Do you need extra space for your RV? The solution may be a camper with two bedrooms.

The most popular request from buyers is for an RV to include more than one bedroom.

A extra bedroom might make your trip more comfortable for everyone if you’re traveling with children or more than two individuals.

We’ll look at 15 of the greatest two-bedroom campers available.

On our list, there are five fifth wheels, five travel trailers, and five motorhomes.

These floorplans provide possibilities for a range of travel preferences.

Are you prepared to look? Let’s start now!

Do Any Campers Come With Two Bedrooms?

Unbelievably, a two-bedroom camper can compete with a studio apartment.

With these alternatives, camping in luxury is the name of the game.

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Two-Bedroom Fifth Wheels

In general, fifth wheels provide greater living space, so adding an extra bedroom isn’t a tremendous stretch.

The two-bedroom campers aren’t very large or hefty.

View these possibilities and express your thoughts.

#1. Jayco Eagle 355MBQS

The main bedroom is at the front, while the second bedroom is in the middle of the boat.

The queen bed, a sizable wardrobe at the front of the fifth wheel, and a washing and dryer prep area are all included in the main bedroom.

The first and second bedrooms are connected by a complete bathroom.

A tri-fold couch and bunk beds are located above the bedroom in the center of the motorhome.

The room has a desk as well.

For even more sleeping space, there is a loft located over the second bedroom.

Size: 42′ 0″

Advice: Are you still concerned about storage? Using the finest foldable camping tables can help you save even more room in your RV.

New 2021 Jayco Eagle 355MBQS Walk Through Tour – Vogt RV Center

#2. Keystone Cougar 364BHL

There are two bedrooms and two bathrooms in the Keystone Cougar 364BHL.

The main suite in the front of the house features a queen-size bed, three closets, and an ensuite full bathroom.

The fifth wheel’s back has the second bedroom.

It features a 54 by 74-inch bed with a loft bed above that is the same size.

The space has a closet and a half bath with an outside access door.

Size: 39′ 2″

2020 Cougar 364BHL 2nd Bedroom Loft Bunk Attic Bath & a Half Keystone Fifth Wheel RV – Josh the RV Nerd at Bish’s RV

#3. Forest River Arctic Wolf 3370 Suite

The Arctic Wolf 3370 Suite from Forest River is the longest two-bedroom camper on our list.

In the front, it includes a sizable main bedroom.

It includes a slide-out king-size bed, a dresser, a closet, and a desk on the front cap of the fifth wheel.

A stackable washer and dryer have their own closet.

The master bedroom is next to a complete bathroom.

The second bedroom, which is towards the back, contains a closet and two full-size bunk beds.

The bedroom also has a half-bathroom ensuite with an exit door to the outdoors.

Size: 43′ 6″

2021 Forest River Cherokee Arctic Wolf 3770 Suite – Three Slides, Huge 2nd Bedroom! – How RVs Work

#4. Forest River Impression 315MB

The Forest River Impression 315MB is the shortest of their two-bedroom campers, while their Arctic Wolf fifth wheel is the longest.

The Impression’s mid-ship bedroom is accessed from the living area and kitchen in back.

The bedroom contains a queen-size bed and an upper single bunk that can be folded down.

In addition, the room has a loft bed, a desk, and a closet.

The main bedroom of the fifth wheel has a walk-around queen-size bed, a slide-out closet, and a double wardrobe with washing and dryer hookups.

The Impression 315MB has one full-size bathroom.

Size: 38′ 0″

Affordable! 3 Queen Beds in a Fifth Wheel Bunkhouse RV! 2021 Forest River Impression 315MB – Andrew with Camper Kingdom

Remember: If you have two bedrooms, you’ll need to get two or more mattresses.

However, did you know that RV mattresses come in various sizes from conventional mattresses? Check out RV Mattress Sizes: The Only Guide You Need to be sure you’re placing the correct size purchase!

