Organizing a tiny bedroom may be a real hassle.

Additionally, having everything in one little area may rapidly get untidy!

I’d like to share a few organizing ideas for tiny bedrooms with you today.

Your life will be simpler thanks to these organizers, and maybe they’ll also inspire you.

#1. Shoe Storage Under The Bed

Save space in our bedroom by crawling beneath bed drawers since beds take up a lot of area.

You might utilize this attractive wooden under-bed shoe drawer with wheels.

Such a drawer may be used for more than just shoe storage.

It’s an excellent spot to store all of your blankets, sheets, towels, and other necessities that you may not need every day.

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#2. Plastic Wardrobe Boxes with Labels

Utilizing the vertical space in our closets is crucial if we want to keep more things inside.

I have a lot of open space inside the closet below my shirt and sweaters, as you can see in the image above.

I have a few plastic storage boxes and have labeled them with my very own writing.

It’s now quite simple to remove one box, retrieve my underwear, and put it back.

There is no uncertainty at all with the labelling!

The labels can be printed out and attached with a glue stick, which is the nicest part about them.

There is no need for special printable sticker paper! These work nicely on fabric storage boxes as well as baskets.

I created a ton of these labels for various uses, but you can also print off the blank ones and list your own categories on them.

#3. Over-The-Bed Bookcases

The vertical area above the bed is one that we often overlook.

And that’s a grave error!

own an assortment of books? Install many bookcases beside your bed and store all of your books there.

My favorites personally are:

  • Rustic wood floating shelves for the wall
  • Industrial Pipe Wall Shelf Bookcase
  • Floating white shelves
  • U-shaped metal bookshelf for walls

Make your own under-bed book organizer if you have a lot of books that won’t fit simply above the bed.

If such place is available, that is obviously!

#4. Convert The Wall-mounted Shelving Unit Into A Wardrobe

When I first saw the concept online, I was utterly enamored.

Feel free to utilize wall shelves as a wardrobe if your space is tiny.

Just over the doors, you may hang all the dresses, sweaters, and coats.

Of course, utilize ladders to access them after that.

For someone who is terrified of heights, this is not a good choice.

However, feel free to attempt this at home if you don’t mind climbing up there to collect your stuff.

#5. Shoe Corner Shelving Unit

Installing floating shelves in the corner, stacking them, and utilizing that space to keep your shoes would be a better idea than using them for books.

It is a really useful approach to maintain shoe organization and will keep your area appearing clean and organized.

And it is just what we want.

#6. Wall Hooks for All of Your Important Items

We often overlook using the vertical space in our rooms.

In actuality, wall hooks make it simple to arrange things properly.

Purchase some reliable wall hooks, mount them, and then hang your luggage, instruments, or even accessories from them.

It really is a fantastic method to arrange stuff.

On Amazon, there are many wall hooks available in a variety of sizes and forms.

#7. Organize Your Accessories On A Pegboard.

If you have a lot of accessories, this is a very sweet concept.

Utilize the vertical space on the wall to arrange them.

A pegboard serves an important organizational purpose in addition to being a beautiful aesthetic element.

Therefore, include it in your bedroom design without a doubt.

#8. Using Animal Head Wall Decor to Store Accessories

If you like animal head wall art and have some in your bedroom, use them to arrange your jewelry.

The truth is that you may employ design elements for organizing as well.

You may complete the aesthetic of the area by adding shelves with various shapes.

You have the option of choosing square, hexagonal, or triangle-shaped shelves.

#9. A Rod For Hanging Clothes Under The Shelves

Install a rod if you have a few shelf units in your house and don’t use the area below them.

All of your clothing may be hung on the shelf.

You will use more of the vertical space in this manner.

without losing any room for baskets, books, or other goods.

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#10. Use Storage Containers On Shelves As Well.

If you don’t have enough room, you may simply create extra by placing storage boxes on each shelf.

You’ll be able to store the little objects and use extra vertical space.

Excellent for accessories, apparel, resources for the classroom, etc.

Purchase fabric cubes with sections to further organize your compact bedroom.

Easy, straightforward, and quite effective in increasing space storage.

#11. An Antique Jewelry Stand

A little wall-mounted accessories organizer may be transformed into a sophisticated design element.

That is what this rustic jewelry box is.

It looks beautiful, is really useful, and will make choosing your accessories for an outing so simple.

I like the concept, so try it out!

#12. A Clothing Rack Of Your Own

Get a garment rack if you don’t have a closet but are limited on space.

Get a rack with storage like this one.

You’ll be able to keep other things on it in this manner in addition to clothing.

It would be simple to purchase a few storage containers and fill them with all of your accessories.

You can make the most of the rack’s storage capacity if you’re inventive.

All of that while maintaining order and cleanliness.

#13. Organizer That Hangs

You may boost storage in your tiny bedroom by using something as simple as a cloth door organizer, like this one right here.

Absolutely fantastic for lightweight books, notepads, and cosmetics.

More importantly, it is affordable and useful.

#14. Utility Door Rack

This adorable, white door utility rack is available here.

It will provide you some more room to arrange your accessories, cosmetics, and other necessities.

