There’s nothing better than taking a break from it all and retiring to a cozy bedroom for a good hibernating now more than ever.

Thomas Hamel is an interior designer based in Sydney, Australia, but he has experience designing private spaces for customers all over the globe, especially in places that might use a bit more coziness and warmth, like a ski house in Innsbruck, Austria, and another in Niseko, Japan.

Bedrooms are the most private and least public locations in the home, according to Hamel.

“We should strive to achieve that feeling for them.” Embracing the Danish idea of hygge, a phrase used to express a sense of warmth, coziness, and comfort—something the Danes, with their long, gloomy winters, hold dear—is the key to adding some extra-cozy touches.

Hygge’s design principles include candlelight, calming textures, gentle earth tones, and rich wood accents.

Therefore, take into account these warm bedroom ideas to get you began, whether you’re determined on revamping your sleeping quarters or simply want some low-effort, big-impact recommendations to create a homely hideaway.

#1. Incorporate Wood Accents

Adding wood to your bedroom’s walls is the ideal method to create a cozy atmosphere, regardless of how big or little it is.

According to Hamel, “it might be as basic as board cladding or as complex as limed oak paneling.” There are fantastic wallpapers that resemble wood paneling when using real wood is not an option.

In areas where paneling or wallpaper cannot be added, using wood furniture and accessories may also aid in achieving the cozy atmosphere you want.

#2. Use Lighting to Create Mood

Light is necessary for a pleasant bedroom, but not just any light.

Nothing is worse, according to Hamel, than having a strong ceiling downlight shine on you while you’re in bed.

After dark, turn off the overhead light and focus on dim light.

The secret to creating a cozy atmosphere is to use a variety of lighting sources, such as gentle bedside lamps and dramatically placed ceiling lights.

The finest light source of them all will always be natural light, of course.

See what our ideal bedroom might look like below.

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#3. Select a Spectacular Bed

Anchor the space with a four-poster bed for the most inviting atmosphere.

If you don’t like frills or curtains, use a simplified design with straight poles and no crossbeams or fabric.

According to Hamel, four-posters “enclose and accentuate the bed in a bigger bedroom, while also adding scale and drama to a smaller bedroom.” Always choose a big scale; it should take up most of the space.

#4. Use Natural Materials And Calming Colors.

Think calming and pleasant when it comes to textures and hues rather than bold color bursts.

According to Hamel, “bold visual motifs do not rest well in beds.” I like to introduce rich, sensual textures while concentrating on more compact, intimate designs that coordinate.

Comfortable knits in neutral tones, faux-fur blankets, and quilted throw pillows are all excellent places to start.

For a cozy atmosphere, scatter these gentle pieces across the room.

#5. Add Area Rugs

After getting out of bed, a person should place their first foot on a soft surface, according to Hamel.

This does not imply that carpet is necessary to provide a warm atmosphere.

A soft area rug adds additional texture and provides useful warmth.

To enhance comfort, layer different floor coverings or place tiny sheepskin or shag rugs on the edges of the bed.

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#6. Keep the Windows Shut

One of the main ways to keep a bedroom from feeling cozy and comfy is with bare, frigid windows.

Don’t scrimp on window coverings if you want to achieve coziness.

Another suggestion to remember if you have big windows “Avoid using drapes with a bold design.

When drawn, they shouldn’t be the center of attention or unbalance the space.

#7. Shut Out Tech

If you’re tethered to your phone or iPad, it’s impossible to fully disengage.

Instead of a television or a phone dock, try to make your bedroom a low- or no-tech space by using literature and natural features like fresh flowers or plants.

Make sure you can unwind here.

We guarantee that when you wake up, the news will still be available.

#8. Recall That Simple Isn’t Always Boring

Put a few sought-after items in the room that will speak for themselves.

Get ready for Laura Harrier’s pink L.A. apartment’s enchanting scalloped bed frame.

You may add uniqueness and appeal to your space while maintaining an understated atmosphere by adding stand-alone objects, such as an attractive nightstand or an unusual lamp fixture.

#9. Select an Unusual Bed Frame

Don’t be scared to get a fun bed frame when we’re talking about furniture that speaks for itself.

The objective is to sleep all day, right? Make it enjoyable if you can.

#10. Fade Away

Darker colors will dramatically improve warmth.

To add another aspect of perfect relaxation, paint your walls a soothing, deep cold color.

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#11. Lots of Blankets

There is no such thing as having too many blankets, so layering throws on your bed will provide eye-catching depth (and the perfect nap location).

The bed should be a haven, so make it comfortable with plush bedding, plenty of cushions, and a lavish duvet or thick blanket.

#12. Pillows and More Pillows

Nothing in this world is cozier than a luxurious bed stuffed to the gills with pillows.

This kind of bed almost begs for you to get in.

We advise pursuing cozier pillows that are equally adorable and comfy.

While there is no need that you explain the quantity of pillows on your bed, at least in this case they will serve a functional purpose.

#13. Establish a Nook

Who said having a hidden hiding spot is just for children? No one.

Construct a sleeping nook that is perfect for rainy days to isolate oneself from the outside world.

#14. Use Flowers To Provide Color.

Keep in mind that we’re not attempting to distract ourselves with busy patterns and harsh accents.

Flowers are the ideal way to give a dash of color that is anything but overwhelming and breathe some life into a neutral setting.

#15. Accept Your Wallcovering

An otherwise boring environment will get depth and excitement by having colorful wallpaper.

To lessen the impact of any additional ornamental noise, keep the remainder of your space neutral and add accents made of wood and wicker.

#16. Include Your Personality

To make your area more distinctive, highlight some of your favorite mementos and recollections.

Showcase some vases from your travels, or keep it straightforward with a picture of the family.

#17. Curl Up Next To The Fire, Or Pretend To

A working fireplace is not necessary to warm up your bedroom.

Utilize the mantel by collecting candles and ornaments for a cozy atmosphere.

If your bedroom doesn’t have a blazing fireplace, candles are a good way to offer warm light and another necessary for hygge.

(Just be sure to exhale them before you go to sleep.)

#18. Add Accents Made of Leather

Play with leather accessories to give your space a little more warmth.

For a bed frame that looks like a cushion, get leather.

Match your side chairs to the frame to go the additional mile.

#19. Include Knitting

If only we could come up with something cozier than knitted blankets.

So since we can’t, stock up on knit pillows, throws, and even a knit duvet for maximum comfort.

#20. Ignore the Bed Frame

By skipping the bed frame completely and putting your mattress on the floor, you may save money while maintaining the pleasant atmosphere in your home.

To build the bedroom of your dreams, cover the area with a variety of materials.

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