#5. Dutchmen Astoria 3343BHF

The big bunkhouse at Dutchmen’s Astoria 3343BHF includes four beds and an attached half bathroom.

A queen bed and a large closet with a slide-out are both in the main bedroom.

There is a second closet with washing and dryer connections.

The fifth wheel’s complete bathroom, which has a spacious walk-in shower, is located up some steps close to the main bedroom.

Size: 37′ 10″

2021 Dutchmen Astoria 3343BHF Bunkhouse Video | Fifth Wheel For Sale | RV Dealer in Grand Rapids, MI – Veurink’s RV Center

Mobile Homes With Two Bedrooms

Families have a lot of options, including travel trailers.

While certain travel trailers may tow better than others, a fifth wheel may provide a comparable amount of living space.

Look at these trailers with two bedrooms.

#6. Coachmen Apex Ultra-Lite 300BHS

If you’re searching for campers with two bedrooms, the Coachmen Apex Ultra-Lite 300BHS is a great choice.

A queen-size walk-around bed with a closet on each side is in the front bedroom.

In the back of the travel trailer, there’s another spacious bedroom.

On one side, a futon sofa with a bunk above it is there, while on the other, a bunk bed and a small closet are present.

In this design, the back bedroom is next to the large bathroom.

Size: 34′ 5″

2021 Coachmen RV Apex Ultra-Lite 300BHS – Best Choice RVs

#7. Dutchmen Aspen Trail 2910BHS

The back bedroom of Dutchmen’s Aspen Trail 2910BHS has an unusual L-shaped bunk bed arrangement.

Since the outdoor kitchen occupies a small piece of one of the walls, there are only four beds and a little dresser.

Just beyond the back bedroom is the big bathroom.

The trailer’s front section houses the main bedroom.

It includes a queen-size bed with side wardrobes and ceiling storage.

33′ 3″ in length

2021 Dutchmen Aspen Trail 2910BHS Bunkhouse RV For Sale Video | Dutchmen RV Dealer Grand Rapids, MI – Veurink’s RV Center

#8. Palomino Puma 32RBFQ2

There are two bedrooms in the Palomino Puma 32RBFQ2, each with a queen-sized bed.

For more space to move about, both beds are on slide-outs.

They have a large wardrobe.

There is a closet with washing and dryer hookups in the front bedroom as well.

There is one full-sized bathroom in the travel trailer.

The couch sleeper and the u-shaped convertible dinette can accommodate extra guests.

Size: 36′ 11″

2020 Puma 32RBFQ2 – 2 bedroom Travel Trailer @Camp-Out RV in Stratford – Camp-Out RV

#9. Keystone Hideout 38FQTS

Keystone’s Hideout 38FQTS includes two bedrooms with queen beds, much as the Puma.

The absence of washer and dryer setup in the Hideout is the main distinction between the two-bedroom campers.

A slide-out bed and an ensuite half bathroom are both in the back bedroom.

Additionally, it includes a door that leads outdoors.

The full-size bathroom is ensuite, and the closet in the front bedroom slides out.

Size: 39′ 11″

2021 HIDEOUT 38FQTS TT – Leach Camper Sales of Lincoln, NE

#10. Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS

The Reflection 312BHTS travel trailer by Grand Design includes a spacious bed room with a slide-out in the back.

A trifold couch with a flip-up bunk above it and a bunk bed with a window on the other side are both present in the room.

The main bedroom is at the front and has a queen-size bed, closets, and space for a washing and dryer.

The main bedroom is situated close to a complete bathroom.

37′ 4″ in length

Grand Design NAILED this BUNKHOUSE Travel Trailer RV! Reflection 312BHTS – Big Truck Big RV

Two-Bedroom Motorhomes

A lot of individuals like driving RVs to towing them.

Even though RVs seldom have two separate bedrooms, they might still be good for families.

Other than the main bedroom, the RVs on our list feature extra sleeping spaces.

