras like floor lights and a canopy.

#35. Construct Ingenious Storage

Mikael Axelsson

You need to be resourceful and clever about storage when you have a little bedroom because else, you’ll never locate what you’re searching for without stumbling over it.

Take design cues from this room, where the bed is framed by a bookcase and has built-in drawers for additional storage as well as a place to showcase accessories and paintings.

#36. Use Furniture With Many Uses.

Tasmin Johnson

The nightstand serves as both a dresser and a nightstand in this Tamsin Johnson-designed bedroom.

Make sure it has a few practical advantages if you can only fit one piece of furniture in your bedroom.

#37. Make Your Headboard Unique

Emily Henderson Design

Brady Tolbert created this wall-to-wall upholstered headboard especially for Emily Henderson Design to satisfy the functional and aesthetic requirements of the homeowners.

That will ensure that your bedroom is exactly what you want it to be.

A bespoke headboard with an integrated nightstand in a compact bedroom saves a ton of space.

#38. Place Items Under Your Bed

Tim Street Porter

In this bedroom by Martin Lawrence Bullard, a graphic, linear wallpaper that contrasts with the more conventional features around the room plays off the inherent architectural peculiarities.

The most brilliant aspect, though? When you don’t have enough closet space, the bed’s underneath drawers provide additional storage.

#39. Use Larger (But Fewer) Furniture

Maltsev Design

Contrary to popular belief, furnishing a small room with a few big pieces of furniture rather than a jumble of little pieces might actually make the room seem larger.

Defy the desire to position every piece of furniture against a wall.

The room will seem broader if there is room behind the furniture.

#40. Reduce Your Bed Size

Don’t worry if you have to give up your queen or even your double.

A twin bed nevertheless has a lot of potential to become your chic ideal sleeping arrangement.

The bespoke corner headboard in this tiny bedroom by Arent & Pyke, upholstered in Kelly Wrestler fabric, sets the tone for a space that stands out, no matter how little.

#41. Bring in Foldable Items

Paul Costello

If an accent chair won’t fit in the corner, where will you put all your clothes? Instead, select a thin stool that is foldable so that you can store it when not in use.

The mess will be minimized as a result.

This bedroom, which Shaun Smith decorated, is a great illustration of bold yet sophisticated style and harmonious pattern play in a small space.

#42. Go Dark

Seth Caplan

Contrary to common opinion, dark hues may have the reverse effect, giving the impression of a large area instead of always making a room seem smaller.

The duvet’s sandy tones merge so well with the pillows’ plum colours, which are both brought out by the wall’s inky paint.

In this Tali Roth-designed bedroom, the linen bedding softens the harsher effect of the black paint.

#43. Utilize Vertical Space

This bed, which is built-in and low to the ground, offers simple cooling.

It seems sense that it emanates the classic California cool appeal given that it was created by Southern California-based Alexander DB.

Utilize your vertical space by adding a floating shelf to exhibit art and store trinkets.

#44. Make Use Of Built-Ins

James Merrell

This hot air balloon patterned wallcovering gives the little bedroom a feeling of dreaminess and movement without having a bulky piece of furniture protrude into the area.

Built-in bookshelves provide additional storage space.

It’s a lovely way to frame the built-in shelf wall.

Designer Katie Lyndon’s description of it as both traditional and innovative is accurate.

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#45. Add Mirrors

Alec Hemer

Make space by creating fake space.

This little bedroom seems bigger than it really is because to the closet mirrors.

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