We often overlook using our doors to store the very things we need.

Therefore, if you’re short of room, you should certainly acquire one.

Also, they look fantastic!

#15. Hang Shoes On Towel Rods.

Try this solution if you’re one of those persons who has a lot of shoes but no place to store them.

Buy many double towel bars similar to these ones here.

If they aren’t double, you won’t be able to put shoes on them.

Simply stack them now to keep all of your shoes.

It looks quite great, and it gives you a time to think about all your shoes before leaving the house.

#16. Clothes-Organizing Closet Drawers

These inexpensive closet drawers may help you arrange all of your socks, shirts, undergarments, and accessories.

All of those things may be done quite simply with the organizer.

Because it doesn’t take up much room and isn’t particularly tall, you can simply place it beneath shelves or hanging clothing.

They look fantastic as well, particularly given how simple it is to keep them organized.

The key is in these compartments!

#17. Maintain High Shelves

If your possessions are making you feel too full.

Furthermore, mounting shelves on the walls doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Installing them towards the ceiling could work.

You’ll have to climb all the way up there to get to your items.

However, by clearing the clutter off the walls, you’ll prevent yourself from running into shelves constantly and feeling overburdened.

#18. An Area For Storage

I like how you can combine all the storage tips to cram as much as you can into the room’s corners.

While maintaining a tidy, well-organized appearance.

This is an ideal illustration of how you may do everything: use the corner, get corner shelves, and purchase a rack for hanging clothing in addition to storage boxes.

Elegant but really useful!

#19. Beautiful Agate Wall Hooks

We often need to optimize wall space in small bedrooms.

Instead of using conventional wall hooks, utilize gorgeous agate.

Slices of agate, moldable glue, 4-inch screws, and a drill are required to complete this project.

If you don’t have a local crystal store near you, you may purchase a variety of agate slices here.

To learn more about how it’s done in under five minutes, see this lesson.

Did you know that agate has a relaxing and soothing impact in addition to its magnificent appearance and is renowned for repealing negativity? It’s something I absolutely want in my room!

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#20. Store Clothing In Dollar Store Bins

Small closets go hand in hand with small rooms.

Use plastic containers from the dollar store and roll your clothes rather than folding them to make the most of your closet space.

On top of the plastic containers, stack them vertically.

The fact that this approach retains more garments than the conventional folding and stacking on top of one another will please you.

Label each plastic container to make it even more orderly.

#21. DIY Jewelry Box and Mirror

Talk about making the most of your wall space.

This jewelry box and mirror combo is very clever.

It’s difficult not to copy it.

Installing a shelf on your wall and covering it with a large mirror is the plan.

Such a good thought.

After all, a mirror is necessary to verify whether your jewelry and other accessories go with your attire.

#22. Rolling Carts Are Your Best Friend, According

Anything that moves is quite useful when you have a tight area.

In this manner, you may always shift it if you need more room.

This is why your tiny bedroom has to include at least one movable storage cart.

Mobile carts come in a wide variety of styles.

This is my favorite since it has an industrial wooden style that complements the majority of minimalist décor.

Additionally, it has built-in brakes, which is a fantastic safety feature for anything with wheels.

#23. A Laundry Hamper That Hangs

Why not hang laundry bins instead of using the area that they may take up? This modern-looking door-hanging laundry hamper may also be mounted on the wall of the bathroom.

The bottom of the hamper has a zipper liner, which makes it very simple for you to put your soiled clothes directly into the washing machine.

If you’re wondering where to get it, you can find them here on the internet.

#24. Floor to Ceiling Closet

Why not have a floor-to-ceiling closet if you don’t have enough room for a walk-in one? For a more aesthetic appearance, organize your clothing storage according to color.

Use simple ornamental storage boxes to complete the sleek and tidy appearance.

The idea of open shelves gives the impression that the room is larger.

The nicest aspect is that because it’s open, you’re kind of compelled to keep your belongings organized and clean.

No more tucked-away, undone clothing!

#25. An End-Of-Bed Ottoman With Shoe Storage

I like how versatile this 2-in-1 piece of compact bedroom furniture is.

Why not convert it into an ottoman that holds your shoes because it sits just at the end of your bed, where you often put on your shoe anyhow?

The beautiful thing is that it also collapses into a little place when you need more room or decide to leave your current one.

You can get this storage ottoman here if you believe it would look excellent in your bedroom.

#26. Wicker Basket Hampers

Wicker baskets serve as both ornamental accents and storage alternatives.

They are excellent ornamental additions for tiny locations where you may need to store sometimes used items.

Put them beside your bed to keep blankets, additional pillows, or even extra bedding.

You may either make one that resembles this DIY project or purchase wicker baskets from specialist home retailers.

#27. Use a Platform Bed

A platform bed may be your answer to having little storage space if you don’t mind having a slightly higher bed.

To optimize under-bed storage, a robust cube storage shelf should be mounted to a slat bed frame.

Fill your cubes with colorful storage baskets similar to these to complete the effect.

#28. Hanging Storage Racks

Utilizing hanging storage organizers like those offered here is a great method to maximize cabinets without built-in shelves.

