When you’re decluttering your house, your bedroom may not seem like the most important area to focus on.

You could reason that because few people see inside your bedroom, it doesn’t really matter.

But it is significant! And now I want to discuss more than just how to organize your bedroom (and keep it clutter-free).

But specifically why organizing your bedroom is crucial!

Why Do Bedrooms Get So Disorganized?

Bedrooms are often places that fewer people frequent.

It might be tempting to concentrate your decluttering efforts on your home’s more “public” areas rather than your bedroom.

In addition, bedrooms, particularly the master bedroom, often end up becoming a dumping ground for trash from all around the home.

When you don’t know what to do with clutter from other areas of the home or are rushing to tidy up the major living areas, you can hurriedly put it there.

Shutting the door and concealing the mess in the bedroom is simple.

Although you want to take care of those things later, sometimes life gets in the way.

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Clutter Draws In More Clutter!

Furthermore, clutter always tends to draw in more clutter, which is the worst part.

The few haphazard objects you tossed in your bedroom to “deal with later” quickly evolved into heaps of clutter!

One fantastic method to work toward simplifying your house and life is to learn how to declutter your bedroom as well as how to maintain it clutter-free.

Why It’s Crucial To Clean Your Bedroom

It’s crucial to discuss why decluttering your bedroom matters and how important it is for your general well-being before we discuss how to do it.

Your bedroom may serve as your haven from the chaos and stress of everyday life.

It should be tidy and serene.

After a hard day, it might be a retreat and an oasis where you can unwind, rejuvenate, and find a little serenity.

However, if your bedroom is cluttered and overflowing with “things,” it is impossible for it to serve as the refuge or haven you want.

Instead, it turns into a tense, unsettling environment that quickly causes anxiety, overload, and a lack of slumber.

Even just looking at all the mess serves as a continual reminder of the tasks that remain uncompleted at the end of the day.

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Eliminate The Mess For Better Sleep.

Your ability to sleep may even be hampered by a messy bedroom.

Your brain may get overstimulated by clutter, making it challenging for it to adapt to the restful state that promotes falling and staying asleep.

When you wake up in the morning, your bedroom is the first room you see after leaving for bed.

Don’t allow clutter be what you see every morning and every evening.

Tips For Organizing Your Bedroom

But how can you organize your bedroom so it becomes a personal haven? Here is a 4-step process you can use to organize your bedroom and make it the space you’ve always desired.

#1. Clearly Define Your Space’s Purpose.

Starting with your vision for your bedroom is the first step in learning how to declutter your bedroom.

What do you want it to feel, look, and do?

Spend some time getting your concept for your bedroom crystal clear in your own mind.

After that, let that vision guide your decluttering choices.

Keep just the items that help you achieve your goals for the space.

#2. Define The Function Of Your Room.

Also, be certain of the room’s use for you.

Knowing precisely how you want to utilize the space is the first step in determining how to declutter your bedroom.

Make sure your decluttering choices reflect the fact that your bedroom should only be used for sleeping.

Apart from the bed and maybe a nightstand or dresser, you won’t likely need much furniture.

Go for it if using your bedroom for other purposes also makes sense for you and your way of life.

I firmly think that you should make the most use of your home’s areas.

Go ahead and do it if it necessitates having a home office in the bedroom’s corner, a treadmill next to the window, etc.

#3. Commence With The Broad Strokes

Examining your environment from a “big picture” perspective is the next stage in learning how to declutter your bedroom.

Examine your bedroom’s present furnishings and large things.

Do you value your possessions? Are you use each for what it was meant for?

Try to limit the items you retain to those that make your life better while they are in your bedroom.

Each item should complement your goals and the function that your bedroom is meant to serve.

Here’s an Illustration:

A good illustration is having an armchair or accent chair in your bedroom.

Do you enjoy your morning coffee in that recliner as you read? Alternately, has the chair evolved into a makeshift clothes horse that holds clean clothes, filthy clothing, items you want to reuse before cleaning, etc.?

If you use and like the chair for what it was designed for, retaining it makes sense since it enhances your life.