Look at this!

#11. Entegra Vision XL 36A

The class A motorhome Entegra Vision XL 36A has several beds.

The rear of the RV offers a sizable main bedroom with a king-size bed, closets, and washing and dryer hookups.

The motorhome’s main bedroom has an ensuite full-size bathroom that extends the whole width of the vehicle’s back.

A second full bathroom is located next to the main bedroom, and bunk beds are located across the hall.

Additionally, there is a dinette that can be folded into a bed and a drop-down bunk above the cab.

An alternative is a tri-fold couch.

Size: 38′ 10″

GODZILLA Bunk House Motorhome! Entegra Vision XL 36A – Matt’s RV Reviews

#12. Thor Challenger 37DS

The Entegra Vision and Thor’s Challenger 37DS have similar layouts.

It features a main bedroom with a king bed, bunk beds, a bunk above the captain’s chairs, and a dinette that can be turned into a bed.

It also has two full bathrooms.

You can sit or lie flat on the king bed in the main bedroom thanks to a tilt feature.

The Challenger 37DS also offers the choice of theater seats or a tri-fold couch for additional sleeping room.

39′ 1″ in length

2022 Thor Motor Coach Challenger 37DS Class A Motor Home – Bullyan RV

#13. Thor Miramar 37.1

The Challenger 37DS and the Miramar 37.1 are practically the same model.

The placement of the couch and dinette is the primary distinction.

The dinette and couch in the Challenger, however, are situated on the opposing sides of the RV, facing one another.

The Miramar includes two full bathrooms, a master bedroom with a king bed, bunk beds, a bunk above the captain’s chairs, and a dinette that can be converted into a bed, much like the Challenger.

39′ 1″ in length

2020 Thor Miramar 37.1 – Bunk Beds with 2 Full Bathrooms – Matt’s RV Reviews

#14. Fleetwood Bounder 36F

The main bedroom of Fleetwood’s Bounder 36F is spacious and contains a slide-out king-size bed.

The whole back of the RV is devoted to the bedroom’s full-size ensuite bathroom.

The bathroom and bedroom each have plenty of space for storing clothing, bedding, and other items.

A pair of bunk beds and another complete bathroom are located across the hall from the beds when you step outside the bedroom.

The bunk beds may also be used as a TV sitting area or wardrobe.

Additionally, the couch and dinette in this class A RV may also be made into bedrooms.

If you’re seeking for two-bedroom campers with plenty of amenities, this is a tempting choice.

Size: 38′ 9″

The Perfect Bunkhouse !!!! – 2021 Bounder 36F – Official Factory Walk Through. – Fleetwood RV

#15. Holiday Rambler Admiral RV 34J

The Admiral 34J from Holiday Rambler is the smallest class A motorhome on our list.

It does not, however, lack amenities or sleeping space.

There is a sizable master bedroom with a walk-around king-size bed and plenty of storage space towards the back of the house.

Bunk beds with sliding barn doors for privacy are located next to the bedroom.

In the opposite hallway from the bunks is the single full-size restroom.

A jackknife couch sleeper, a queen-size drop-down berth above the cab, and a convertible dinette are all included.

Size: 36′ 0″

Holiday Rambler-Admiral-34J – RV Video Library

Do RVs With Two Bathrooms Exist?

There are a lot of RVs with two bedrooms available.

Which of the above two-bedroom campers did you prefer?

Each one of them has distinctive qualities that may appeal to certain sorts of travelers.

Finding an RV that suits your requirements is crucial, and making sure that your family has appropriate sleeping space is a key consideration.

There Are Campers With Two Bedrooms.

Camping trailers with two bedrooms are a sure thing.

The delight is increased while traveling with family and friends.

The journey is only improved by having adequate room for everyone to sleep comfortably.

Therefore, the second bedroom in your RV may be a game-changer whether you have children or more visitors.

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