Because it contains side compartments that may accommodate tiny accessories like purses, belts, or ties, this particular model of hanging closet organizer is one of my favorites.

Additionally, I would pair this gray hanging organizer with these kinds of storage bins in a complementary shade.

You can readily see what’s inside because to its translucent side.

You may choose the conventional storage box if you don’t like this design.

But include labels up front so you can see what’s in each container.

#29. Pull-Out Bedside Shelves

Install pull-out shelves to keep your electronics while they’re charging and clear off the surface of your bedside table.

For a comprehensive video lesson on turning pull-out cabinet drawers into pull-out shelves, go here.

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#30. Clothes Hanger Behind the Mirror

This is such a clever way to make the most of the area behind the mirror.

It is hardly surprising that Ikea was the source of this idea.

In addition to holding your clothing, the rack can also carry your luggage, umbrella, and many other items.

#31. Wall-Mounted Jewelry Organizer

You may either purchase prepared wooden shelves or make your own adorable and unique jewelry organizer out of scrap wood.

The ornate wooden photo frame I discovered here is my particular favorite.

Install screw hooks like these at the bottom of the frame to hang longer necklaces, and attach a corkboard to one of the photo panels to keep earrings.

#32. Floating Cube Shelves

By now, it should be clear that making the most of your wall space is popular in compact bedrooms.

To add more storage, hang wooden cubes from the wall.

Mixing various cub sizes, like the one in this picture, might provide some personality.

You may make something similar using unfinished wood or pre-made cubes like the ones shown here.

Whatever technique you use, be sure you screw them firmly into the wall.

Use the heavy-duty Commando strips that are offered on this page if you’re renting the space or don’t want to risk damaging your walls.

#33. Shoe Rack with Tension Rod

In small places, storing shoes may be challenging.

However, there are methods to add more shoe storage utilizing items already around the home, such as tension rods used for hanging curtains.

The secret is to locate a nook in your bedroom where you can hang your shoes and secure the rods.

The nicest part about tension rods is that they remain firmly in place without the need for drilling holes, nails, or other fasteners.

Tension rods are available at your neighborhood hardware shops, but if you’re having trouble finding some, you can always purchase some online.

#34. Headboard Mini-Bookcase

This can be a bit challenging to do if your bed already has a headboard.

But if you don’t already have one and want to, that’s great.

You could want to think about creating a little nook on each end of your headboard to use as a makeshift bookshelf for your bedtime reading.

If you can’t build your own headboard for any reason, there are also reasonably priced headboards with built-in bookcases, like this one.

#35. Floating Above-Door Shelf

The area above your door is one that is often disregarded.

In fact, you may utilize this as extra storage, particularly if your bedroom is tiny.

You may use whatever scrap piece of wood you have laying around the home for this project, and then paint it to match the color of your bedroom door.

As an alternative, you may purchase these reasonably priced, easily-installable floating shelves.

#36. Shoe Storage Under The Bed

Your bed is a great place to store shoes as well.

We often disregard beds that are low to the ground as just storage areas.

Unbeknownst to us, a double bed can accommodate at least 14 pairs of shoes.

By utilizing some plywood or wood panels, paint, and a storage base, you can design your own pull-out shoe storage.

In order to make it easier to remove the shoe storage from below your bed, connect caster wheels like this.

Here is a how-to video showing how comparable shoe storage was accomplished.

#37. Under-Bed Storage for Linens

Our linen presents another storage challenge for compact bedrooms.

They often take up an excessive amount of room in our little closet and are rather bulky.

The good news is that there are storage containers made particularly to fit beneath beds exactly and to be broad enough to hold linens.

There are several under-bed designs available, from basic polyester ones to wicker baskets.

The under-bed storage bins I discovered here are my favorite since the contents are protected by coverings.

When I’m not using them, they may be folded up to save me storage room.

#38. DIY Storage Daybed

Installing drawers below a daybed to improve storage space is the best solution I can think of to make the most of a daybed.

These drawers would be great for storing extra pillows, linen, and so much more.

Read the tutorial available here for instructions on how to build a 2-in-1 daybed/storage unit and a complete list of the materials required.

#39. A Floating Makeup Vanity

Vanity tables and desks may be large and take up a lot of space.

However, it doesn’t exclude you from owning a makeup dresser.

You can, in fact, but it will be wall mounted rather than on a desk.

Simply utilize a variety of wall-mounted cabinets, mirrors, and lighting fixtures in addition to floating shelves.

You may get this little floating cosmetics dresser located here if you want a minimalist makeup vanity that doesn’t take up much wall space.

#40. Make the Most of the Headboard Area

This image demonstrates two clever ways to make the most of your headboard space.

which both have poles for hanging clothing.

The one where you can use a curtain to hide the items that are hanging behind the headboard is maybe my favorite of the two.

What about you?

The bedrooms aren’t precisely tiny, but the concept works well in any area!


I hope some of these tips for organizing a tiny bedroom were appealing to you.

Own any of your own, do you?

If you have any, please post a comment below and let us know!

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