It could be time to get rid of something if it has started to accumulate clutter.

Examine each piece of furniture in your bedroom.

Consider deleting any stuff you don’t need, adore, or utilize for their intended function.

#4. Eliminate The Surface Clunk.

The surface clutter in your bedroom should be the next thing you tackle.

Things may accumulate fast and readily on flat surfaces, which have a tendency to become clutter magnets.

Get rid of the mess from the nightstands, dressers, shelves, and even the floor where things like to accumulate!

Clear out one flat surface first, then go on to the next one.

Anything you don’t use or adore should be discarded.

Place the items you wish to keep out where they belong after that.

Items without a place are often the source of clutter.

To ensure that the items you wish to preserve won’t wind up cluttering your flat surfaces once again, either discover or create a place for them.

Finding places for the items you’re retaining will be simpler as you continue to organize your bedroom.

#5. Keep Urfaces Free Of Debris.

Be very picky about what you decide to place back on the surfaces in your bedroom once you’ve cleaned them off.

Aim to just leave a few carefully chosen objects that you adore and your absolute necessities on display.

Your bedroom will look much better and be a more tranquil, relaxing area if you clear the clutter off the surfaces.

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#6. Clean Out Your Closet, Wardrobe Drawers, Shelves, Etc.

Clear the debris from the remaining areas of your bedroom as you go.

Start by taking everything out of your bedroom and putting it in its proper place.

Stop using your bedroom as a place to throw out unwanted goods that you don’t know what to do with.

Only keep items in your bedroom that you really use, need, or love!

Then consider whether each piece fits your vision for your bedroom and its intended use.

Let it go if you don’t use it often or if you don’t enjoy it.

To prevent your bedroom from becoming cluttered, make sure you find a place for each item you intend to keep.

To prevent feeling overwhelmed by the project, divide the work into more manageable tasks or zones.

Plan to work on one portion of the room or one dresser drawer at a time, for instance.


Don’t forget to assess the furnishings in your bedroom.

Take a look at things like furniture, wall hangings, cushions, window coverings, and other decorative items.

Keep just the décor things you really like.

A fast and simple approach to make a bedroom seem quieter and clutter-free is to remove extra décor.

Let rid of any décor pieces you don’t really enjoy.

So don’t hurry into replacing them right away.

See whether you really miss them after a little period of being without them.


Clothes are one of the main causes of clutter in many bedrooms.

Many of us find it difficult to organize our wardrobes.

But try to be as brutal as you can when it comes to clothing that you don’t like or wear.

De-cluttering your wardrobe should be done in a manner that suits you.

If clearing out all of your clothing at once is more effective for you, go for it.

If it seems daunting, try organizing one drawer at a time or purging your clothing for 15 minutes at a time.

You can learn more about my go-to method for organizing your clothes and find a useful list of questions to ask yourself to help you decide what to get rid of.

Sort through your wardrobe with the goal of getting rid of anything that doesn’t make you feel or look your best.

This article on the reasons why it might be difficult to let go of clothing and solutions to these problems is another excellent source.

Often, letting go becomes much simpler once you understand why you’re finding it difficult to do so.

Under the Bed

Don’t forget to clean out the debris from beneath your bed when you’re cleaning!

It doesn’t matter if you can’t see what’s beneath your bed if it’s still bothering you.

Cleaning becomes simpler when the area beneath your bed is cleared of debris.

However, it also makes you feel good to know that there isn’t a lot of clutter in areas you can’t see.

How To Organize Your Bedroom Such That It Stays That Way!

Making a few new rituals and habits can help you maintain your bedroom clutter-free once you’ve cleaned it out.

Everything Has Its Place, And Everything Is In Its Place.

As I’ve already said, make sure any thing you decide to retain has a location to call home.

Items without homes often contribute to clutter, which accumulates on our surfaces and floors.

When everything has a place to go, it’s simple to locate what you’re searching for, put it away, and keep the area organized.

Find or create places for the items that often clutter up your bedroom.

Keep clutter at bay with even something as basic as a bowl for wallets, keys, coins, jewelry, etc.

Stop putting unwanted items from around the home in your bedroom that you have no idea what to do with.

To maintain a clutter-free environment where you may rest and unwind, guard your freshly organized bedroom refuge.

Make the Bed.

Making your bed each morning doesn’t require much time or work, yet it quickly alters the appearance and atmosphere of your bedroom.

A made-up bed gives the space a cleaner, calmer, and more welcoming appearance.

A well made bed also has the added benefit of encouraging you to keep the rest of the room clutter-free.

Each Day, Make Your Room Fresh.

Getting into the rhythm of daily bedroom resets is another fast habit that may help keep your bedroom clutter-free.

Simply conducting a fast clean to place things where they belong and take care of any messes or clutter before it has a chance to accumulate is the definition of “resetting” your area.

Spend a few minutes putting items away, organizing the clean and dirty clothes, and frequently cleaning the area.

By doing this, your bedroom will never become unmanageable or impossible to clear up.

Have A Location For Your Washing And Re-Wearable Clothing.

Your bedroom may rapidly seem unkempt and crowded if there are piles of items lying about, whether they are clean laundry that needs to be folded, dirty laundry, or clothing that you have worn once but intend to wear again.

Make sure a washing basket is readily available so it is simple to place your soiled things in it.

Then, locate a location to store your garments that will prevent them from amassing in an untidy or crowded manner.

It may be on a shelf in your closet, the back of your bedroom door, etc.

It’s important to set up a location for these clothing so that they have a place to go and don’t accumulate as clutter.

Additionally, developing the practice of immediately putting clean laundry away helps prevent heaps or baskets of clean clothing from building up.

The fantastic news is that you won’t have to struggle to put clean items away the more your bedroom, closet, and dresser drawers are organized.

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Tips For Setting Up Your Bedroom

After thoroughly clearing out the clutter, spend some time organizing the items you want to retain in a manner that makes sense to you.

Declutter first before organizing; else, you’ll wind up arranging the clutter you already have.

Or worse, using organizing devices to conceal the addition of extra clutter or things in your bedroom.

Less stuff equals less to arrange, which makes becoming organized much simpler.

This is the amazing thing about organizing after you’ve decluttered!

Establish systems that suit your needs, your surroundings, your tastes, and your way of life.

Maximize your available space.

However, reduce the quantity of things you need to keep in the first place rather than attempting to maximize what you can fit in the available space!

How To Style Your Freshly Organized Bedroom

The last stage is making your bedroom a place you enjoy once you’ve decluttered it and established the new habits, routines, and systems you’ll need to keep a clutter-free bedroom.

The enjoyable part is here! Consider everything you’ll need to do to make your bedroom your own little retreat.

It can include getting new bedding that you like or painting the walls a color you adore.

Or maybe just enjoying what you already have now that your bedroom is decluttered and organized!

Slowly And Painstakingly Decorate

When adding ornamental pieces to your area, go slowly and take your time.

Before considering decorating, embrace the breathing space you’ve created and take some time to appreciate it.

Then, when time and money permit, consciously and purposefully add any ornamental components that may aid in realizing your bedroom’s concept.

Making sure you enjoy the area and everything in it is the best method to inspire you to keep your bedroom the orderly and serene hideaway you’ve made!

Keep striving to acquire fewer, higher-quality items.

And more costly items aren’t always the result of that.

It simply refers to items that you cherish, utilize, and/or value in your home.

Keep your room free of clutter while decorating.

However, realize that it’s OK to make adjustments to your area if doing so would help you enjoy your bedroom even more.

Are You Looking For Additional Tips To Organize The Rest Of Your Home?

Check out my comprehensive decluttering guide, Your Clutter-Free Home, if you want more advice like this to help you clear not only your bedroom but every area in your home.

You may use this comprehensive, step-by-step method to organize every space in your house.

This book can help you get there if you want to finally get rid of the clutter in your house and fully revamp your life.

I’ll walk you through every stage of decluttering every room in your house, offering advice, pointers, checklists for each step, and lots of encouragement to keep you going.

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